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  1. Without a prescription, you can improve your mood with something that brings you pleasure: sex, food, creativity, travel, socializing, and so on. You can't buy an antidepressant without a prescription, and it should be prescribed by a doctor taking into account your condition and individual characteristics.

  2. Not a single antidepressant – even a good modern one, even a ” bad ” one from the old drugs-can be bought without a prescription. And this is understandable, because taking such medications should be carried out strictly according to the indications.

    I will add that antidepressants do not all work equally. For example, there are drugs with an activating effect that can cause and worsen insomnia, and there are sleeping pills. The latter can help with sleep disorders, but sometimes cause daytime drowsiness. There are dozens of other nuances to consider when making an appointment.

    We will also keep in mind the side effects – they are possible and sometimes observed.

    So I'll finish what I started. Antidepressants are serious drugs, not a mood booster. They can not be prescribed to yourself and taken independently-only by prescription from a doctor.

  3. None at all. Please do not do this without a psychotherapist's diagnosis. First, because you may not need antidepressants, but, for example, another group of drugs or a combination. Secondly, they may not be needed at all.
    And third, the doctor observes any appointment and can change the drug. They can only be picked up, because everything that happens in the brain can not be tracked by analysis. Therefore, the psychotherapist's appointment lasts at least half an hour, so that he can understand everything, ask all the questions and choose the drug as accurately as possible. It is a psychotherapist. Not a neurologist.

  4. Antidepressants are sold in pharmacies only on prescription, such as from a psychiatrist, neuropsychiatrist, or neurologist. A good antidepressant is a drug that is personally selected by the doctor for a specific patient, taking into account the specifics of his complaints about well-being. In addition, an important role is played by the individual susceptibility of a person to the drug chosen by the doctor, someone helps quickly and the effect is long-lasting, and someone has a strong side effect and it only gets worse.

    In my case, a couple of years ago, with a slight numbness on the left side of my face, a neurologist prescribed me Amitriptyline, a seemingly cheap, affordable drug. As a result, I felt a noticeable improvement on the third day, I drank for at least 6 months, to consolidate the positive effect, there was no addiction.

    The recommendation is to consult a doctor for professional help.

  5. All antidepressants are sold by prescription. For discharge, you should definitely consult a doctor. You can start with a neurologist, for example, or a therapist. Currently, doctors in these specialties have the right to prescribe antidepressants and treat uncomplicated depressive disorders.Be healthy!

  6. Taking antidepressants is good, but blood pressure should be selected individually for each person by a medical specialist.

    If you take AD without additional psychotherapy, which changes thinking, behavior, habits and life in general, then after the withdrawal of AD, the symptoms of the disease are likely to return.

    And what exactly is happening to you can only be determined by a specialist psychiatrist, psychotherapist.

  7. It depends on the severity of your disorder. If you have mild anxiety, then you don't need to start with antidepressants. And these drugs are not sold without a prescription. The medications that previous participants wrote about are not considered antidepressants. Such disorders are treated with mild tranquilizers (afobazol, grandaxin, phenibut), infusions of sedative herbs (valerian), and metabolic agents (glycine). Despite the ease of disorders, they still need to be treated by a DOCTOR (he will help you choose the right dose, drug compatibility, identify contraindications, and evaluate the dynamics). ��

    If you still absolutely do not want to go to the doctor, then I advise you to widely promoted Tenoten. It is a completely safe preparation consisting of milk sugar (lactose), cellulose and magnesium stearate. Its action is based on the placebo effect. However, with the same success, you can take pieces of chalk, ordinary sugar. But the very fact that you buy it at the pharmacy, pay money, hold a beautiful package in your hands, watch creative advertising, has the necessary psychotherapeutic effect – you are already subconsciously beginning to set yourself up for recovery.

  8. I have been practicing as a psychologist and psychotherapist for four years, and during this time it became obvious to me that most disorders and psychosomatic problems can be cured without medication. The underlying cause is always hidden in the psyche, and by healing it, a person automatically removes disturbing symptoms or conditions. Including depression.

    There are extreme forms of pathological depression, organic, when the brain is disturbed or hereditary prerequisites. But you need to understand that we are talking about a diagnosis, about some organic process. The person is sick. There is a clinical picture and a diagnosis confirmed by doctors. Then yes, I agree that antidepressants are necessary because they help to ease the initial state. In other cases, 9 out of 10 clients are able to get out of depression without pills.

    We start working, find a disturbing cause, an internal conflict, and defuse it. When a person gets a broad view of their situation and understands the real actions that can change it, their original problem ceases to be a dead end with no way out. The voltage is reduced. Gradually, the most difficult conditions, even depression, pass.

    Moreover, going through this path – from depression to satisfaction with your life-the psyche adapts and learns to transform the experience (even the most negative) into a resource for development. It seems to be immune to such circumstances. And in this context, antidepressants are like crutches: they are convenient, but if you do not remove them in time, you can get used to them forever.

    Antidepressants do not cure the disease. They only remove the symptom.

    Take care of yourself and your health!

  9. It is absolutely impossible to take antidepressants without a doctor's prescription. These are serious drugs that can affect all systems of the human body, causing side effects.

    There are medicines based on herbal components that do not have a proven effect. You can go to the nearest pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about this. However, keep in mind that their work is based solely on the placebo effect. You believe that you are buying a medicine, and you are ready for recovery in advance, although in fact these drops or tablets do not have any active ingredients. They may be there, but they are definitely not in the right concentration to affect the nervous system.

    If you are in a state that you can not cope with yourself without antidepressants – you need to see a specialist. He will select the necessary drug, taking into account all the individual characteristics of your body. Keep in mind that this may not even happen at the first appointment. Antidepressants are prescribed only as a last resort, when a person has already been diagnosed with a certain condition.

    In the absence of drugs, I recommend that you raise your mood and get rid of psychological stress in accessible ways. First of all, you need to normalize your regime. Be sure to pay attention to yourself and your own interests. If possible, take a break from people, at least half an hour a day to spend alone. If this does not give any positive effect, please contact a specialist.

  10. I have been practicing as a psychologist and psychotherapist for four years, and during this time it became obvious to me that most disorders and psychosomatic problems can be cured without medication. The underlying cause is always hidden in the psyche, and by healing it, a person automatically removes disturbing symptoms or conditions. Including depression.

    There are extreme forms of pathological depression, organic, when the brain is disturbed or hereditary prerequisites. But you need to understand that we are talking about a diagnosis, about some organic process. The person is sick. There is a clinical picture and a diagnosis confirmed by doctors. Then yes, I agree that antidepressants are necessary because they help to ease the initial state. In other cases, 9 out of 10 clients are able to get out of depression without pills.

    We start working, find a disturbing cause, an internal conflict, and defuse it. When a person gets a broad view of their situation and understands the real actions that can change it, their original problem ceases to be a dead end with no way out. The voltage is reduced. Gradually, the most difficult conditions, even depression, pass.

    Moreover, going through this path – from depression to satisfaction with your life-the psyche adapts and learns to transform the experience (even the most negative) into a resource for development. It seems to be immune to such circumstances. And in this context, antidepressants are like crutches: they are convenient, but if you do not remove them in time, you can get used to them forever.

    Antidepressants do not cure the disease. They only remove the symptom.

    Take care of yourself and your health!

  11. Good afternoon. I believe that you should not buy and use any medications without consulting a certified and certified specialist. You do not know, even the most drug can harm yourself so that even the doctor will not help. Overdose, contraindications, not tolerating the active ingredient, not properly combining the drug with other medications or foods, not taking it correctly, and much more can seriously undermine your health. Even ordinary valerian can be harmful if the dosage is not correct or if you have contraindications to it. My opinion is that you should not engage in medical self-medication.

  12. Real antidepressants, i.e. drugs with scientifically proven effects, are not sold without a prescription. There are no good or bad antidepressants. The question is which medications will help you treat your depression, and how well they are suitable for you in terms of tolerability.

  13. Without a prescription, you can buy a kitten or a dog – a great antidepressant!

    But seriously, the selection of antidepressants is not a quick and difficult process, they should only be prescribed by a doctor. It is unacceptable to prescribe and drink antidepressants for yourself.

  14. Hematogen.
    But seriously, find a good psychiatrist first and only then discuss the menu and wine list with them. Because their independent acquisition is fraught with consequences.

  15. An antidepressant won't be good if it's not prescribed by your doctor. All people have very individual reactions to drugs. For some, HELL will help, but for others, it won't even feel like it. Regardless of gender, age and weight, the doctor may prescribe several tablets a day, or may prescribe a quarter. The dosage is selected and adjusted for each specific psyche and its features. In addition, if you randomly take and give up blood pressure, you can provoke a withdrawal syndrome, which will only increase your symptoms. And if you take the drug incorrectly you can develop resistance to the active substance and then any drug in this group simply will not work

  16. Antidepressants are serious drugs that affect a number of biochemical processes in the body. They are ways to activate certain areas of the brain and suppress the work of others. Such medicines are not sold without a doctor's prescription, otherwise they would definitely be used as drugs. You definitely can't buy strong psychotropic substances without a prescription.

    If you suspect that you have depression, you should see a therapist. You may have a completely different diagnosis, or you may not have one at all. Most likely, you are now in a difficult life situation. Of course, it happens that everyone around you is infuriated and you don't want anything at all. But this is not a reason to take antidepressants.

    There are a lot of preparations based on natural medicinal herbs. The most common one is valerian. You can also take magnesium, which stimulates the brain. Try drinking decoctions of herbs that are sold at the pharmacy. Ask the pharmacist for light sedative drops that are sold without a prescription – there is also a large selection and you need to choose individually, depending on age and other factors.

    Understand that taking antidepressants will not solve the problem, it will only eliminate the symptoms. If everything is so serious, contact a therapist as soon as possible. It will help you find out what the problem is and eliminate the triggers that cause such a reaction of consciousness.

  17. Unfortunately or fortunately, antidepressants are not good. they give only a temporary effect, but do not solve the problem itself. If there are indications, and this can only be determined by a qualified psychiatrist. Then such drugs are still better to take under the strict guidance of a specialist,who will write you a prescription.

  18. Antidepressants do not help to understand, understand and solve the cause of depression. Antidepressants have many side effects for the body, worsen well-being at the level of physical health. Moreover, they cloud the consciousness, exacerbating the lack of understanding of yourself and your feelings.
    The effects of antidepressants are similar to those of alcohol or drugs, and they can cause addiction. I do not recommend using antidepressants.
    Getting rid of depression is possible and necessary, and it can be realized with the help of a good psychologist, however, this requires a personal desire. In this case, you will have to change your worldview, and this is very difficult and it is impossible to implement it without a strong desire.

    I wish you all health and happiness.

  19. None at all. Antidepressants are given by prescription. If you went to the doctor and you were not given a prescription, then there is a suspicion that they are not necessary.

    Antidepressants are serious medications that even with a doctor are not immediately selected. There may be side effects, the drug may not be effective in a particular case (because different drugs act on different targets: serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, etc.), or it may even worsen the situation. Consultation with a doctor is mandatory in any case.

    In addition, antidepressants are needed to stabilize the condition, and not to solve the problem. And it has a temporary effect.

  20. I do not advise you to buy antidepressants without a prescription, because with the wrong choice of doses and exit when blood pressure is canceled, suicide attempts are possible.In Russian,you can go out the window. One of the antidepressants that was released without a prescription, but with the condition of the prescription drug (an incident of our pharmacies) became the leader in the causes of suicide in adolescents. Over-the-counter medications with the same effects, plus vitamins of group B, D and adaptogens will help you cope with depression before the doctor.

  21. Do not engage in self-diagnosis and self-medication. But if you need it, then a decoction of St. John's wort works as a serotonin reuptake inhibitor.

  22. Hello!
    Antidepressants are, of course, effective.
    But! It is best to identify the source of the problem and deal with it once and for all on your own or with the help of a specialist.
    After all, pills, in fact, remove the symptoms, but the cause remains. It's like a Band-Aid.
    When you learn to work through your difficulties, life will become easier and you will forget about anxiety states.

  23. In my opinion, the best antidepressant, besides not needing a prescription, is a positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle. Of course, you will still have to pay a lot for this antidepressant, but in the end, its use will bring significant benefits.

  24. Self-medication for any diseases is associated with risk. At best, it will help, but most likely it will only hurt and you will have to treat something else.
    With antidepressants, everything is even more complicated. At the moment, there are just a huge number of them. Only a psychiatrist can choose a really “good” one. However, it may take him a long time to do this.
    Depending on the type and course of the disease, different medications, their combination and timely change are also necessary.
    All working antidepressants are usually prescription drugs and are strictly accountable.

  25. St. John's wort extract. In Germany, they try to prescribe it and only if it does not help resort to synthetic drugs. But keep in mind that taking St. John's wort in the summer increases skin pigmentation. It also reduces the level of estrogen well, as it stimulates the production of cytochrome P450 in the liver, which helps to remove this hormone into the intestines for further evacuation from the body.

  26. I don't practice as a psychologist. But I can say something about depression and antidepressants, as I personally encountered both.

    A few years ago, a real black streak began in my life, which manifested itself in all its realities. In esotericism, this phenomenon is called the Night of the Soul. So I plunged into this night with all my being. As a means of salvation, I tried alcohol, but, you know, this only significantly complicated the situation. And as a result, other measures were required.

    My doctor then recommended using antidepressants as an effective remedy. Alcohol, of course, we excluded and I generally forgot about it for the rest of my life, refusing this poison for good and forever.

    You know, my experience has shown me that they don't have much effect. I didn't feel any obvious relief. But one thing is important: I believed that they would help! And this belief served as the main driving factor. And the antidepressants themselves, it turns out, played the role of a placebo.

    And here's another thing: I didn't have to sit on these medications for long. Why? For some 1.5-2 months, I literally swelled up in front of my eyes. No, I'm not talking about edema. I plumped up so powerfully that neither in a fairy tale to tell, nor a pen to describe (!!!) On size 3, probably definitely increased! And it happened so fast and so hard that there was a swelling effect ((

    It turns out that many antidepressants slow down the body's metabolism very much, they break it down so that then you will have to put yourself in order for another year or two. So it was with me. And in addition, the craving for sweets and carbohydrates increases. I just ate candy by the pound – I really needed it.

    And now you can imagine how it was with my struggle with depression!!! I began to hate myself and my body. People around me shied away and pointed at me in shock! BUT!!! It was these factors that became the driving force for me and pushed me to play sports, switch to a healthier, more conscious diet. I began to practice gymnastics and stretching regularly (despite the fact that I had never been seriously involved in sports before). And I'm hooked on this noble cause! I began to carefully monitor what I consume inside myself: both physically and spiritually. In an instant, I began to engage in the spiritual content of my personal universe. IT was ONLY THEN that I was able to completely get out of my depression and learn to RESPECT and LOVE myself.

    Health to you! Good luck! Joy!

  27. Is it not an option to work out the cause of depression? Why ” jam ” the consequences without paying attention to the source?

    This is the same as drinking antipyretics and painkillers, for example, for appendicitis, instead of going to the doctor…

  28. Drugs whose action is aimed precisely at equalizing the disturbed balance of neurotransmitters: serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine:

    It is important to get vitamin B6: from 1.3 to 1.5 mg per day. A serving (100 g) of tuna or a cup of chickpeas is usually suitable for this purpose. Buckwheat flour is another good source.

    Get Vitamin B12: 2.4 mcg per day. It's easy to get it from a serving of beef or eggs.

    Folic acid: 400 mcg per day. A cup of boiled lentils is almost enough, as is a cup of cooked spinach with a glass of orange juice. Asparagus and avocado are also good sources.

    Tryptophan (an amino acid). Helpful tip: Eat some turkey. Not only is it a good source of tryptophan, but it also contains brain-friendly B vitamins, such as iron, selenium, and zinc, among other nutrients that are being studied for their association with depression relief.

    Carbohydrates indirectly contribute to the production of serotonin. Simple carbohydrates, such as sweet and starchy foods, as well as white flour products, also increase serotonin levels. That's why we instinctively reach out to them when we're sad. But these foods cause a rapid rise in blood sugar, and then a rapid drop. When our blood sugar levels drop, so does our mood. Drastic fluctuations in blood sugar levels caused by eating too much of these foods cause stress to the adrenal glands, which in turn leads to fatigue and depression.

    In contrast, complex carbohydrates, such as those found in whole grains (bread, rice, and pasta), fruits, vegetables, and legumes, increase and maintain serotonin levels without raising blood sugar.

    Try to eat 7 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Also, eat at least three servings of whole grains. Eat a bowl of fiber-packed cereal in the morning and make a sandwich for lunch with two slices of wholemeal bread.

    Seafood and vegetables of the cruciferous family have the highest antidepressant nutritional qualities. 12 essential nutrients that met the criteria for the effectiveness of antidepressants:

    folic acid,


    long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA),





    vitamin A,

    vitamin B6,

    vitamin B12,

    vitamin C,


    Antidepressant herbs: https://www.b17.ru/blog/52290/

    So –

    Open the champagne bottle

    Or reread The Marriage of Figaro.

  29. You can't buy any depressants based on online advice. The drug and dosage are prescribed exclusively by a psychiatrist. Effective effects are provided in combination with psychotherapy.

  30. Good over-the-counter antidepressants? A question that raises even more questions:
    1. Who could recommend buying “good” antidepressants without a prescription?
    2. Was there a consultation with a doctor who has the authority to write a prescription for medications?
    3. Is there any reason to assume depression? Clinical depression, reactive, depressive mood?

    I have all these questions because depression is a complex serious complexly diagnosed clinical disease. The faster a person turns to a specialist, the more details he tells about the symptoms and causes of his condition , the faster and better they will be able to help him, including with good antidepressants.
    Depression has many types of disease course, developmental factors (situational or biochemical), and many so-called depression masks-hidden or unconscious symptoms. That is why it is impossible to simply suggest “good pills”.

  31. No antidepressant – modern or old, or even good or bad-can be purchased without a prescription. Because the course of taking such drugs should be carried out strictly according to the doctor's instructions.

  32. Collection of Altai herbs, or mono-tea Baikal skullcap, blue blueberry, St. John's wort… Badan evens out the mood well and restores after nervous overload. I collect herbs myself and I know what I'm talking about.

  33. If a person does not have a mental illness, antidepressants will not help without psychotherapy. And if there is a competent psychotherapist, he will get you out of HELL.

  34. Antidepressants are diverse and qualitatively different in their effect on the human body. Therefore, buying them without a prescription is a big harm for you. They can be weak, medium and strong. The doctor prescribes them depending on the state of health, the patient's circumstances, the diagnosis and the causes of the disease. Only to the doctor!

  35. At one time, a tool called Persen helped me a lot. I drank a whole course of preporate capsules, based entirely on herbs, and began to feel much better and was able to overcome the depression that made it difficult for me to take the next step in my life.

    • healthy sleep

    • practice of freeing yourself from thoughts, meditative practices

    • a good psychologist or somatic therapist

    • frequent long walks

    • delicious, full-fledged, beautiful food

    • Qigong has always been an antidepressant for me.

    1. hello!Before you buy antidepressants,you should definitely consult your doctor,but I would highly recommend using them yourself
  36. To put it bluntly, this is an interesting question. You can buy without a prescription Manchurian aralia and other tinctures, zhen-zhen, and so on. Coffee, tea. It is important to understand that you need to be very careful with depression!

  37. Start by looking for a specialist. Prescribing antidepressants should be done by a competent doctor. At the moment, there are many effective drugs and their combinations, the doctor will choose the right treatment for you and, if necessary, adjust the dosage and timing of admission.

  38. It is no coincidence that antidepressants are sold only by prescription. It's important to understand a few things:

    1. Such medications should be prescribed taking into account data on the general state of health. On your own, you will never guess what side effects may occur when using it.

    2. During the first time of taking medications (and even later), a doctor's supervision is required. If you start taking an antidepressant yourself, it may simply not be suitable for you — for example, it may knock you out of your usual rhythm, cause severe drowsiness, nausea. But if you're not being monitored by a doctor, you won't even know that something is going wrong. For example, you thought that all antidepressants work like this, but in fact the treatment regimen simply did not fit.

    3. Now it is not uncommon for people to make their own diagnoses, noticing certain symptoms. Antidepressants can not be “treated” for a bad mood or heavy experiences, if there are no indications for this. Believe that a visit to a good psychotherapist-psychiatrist will cost you less than three or four packs of antidepressants and will give you reliable information about what is happening to you.

  39. Drink better magnesium and B vitamins.
    And if you are seriously depressed, it is better to consult a doctor.They will prescribe effective prescription medications.

  40. Hello, Yuri. Numerous studies have shown that natural (without unnecessary “chemistry”) preparations based on St. John's Wort have an excellent antidepressant effect, comparable to the effect of “chemical” antidepressants and with the almost complete absence of “side effects”, so characteristic of many of the drugs of this type (ONLY IF the CORRECT DOSAGE IS OBSERVED).
    If my memory serves me correctly, studies in Germany have shown that St. John's Wort copes well with the treatment of mild and moderate depression, affecting the human body gently and harmoniously.
    The only, but very important rule: in no case DO NOT EXCEED the DOSAGE and take St. John's Wort in small doses, but for a long time and with interruptions. Exceeding the dose can cause poisoning and other unpleasant effects.
    The combination of St. John's Wort and Valerian gives an even better effect.
    On the Internet, you can easily find information on this topic, including preparations based on these herbs.
    The simplest and safest recipe:
    brew and drink weak St. John's Wort and Valerian tea in the evenings, which are easy to find in almost any pharmacy.
    However, I would recommend that you first consult your doctor for any contraindications to these natural remedies.

  41. None at all. There are some dietary supplements-neurotransmitters, but they are also not recommended to take without first consulting a therapist. If you feel that the general mood background is noticeably reduced for quite a long time – you feel depressed, apathy, loss of strength, “nothing pleases” – this is a reason to contact specialists. See a therapist to conduct basic clinical studies and rule out anemia and micro – and macronutrient deficiencies. And if the test results are normal, it makes sense to consult a psychotherapist and a psychiatrist for advice.

  42. None at all. The best antidepressants are sun, air, water, and exercise. Also – positive emotions, love and support of family and friends. More good news, pleasant events, confidence in the future (something that most of us are now deprived of). Complete nutrition.

    These are the real antidepressants. Not chemistry from pharma.

  43. Antidepressants (if indeed they are shown to you) are prescribed by a doctor. After all, there are various disorders that are similar to depression, but they are not. Bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, dementia. They are treated, respectively, in a different way. Sometimes depression is caused by diseases of internal organs, such as the heart or endocrine system. Only the doctor will make a diagnosis and prescribe treatment.

  44. Why don't you want a prescription? Can't find a doctor? Or don't you trust him? The point is, if you are not a doctor by training, how do you determine what exactly will help you and not harm you?

  45. Why don't you want a prescription? Can't find a doctor? Or don't you trust him? The point is, if you are not a doctor by training, how do you determine what exactly will help you and not harm you? Please write to us.

  46. Unfortunately, no good antidepressants can be purchased without a prescription. Moreover, self-medication in this area of health, as in any other, is very dangerous!
    Uncontrolled use of antidepressants can have irreversible consequences – for the emotional, cognitive, and nervous systems of a person!
    If you feel that you have problems, but are afraid to see a doctor, start by contacting a psychologist. A psychologist can't prescribe medication for you, but they can help you in a communicative way.

  47. Self-medication isn't the smartest thing to do. You ask where and how to buy a good bandage for a knife wound – you run to the doctor. It's the same story with mental illnesses – they are treated by a psychiatrist, neuropsychiatrist, or psychotherapist. And he writes out the prescription. Antidepressants are not always necessary, you can do without psychotherapy, for example. Or maybe you don't need antidepressants, but tranquilizers, sedatives, and so on. Only a qualified specialist can determine what exactly will help you.

  48. Antidepressants do not help to understand, understand and solve the cause of depression. Antidepressants have many side effects for the body, worsen well-being at the level of physical health. Moreover, they cloud the consciousness, exacerbating the lack of understanding of yourself and your feelings.
    The effects of antidepressants are similar to those of alcohol or drugs, and they can cause addiction. I do not recommend using antidepressants.
    Getting rid of depression is possible and necessary, and it can be realized with the help of a good psychologist, however, this requires a personal desire. In this case, you will have to change your worldview, and this is very difficult and it is impossible to implement it without a strong desire.
    I wish you all health and happiness.

  49. Do not self-medicate. Especially when it comes to depression. It is better to contact a specialist. If you only suspect “depression”, contact a psychologist. Probably, the situation can be resolved without the use of medication. You'll be healthier.

    And if you have a real medical condition called “depression,” see a psychiatrist.

    Seriously. No sane person who wishes you well would recommend any medications to treat depression.

    Take care of yourself

  50. Let's keep it short: antidepressants are sold by prescription. Well, or “through a pharmacist friend”. But it's better not to. They need to be selected (“titrate the dose”), and do this under the guidance of a doctor. If from somewhere there was an idea about the need for AD, but something is annoying meeting with a psychiatrist, you can start with a clinical psychologist. It will help you determine the “scale of difficulties” . Perhaps, to begin with, it will offer “non-drug methods”. Or it will convince you in a reasoned way that you should not waste time on alternative options, but get an appointment with a psychiatrist as soon as possible to select blood pressure. There the question with the recipe will be solved :))

  51. Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to buy antidepressants legally in the Russian Federation without a prescription. Unless you can find a “drug-addicted” pharmacy (there are some in the regions). but it is best to contact a psychiatrist who will select the right drug for you, based on the medical history, plus the question of dosage. Well, you need to understand that it may not fit. I've had my antidepressants replaced about four times, and I'm not sure they're right now. Two weeks I accept, without effect. Probably, there will be a replacement again. therefore, I do not advise you to self-medicate.

  52. Antidepressants are part of a group of drugs that are under numerical control.

    You can not buy them without a prescription, because each organism will have its own reaction to a particular drug.

    If you are concerned about any factors, contact your doctor. Tell us everything that bothers you, even if it makes you feel bad. Doctors are people just like you, and they are always happy to help you, and if everything is really bad, they will prescribe treatment for you. It is safe and so you can definitely get rid of what is bothering you.

    And please don't treat yourself. Improper treatment can only make the situation worse, and you don't need that.

  53. From personal experience, persen helps well in capsules, there is a day or night one . Daytime is not bad at coping even with high levels of stress . Night helps you fall asleep better if you are depressed .

  54. Antidepressants are selected by a psychiatrist based on patient complaints and are strictly prescribed! Uncontrolled use of antidepressants is fraught with deterioration of the condition and the development of mental dependence. Therefore, you should not experiment, it is better to set aside time for a doctor's visit!

  55. Glycine is a good remedy for minor nervous overload. Try not to spend too much time on the Internet at night, eat right… And don't hesitate to contact your doctors. After all, you can always disobey them.

  56. Before resorting to antidepressants, you must consult with doctors, there are many drugs, but whether it is suitable for you is the main question. Self-medication can be detrimental to your condition, and instead of improving, it will worsen. Perhaps your situation does not require medical intervention, it may be enough to use certain techniques. In any case, consult a doctor!

  57. Antidepressants are available on prescription. To do this, you need to contact a psychiatrist or psychotherapist and report your complaints and problems. If your condition requires treatment, you will be prescribed pills.

  58. In my opinion, the best antidepressant is a cup of hot tea and a person who will listen to you without ridicule or humiliation.

    Of course, there are very serious cases in which medical intervention is required. But more often than not, we tend to mistake the usual sadness of being misunderstood for depression.

    – I want to talk about everything with at least one person, as if to myself.

  59. Which ones should I buy? This is when taking into account the diagnosis.

    Hells are not tightly controlled. They are not included in the list of registered drugs, and even more so they are not included in List 3 (turnover is limited). So no one cares and give without a prescription a lot of places, but there is a reliable option:

    apteka.ru. You order on the site, it is delivered to the pharmacy of your choice (let's say closer to home), you come-you buy it for cash. Tablets in a sealed bag. No one asks for the recipe.

    I've been doing this for almost 2 years.

    —- 30.09.17

    They closed the shop.

  60. The first mistake in depression is the belief that some miraculous chemistry will restore you to your former state of mind, so to speak, the balance from which you were knocked out by a certain negative event.

    The second significant mistake is to start washing down this state or zazhirat it. Believe an experienced fighter with depression-alcohol will only aggravate the melancholy and start pushing for absolutely wrong actions, and gluttony will not give anything but a short-term distraction.

    However, there must be a way out, and I worked it out thanks to several blows received from life, each of which was initially regarded as irreparable.

    So – what should I do first? It's easy to realize that shit happens in life, too, but the rain sometimes passes, and time heals. Therefore, all we need to do is understand that over time all this will be forgotten and will be regarded as an unfortunate, but not irreparable case.

    Personally, I recommend aromatherapy as a first step to getting out of depression – that is, literally treatment with pleasant smells. Let's start, perhaps, with some pleasant tea (if you don't know anything about this – then you are just the most suitable occasion to start understanding this topic), if the soul accepts the pipe – then it's time to buy a good pipe and to it a good, real pipe tobacco. Costs in this case are nothing, you have already lost a lot, if with all the depression you are still thinking of saving – well, I think you have a fake depression. Tobacco, by the way, you can not smoke-just breathe in the smell of the present, sit, think about how beautiful it is. But for the time being, refrain from drinking, alcohol still does not calm you down and pushes you to do things that are very far from our intended goal.

    The second step is sleep. Give up on everything and get a good fucking night's sleep, regardless of the time of day, busy schedule, and anxiety. Just tell yourself – I want to sleep – go to bed and take a nap as much as your body wants.

    Third – do something pleasant – go shopping, visit friends, help your grandmother on the street, pick up an abandoned animal – everything that happens to you during these three days will have the most direct significance for the rest of your life.

    And – most importantly. Life decided everything for us. You just have to get through this time. After three days, the head itself will tell you what we will do next and how to get out of the problem – as long as you did not occupy it with melancholy, it still continued to work on solving the problem.

    Do not do three things – do not pull the steering wheel of life, all changes should be done gradually. Do not make forced hasty decisions – look for a way out, it is there, you need to see it, you just need time, drag it out if you do not know what to do. And most importantly-do not brush the wound, let it grow. The soul is injured as well as the body and also heals, the main thing is not to interfere with this process.

    And then, after a very short period of time, it turns out that the problem was insignificant and, in addition to a short-term stupor, gave a new direction to life, which is still very good. And when you realize that all your worries are over, then puffing maple larsen and drinking a glass of single malt shingleton, you can remember Uncle Vitya, undoubtedly, with a kind word.

  61. I recommend that you do not make a diagnosis or prescribe treatment yourself, especially if the treatment is serious and often associated with side effects. Even St. John's wort (aka Negrustin) can not be taken indiscriminately by everyone. It greatly affects the effect of other medications, for example, for blood pressure. And it can lead to their ineffectiveness or an overdose effect.

    The antidepressants themselves are also not harmless, you can not indulge in them and drink not systematically. This is associated with a deterioration in your well-being. Please contact a specialist and they will tell you everything.

  62. When I was recommended more positive emotions, I got a kitten! I wanted to for a long time, but I didn't dare, because I understood both the responsibility and the time I would need to devote. Only this lump was much better than any medicine. Now it's my antidepressant and I definitely don't need a prescription for it!)

  63. Milk pudding. And chocolate. And coffee. And a beer porter. And dark chocolate. And a banana branch. And sea salt for the bath. And walks in the coniferous forest. And self-massage. And meditation. And prayer.

  64. Against depression, rethinking your goals and meanings helps. Obviously, building a house and planting a tree don't work anymore. It is time to think again thoroughly about the purpose of our incarnation here. After clarification, the action plan will appear.

  65. Sports! A hobby! Work!
    And these antidepressants also give you a choice – to do or not. And they also occupy both the body and the head – ” nothing foretold trouble – the girl was sitting, bored…” 😉

  66. This is relaxation and meditation. They have a universal effect and absolutely no side effects. You don't have to believe it, you just have to start acting.

  67. It depends on what situation happened to you. It all depends on that alone.

    It is not necessary to run to the doctor and start, I apologize for the expression, to eat tons of drugs. Any moral and even physical beating can be useful in this or that situation. Eat well, drink your favorite drink, have passionate sex (discover something new), jump into the abyss on a special attraction. In the end, to get (give) a cradle legally and by mutual consent, this is now practiced. It all depends on your condition.

    There are situations, of course, when absolutely everything is deplorable, then I advise you to contact a specialist, and not to self-medicate. This is the same as jamming a sick tooth with painkillers, but in the end it will not be better anyway, it will rot, and without the help of a specialist, it will also have a bunch of related problems..

  68. The question is how bad is it for you? If you simply do not want to do something, then try to drink valerian three times a day for one tablet. There are also medications like tenoten and the like to restore the nervous system. The main thing is not to mix. I would also advise you to drink soothing teas. They are also sold in pharmacies. And you need to create an atmosphere of comfort necessarily. I can also advise you to drink B vitamins-but of course, consult a doctor or at least a pharmacist at the pharmacy where you can buy them. If you feel bad that you don't want to live – then, my dear, I advise you to go to a psychologist. Not to a psychotherapist, but to a psychologist-he can just suggest the best remedy in your situation. Yes, and for good health, not antidepressants, but on the contrary depressants. Such as chlorprotexene. But the antidepressant Amitriptyline is very sleepy. In general, they almost all sleep. In addition, Cyclodol sometimes causes hyperactivity.

  69. Chamomile, if it doesn't help, then coffee and cigarettes. But if you really feel bad, contact a specialist. Self-medication has never done anyone any good.

  70. Good day to all time of day. Interesting question: regarding good antidepressants that are sold without a prescription. For sale without a prescription: mint, chamomile and other herb collections. But antidepressants, and especially good ones, are on prescription and through a specialist. This is necessary to see your background and take into account your features: why? In connection with what? Whether you get tired quickly or on the contrary are mobile, etc., and keep in mind that almost all antidepressants are cumulative: long-term use. Self-assignment can lead to negative consequences, although it may help in the beginning. I think that there will be no problems with the discharge if necessary. And the specialist is a psychotherapist.

  71. The best and most effective way to get out of depression is to engage in mental or physical work. get out of the house and do something. or put your thoughts on paper. as they say paper suffers

  72. Antidepressants are medical drugs, and not even dietary supplements. That is why they are not sold without a prescription at the pharmacy. They can not be prescribed for yourself and taken independently , you need to consult a specialist doctor, and only after consultation, if necessary, the doctor will write out a prescription. The drug will be sold to you at the pharmacy only with a prescription from a doctor.

  73. People living in huge metropolitan areas experience daily fatigue, fears, nervousness, etc. They get tired not so much physically as mentally or mentally.

    You can spend time in nature, socialize with nice people, do your favorite hobby, all that brings joy.

    However, fatigue and fears tend to accumulate.

    Fear causes tension in the body, the body shrinks in an attempt to hide.

    Tension is a natural reaction of the body's adaptation to any situation of danger, and any emotional reaction is manifested by tension.

    As a rule, psychotherapists prescribe medication up to antidepressants. In many cases, this is true and justified.

    But there are other ways.

    The method of Nadezhda Loskutova BFM is a method of recovery, aimed at restoring mental and physical health, relieving tension, spasms in the body, regardless of the causes and time of their appearance.

    The physical practice of BFM will help you gently and painlessly get rid of fears, anxieties, fatigue, apathy, restore the immune and nervous systems and overall health. You will feel light and energized.

  74. Phenotopyl is a nootropic. First of all, I strongly recommend that you do everything possible to stay away from blood pressure and sleeping pills for as long as you can and instead apply all the other options in the form of sports,a healthy lifestyle, a loved one, a favorite job, a family, I don't know what else it can be. I've tried sleeping pills and antidepressants of all kinds, and it's done me more harm than good. This helped only for a certain period of time, but the truth is that a person quickly develops a tolerance to their action and let's say today one pill is enough for you to fall asleep, tomorrow you need two, then three, etc. and so only more, a person becomes like a legal drug addict who never gets enough. When you get to the most difficult ones, then you will need unrealistic willpower, time and common sense to get off them. I advise you to go the other way initially and not repeat the mistakes of many other people who, in search of an easy solution to this complex problem, rush to the marketing tricks of pharmaceutical companies and enrich them, becoming hostages of the system. Analyze your life, perhaps go to a psychologist, psychotherapist, I am sure that in your life there is simply not enough something that would make it complete and the desire to use HELL would disappear. Just change yourself:)

  75. Hyperecin preparations ( St. John's wort) – deprim, negrustin and others. They are indicated for mild and moderate depressive states. They are easily sold at any pharmacy and are available without a prescription.

  76. Finibut is the most working, it costs a penny,go to the pharmacy and ask better in the big one and ask for a person of 50 +years to buy them.the second is nanatropil ,if the weight is up to 80 better than half a tablet, once every 4 hours, after 17.00 do not drink, you will not fall asleep for a long time.you can put an injection of piracetam 5ml in the morning

  77. Phenotropil.

    Indications: depression, binge drinking, neurotic state, obesity, CNS diseases of various origins, especially diseases of vascular origin or associated with metabolic disorders in the brain and intoxication.

    Disadvantages: expensive.

    The recommended dose is 2 tablets per day.
    I used to drink 2 a day during pre-graduation hell.
    Phenotropil corrected the biological clock: I went to bed on time, woke up easily and in a good mood, and my working capacity increased.
    The next day after the defense of the diploma, I stopped taking pills and either a multi-day nervous state affected me,or such a waste… in general, headache and apathy.

    The next time I took one tablet a day: there was no withdrawal, but I didn't notice a big effect either.

    In short, if you urgently need to refresh your brain and cheer up, – phenotropil to help!
    But don't get carried away 🙂

  78. Tenoten. Two pills and no problems for the whole day ,no addictive side effects.

    It will reduce the amount of time spent and increase your performance,

  79. Bananas and fresh tomatoes contain a lot of serotonin. Eat and enjoy life, with enough melancholy + (already written before me) various therapies and classes for a restless mind. Raise your skills in the spiritual direction (may atheists forgive me) – meditate, read and tede. Get involved in social assistance and charity work.

    Are you getting more serious?

    Psychotherapists don't bite.

  80. I know one antidepressant that you can buy without any money, while you can. This is oddly enough-fresh air combined with normal (not exhausting ) physical labor. Let's recall the English proverb that says that there is no better remedy for depression than a walk in the fresh air. And if you add beauty to these two components, you will succeed… Physical labor involved in growing plants, such as a garden. Like this option. The main thing is that all three components are absolutely free. But there is also a 4th-this is the person who will take your hand and show you how to get into the community of gardeners. And depression-as it never happened.

  81. Hells are tightly controlled. And it is advisable to still be observed by a Psychotherapist and listen to his recommendations. Over-the-counter options anti-anxiety and sedative-from a series of nootropics, sedatives, anti-anxiety substances. It also depends on where you live. In particular, in Belarus you can buy Adaptol (daily anxiolytic), Afobazol, Noofen without a prescription . �And a relatively new effective drug, Tryptosan (AD).

    From vegetable sources: St. John's wort, Rhodiola.

    The production of the drug “Tryptosan” was established by the Vitebsk pharmaceutical company “Aconitpharma”, founded in 2010.

    The new drug is based on oxy-tryptophan (5-hydroxytryptophan), an amino acid found in nature, in particular in the seeds of a plant of the pod family Griffonia simplicifolia growing in Africa. This amino acid serves as a direct raw material for the synthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin – the so-called happiness hormone. Oxy-triptan has been used in the world for more than 40 years (Great Britain, France, Italy, USA and other countries), and today it is the most popular tool for raising mood, improving sleep and suppressing appetite.

    The preparation “Tryptosan” is made from high-quality natural raw materials using modern technologies confirmed by the GMP standard. Raw materials are tested in qualified laboratories and meet the standards of the European Union.

    According to Gennady Filipenko, Candidate of Medical Sciences, today there are many antidepressants whose action is based on an increase in serotonin levels (fluoxetine, sertraline, citalopram, etc.). However, most of them have side effects-nausea, diarrhea, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, tremors, dry mouth. “Tryptosan” was tested by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. In addition, the effect of oxy-triptan was tested by scientists from the National Institutes of Health (NIH-USA), who conducted a large-scale study and did not find a single case of eosinophilia-myalgia in patients taking the drug, which indicates not only its high effectiveness, but also safety.

    Aconitpharma Joint Limited Liability Company, established in October 2010 (Vitebsk), is a new Belarusian pharmaceutical company whose main specialization is the production and sale of medicines and biologically active additives made on the basis of high-quality natural European raw materials using modern technologies (confirmed by GMP standard).

    Aconitpharma Joint Limited Liability Company, established in October 2010 (Vitebsk), is a new Belarusian pharmaceutical company whose main specialization is the production and sale of medicines and biologically active additives made on the basis of high-quality natural European raw materials using modern technologies (confirmed by GMP standard).

  82. When there were problems with work, tryptophan (the formula of calm) helped me. The effect is not fast and not strong, but it gently supported me. It is sold without a prescription, as it is not a medicine, but a supplement (vitamin). The composition is as simple as felt boots – B vitamins and the amino acid L-tryptophan, without allergies and side effects.

  83. A puppy or kitten.
    The best over-the-counter antidepressant.�

    66 / 140 . Please provide a detailed answer to make it interesting to read. The answer must not be less than 140 characters long.

  84. Set of dumbbells, 12, 16, 24 and 32 kg kettlebells and TRX belts.

    Sneakers, a backpack, and a thermos flask.

    Gasoline to drive to the forest and take a walk. Well, or a taxi.

    All absolutely without a prescription.

    (this is my personal recipe)

    At the same time I still recommend to see a specialist

  85. I want to swear and “spank” – ata-ta!

    Let's start with: “Why did this question come up at all ?!”

    And, no matter how naive it may sound for you-check the harmonics and vitamins in the body(take tests and find a doctor), if there is an imbalance, it will affect the body : not a rash, bad mood,irritability, and many other manifestations of vitamin deficiency. Most often, there is a lack of vitamin d, iron, magnesium , and iodine.

    The second point, if you really want to experiment (18+) – start with organic products. Try tryptophan, 5 htp, eleutherococcus, Macca peruviana. Required course for a month. At the same time, try to reduce the consumption of alcoholic, sweet, and flour products. You will not believe how much they take energy, not even what they take, but create serotonin pits, first a lot of energy, then completely in the red, then not much stabilizes the state, I will not paint the work of glucose and caffeine)). but. Of course, everything is better on the recommendation of a doctor.

    And read on them pharmacological action )))

    in addition to all this, awareness and working out your fears and blocks makes life much easier.)))

    be healthy psychologically ))

  86. The best antidepressant is you and your thoughts. You can't find a better one. In the case of a mess in your head, you can aggravate your health with medications. and only having postponed the trouble for a while, or get hooked on these pseudo-tablets. If you still need help from outside, then these are psychologists, you are afraid to go to psychologists, then turn to nature, tinctures from fly agarics, teas, pastes from tree bark, and so on and so forth. now the 21st century and everything is literally, and without exception, on the Internet

  87. Arbidol, glycine accumulative. And so it is better to find a hobby and be distracted by positive emotions, communicate with friends, and so the most distracting thing is drawing, if you do not know how to draw there are pictures by numbers-a super tool

  88. Herbal remedies give excellent results. Side effects in them are much less, but the result is often comparable with modern synthetic drugs.

    I will immediately note that if we are talking about deep, clinical depression, then it is best to contact a specialized specialist-a psychotherapist or a clinical psychologist (with a medical education, so that he can write out a prescription).

    The second important point is that the effect of classic antidepressants begins (!) in the third or fifth week from the start of their use, and the protocol of taking such drugs from 6 months to consolidate the therapeutic effect. But again-with this it is better to see a doctor.

    But if we are talking about the usual state of depression, loss of interest in life, decreased motivation and even problems with sleep, then you can help yourself and support your mood with the following drugs:

    1. Stresscom is an excellent herbal preparation, the result is quite fast. And often even improves the quality of sleep almost immediately (the third or fourth day from the start of the reception).
    2. Add to the diet a good preparation containing Omega-3 fatty acids. It will increase your stress tolerance and help ease your condition.
    3. To tryNatural Calm is a dietary supplement with a high content of easily digestible magnesium. Also a quick and mild therapeutic effect.

    What I mentioned above is not prescription drugs, it is dietary supplements, but they are, in my opinion, greatly underestimated.

    Their impact is mild, but very noticeable.

    Stress can (but it is not a necessary condition) cause drowsiness at first.

    And this is its huge plus – if the psyche needs a break, a reboot, then it will help to recover better during sleep.

    PS. A separate important issue is a good manufacturer of the above drugs. Search with good reliable reviews.

    If you need my opinion about manufacturers-write, I will tell you.

  89. Phenibut. HELL without side effects. I can recommend the American phenibut SNS Smart Powders, it can be easily ordered in online sports nutrition stores. Wow effect, it can't be compared to a pharmacy. Fast delivery in Russia. I ordered it myself several times already, it helped to reduce irritability and improve sleep. The main thing is that the recipe is not needed.

  90. It is better not to self-medicate. You can only make it worse. I understand that I won't quite answer your question, because you have decided to accept them and just want to know what you can buy yourself?

    Let me recommend the usual valerian in drops, according to the instructions… there are 40 or 80 drops before going to bed in water. Take a week off.

    Somehow I was under a lot of stress. I bought some antidepressants. It helped at first. But some kind of indifference to everything came. Then I took ala. I alternated ala and antidepressants. T k brains are there and I understood that together if you can accept it, you will go to the next world. When I came home from work and nothing helped to relax a couple of times and took it together. The result is simply lost all feelings. It's horrible. You stop experiencing any emotions as negative (which is good) and so on!!! It's like you're dead, but you're alive, eating, talking, but you just don't feel anything.

    Think about it and try to use more gentle methods, please love yourself!!! Pills won't solve your problems. I'm still recovering, for the 2nd year now. 1 good person in my environment helped… sports also helps a lot. And even more often you need to send everything [email protected]) tested and working 👌 ✊

  91. The most luchschy is caffeine! Caffeine is sold in pharmacies without a doctor's prescription! You can drink caffeinated coffee.Drink Robusta coffee or espresso! For me, caffeine is the most powerful antidepressant! You may think it's crazy,but it's true! Drink Robusto or espresso coffee regularly!

  92. You can buy everything without a prescription. There would be funds. But whether it will benefit you is a questionable question.

    1. We take our feet in our hands and go to a therapist's appointment. Not to a psychologist, but to a psychotherapist.

    2. We pass tests for a vitamin and mineral complex. Mandatory profiles – B vitamins, ferritin, vitamin D3.
      If there is a problem with sleep , we take a Melatonin test.

    3. We do not buy pills that helped Baba Nyura from the next entrance. Why? Because she is 70 years old and her husband drinks, and you are not 70 and you have another problem.

    4. We consult with the doctor, tell honestly about our problems, fears, and drifts… We get recommendations from the doctor and go to the pharmacy.

    5. Depression is not a diagnosis… There are still 150 thousand sub-items and you need to find your sub-item and solve it, and not swallow antidepressants on the good advice of friends.

    6. Your health is your health. Unfortunately, very few people need us when we are sick. A person who is depressed, irritated, tired, or with a perpetually depressed mood is also of little interest to friends, girlfriends, and soulmates. The verdict is the same – we go to the doctor and solve this problem on a professional level!

    And you will be happy, healthy and in a great mood. There is no one recipe at all. Take care of yourself!!

  93. I doubt that you will be satisfied with my answer, but it did help me.

    Eat a healthy diet, get plenty of sleep, and go for a walk / jog at least once a day. Changing your place of residence will also not be superfluous.

  94. Glycine – in general, it would be good to take it on a regular basis. You can try Persen and Deprim – my doctor prescribed them for me, but this is not an antidepressant, but it still helps and reduces anxiety. Try Afobazol, but it affects everyone differently. It didn't suit me, for example, because after taking it, I felt like a vegetable much more than from almost horse doses of Atarax and Phenibut, which are prescription drugs.

  95. For antidepressants, it is better to contact a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist (not a psychologist). Because really good antidepressants can cause a number of side effects that will have to be corrected with other medications, or they will not suit you personally. Therefore, their use is best carried out under the supervision of a specialist.

    And although, of course, in the case of depression, it is much more difficult to sign up and get to a specialist than to a pharmacy, but the result of a well-chosen complex of drugs is worth it.

  96. Deprim Forte, Novopassit. Deprim Forte works on a funded basis, and Novopassit immediately lets go, but not for a long time. If there is no addiction, then tobacco. Alcohol is a depressant. It will only get worse. In Belarus, they sell endorphins with something in tablets with a prescription (in Germany without). It is usually drunk by those who have chronically impaired endorphin secretion.

  97. I strongly advise against taking antidepressants without consulting a psychotherapist.

    To restore the shattered nervous system, maintain calm and normal mood, I recommend the following scheme (all these drugs are normally tolerated by the body, do not entail altered states and have a good effect on the nervous system): pantocalcin (25 or 50 – it's up to you, if everything is bad – it's better in a dosage of 50), afobazol (in accordance with the annotation) and magnesium and potassium preparations (also work well on the heart, The effect will last for a long time, there will be no stupid withdrawal syndrome and you will just feel better. Good luck!

  98. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. True,I didn't feel sorry for myself, but rather a feeling that I was a jerk, etc. No pills helped at all,I didn't try narcotic ofc =D. What really helped in the moments when complete sadness and apathy to everything that previously could entertain, so it's alcohol and communication. It is also advisable to combine. Preferably, either some more or less intelligent conversations,or fun, no mutual compassion is necessary to arrange, trash will come out. But in general, if you are trying to fight with sadness, but nothing comes out, then as an option, let the sadness not take over for a long time. Just give in to all the suffering and so on in a way that would last for a long time, because to endure a lot of things is simply unbearable, if then it returns.

  99. it is better not to self-medicate, but to drink absolutely all medications that more or less seriously affect the body and psyche after consultation and under the supervision of a doctor. Seriously.

    but with an acute condition, for example, anger, aggression, despair, strong tears, etc. redksyu remedy perfectly copes. This is a homeopathic remedy that can be taken even by pregnant women, but only after consulting a specialist. It works great, but only in acute situations, and not as a background treatment.

    in a situation of chronic stress, overwork, passing exams, a difficult family situation, etc. It is good to combine afobazole and grandaxin. But the treatment regimen in each specific situation individually would be better prescribed by a doctor. Grandaxin seems to be a prescription drug, but I've often heard of over-the-counter purchases. Indeed, this is a very good combination, it is even often prescribed to women during menopause to relieve and improve their psychological state.

    1. There is at least one over-the-counter pharmacy in each district. You just come up and say what you need, if the pharmacist starts to break down, try to persuade me, for example , I made a plaintive face and said that I couldn't sleep (this was true). I bought both amitriptyline, phenazepam and venlaxor (by the way, a very good drug with almost no side effects and no withdrawal syndrome)
    2. Choose the least of the evils: all deprications are HARMFUL. This is an extreme case. In general, remember this: pills are a crutch on which you lean in difficult times, but how you get back on your feet depends only on yourself.
    3. Never take Phenazepam. The most bastard evil imaginable. Have you ever heard the saying: “taking alcohol takes happiness out of tomorrow”? With feniks, you take away a whole month of happiness, or even half a year. Creepy withdrawal, depersonalization, walking around like a zombie.�
    4. It may be hard to believe, but there is no better antidepressant than sports. Run in the morning, squat, sign up for some section(even if you are a dull fat seal – �you will be well received, you'll see) Find yourself a couple (good sex in general �can change a couple of days beyond recognition).
      In general, the best antidepressants are the simplest and most natural things.
  100. Sports uniform and subscription to the fitness club. And I'm not kidding! Proven (I can search, read, but there is no link at hand) that playing sports (both running and strength training) promotes the production of natural endorphins that help against depression.

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