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  1. About physiological functions! Every person living on Earth, from presidents, kings and movie stars to homeless people and criminals, visits a special room called “toilet” several times a day…or a toilet, or a toilet, or a faraway place, or a shit hole… there are many names, but the essence is the same-emptying the intestines and bladder. If a person, for some reason, can not carry out this daily procedure-he gets sick and may even die. And vice versa – a “good chair” is a sign of excellent health.

    For centuries, talking about what a person does in the toilet was the height of indecency. And now in the twenty-first century, this topic is an absolute taboo. Try, for example, at a table in a company to talk seriously about the color, consistency and shape of your poop. At best, they'll think you're crazy, and at worst, they'll smash your head in a salad bowl and throw you out.

    So it is about being in the toilet that we are silent always and everywhere, and about death and the impermanence of life in many companies they talk a lot, in great detail and with great interest.

  2. Most people are silent about what is most important to them in life.

    We spend time on trivial conversations, but we don't dare share our innermost dreams or thoughts with others.

    And most are silent about how much they love their loved ones. For some reason, you need to first lose a loved one, and then regret that we often did not tell him or her how dear they are to us.

    So let's share our dreams more and tell our loved ones that we love them.

  3. Almost all people are silent about the fact that they do not have enough intelligence, reasonableness, and systematic thinking to live in the modern world.

    Everyone silently believes that the intellectual capital inherited from their parents is enough for them!

    The knowledge that is obtained at the university, in two universities will be enough!

    In fact-no!

    The world changes very quickly in a single generation.

    The human brain has been degraded since the time of the Cro-Magnons (lost 300 grams of weight).

    People are no longer required to “look for solutions” – this is a long time! – and calculate them quickly, easily, and in large numbers. Be able to choose the best solution from several.

    Have you ever heard such words: correct, correct, reasonable, optimal, effective solution? Do you distinguish between them?


    So there are also wrong, unreasonable, incorrect ones… solutions?

    There is.

    And who taught you to understand solutions? Who teaches you how to make Smart Decisions and where?

    According to my data, no one teaches anywhere.

    I managed to sort out this mess. I realized that it is necessary not to train, but to train the ability to quickly calculate solutions. I made a simulator out of more than 100 cases. And my students use the algorithm to train their brains to get solutions easily and quickly. And the main thing is to evaluate their correctness by 4 criteria. BEFORE implementation!

    If you have any questions, please contact us!

    All reasonable things!

  4. Many people are silent about what matters most to them. People prefer to keep quiet about the innermost things. They want to protect their own secrets and secrets from other people's attention as much as possible.

    In general, this concept is very extensible. There is no universal secret. Some people are silent about what others prefer to tell almost everyone they meet. For example, for someone, the details of intimate life are taboo, which always remains outside the bedroom doors. And someone, on the contrary, is proud of it and tells everyone who is ready to listen to this, about their own adventures.

    There are a lot of such examples. The main thing is to understand that each person has his own concept of the innermost. Even people who at first glance seem open and even sometimes too talkative, have some secrets that they can only share with the closest person or they will never be able to tell anyone at all.

    It's all very individual. Some people don't want to share the details of their childhood. Others have experienced violence, and they try not to even think about it, let alone talk about it. Therefore, you will not be able to select a common “secret”.

  5. I think that most people are silent about the truth. As soon as it becomes necessary to tell the truth, everyone begins to doubt whether it is worth it. That's because everyone has their own truth.

  6. About your inner world.

    About hating those they hate.

    About being envious of those they envy.

    About judging those who get in the way.

    About fear.

    About greed.

    About the love of fame.

    About gluttony.

    About lust.

    About many other things that can show them in an undesirable “light”, destroy the image that has been collected over the years, and expose their Soul to everyone who finds out about it.

    But it's all in vain, EVERYONE is like this 🙂

    And everyone knows, if they know themselves, what most people are like.

    How do you think people are controlled? – knowing these very characteristics of people.

  7. About your actual present day. Yes. Delayed life syndrome is a disease of modern society. The minds of many people live far into the future (or in the past, but this is already about getting stuck in lessons not learned). Get rich, get back on your feet, find happiness, take care of your body, build relationships, but do all this sometime later, now there is no time for it. Life's kind of like that, you know? I would like to do something worthwhile and like it, but it doesn't work out because ” work-children-obligations-circumstances-certain living conditions-a dysfunctional family, etc., etc.”

    I think that all this happens because we are not used to thinking at all about the meaning of life. We run-we run like squirrels in a wheel, achieve far-fetched results, create an attractive appearance, not caring much about what's inside. We live in dreams of the future, but we do not know how to learn from the present. They are not silent…and not all or most people talk about today. I don't want to. Everything is in the plans. Everyone's on the run…

    At the same time, it is necessary to remember that everything we have today is the result of our thoughts yesterday.

    “Do not mourn, mortal, for yesterday's losses,

    Today's affairs are not measured by tomorrow's measure,

    Do not believe in the past or the coming minute,

    Believe the current minute – be happy now!”

    /Omar Khayyam/

  8. People are silent, a lot of things, About how they betrayed a friend, what failures on the love front were how someone rejected them, how they once offended someone undeservedly…
    A lot of things.

  9. The list of topics is very extensive. And it contains a lot of humor. But seriously, very few people talk about, for example, the true state of affairs in politics, economics, or historical facts. About where the truth can be worth public hatred, jail time, and many other equally “pleasant” things. Just as few people talk about their injuries, about intimate illnesses.

    I think that there is hardly any topic that EVERYONE is really silent about. Moreover, they are silent even with their best friend/girlfriend or specialist.

  10. All people are talkers! And not one of them has any secret questions that he doesn't want to discuss. It all depends on the circumstances and with whom. So read your comments and try to disagree.

  11. About health and diseases. Most people could live longer and happier lives. If they didn't drink, smoke, eat too much, and do gymnastics. And if you followed your thoughts. But that's our culture. Outwardly, people are free and successful, proud and beautiful. But in reality, they are sick, weak, stupid, lonely and unfulfilled. They live their lives stupidly and pointlessly. Fools and children of fools. The rulers, the rich, and the elite made them so. And most importantly, they were taught that the meaning of life is in pleasure, in consumerism. Who is cooler, who has a bigger check, more income or salary, is better. In fact, the opposite is true. The best people live modestly. They are wise, useful to society, and engaged in implementation. Every good person is looking for their own business and develops all their life as a professional. The most valuable ones are those who help and save. They always stay in the shadows. The world is interested in screamers, brawlers, clowns and jerks, cool, rich and leaders. And these are the most useless people. They only appropriate the work of others, the successes and achievements, and the victories of everyone else. And this is true all over the world. Godless world. Elites need people to get sick. Human suffering is their resource. The more people who suffer, the more power and money there is. The whole economy, the whole culture, everything is built on lies and tricks. For the benefit of those who are part of the elite. So it was in the USSR. People believed Yeltsin and hoped that he would create a better country, rich, happy, and just. As a result, it turned out that everyone who wants more will always agree and outwit those who are doomed to suffer. That's why people have to get sick and suffer. For the wealth and power of the elite. When a happy rich and developed progressive society builds a world of universal happiness, a kingdom of God, a land of health and respect, wealth and power are transferred to many organizations and communities, to the masses, because they are for opposite goals. We want everyone to be healthy and educated, to have progress and culture, and to have affordable housing. And profits, incomes, are divided into groups and at the bottom. And at the top are the administrators and the most responsible leaders. In such a fair society, health and culture are the main values. But this is not a society of consumerism, it is a culture of creators and scientific development. This is the ideal that we strive for. In part, people, the population of countries, are to blame. They refuse partnership, cooperation and cooperation. Serve the whims of beautiful women. They worship fame, wealth, beauty, and power. They remain developmental children. They give up knowledge and technology development for the sake of enrichment and consumption. They give up thinking and wisdom in favor of a lazy, capricious body, live a life of entertainment and pleasure, get sick and create problems for each other. Instead of coming together to solve common problems. But there is also good news. This culture won't last long. Resources are being depleted. Competition is escalating. The economy is turning from a growing one to a crisis one. The day will soon come when everyone will be sick. Since childhood. Limiting will force you to reconsider your values, and raise the value of health and ecology. Keep everyone quiet, and I'll tell you. People are doomed to illness and suffering, and to loneliness. And the reason for this is their cult of positivity and success. We have grief, suffering, wars, crises, and of course diseases ahead of us. Disability. Soon every second person will be sick from childhood and disabled. Children and young people are deceived, inspired with the values of the consumer era. To become sick and weak, dependent. So that more people need help and protection. So that there is no more crime and diseases. A happy society of free and healthy people means a loss of power and income for the elite.

  12. ..about hidden sexual fantasies, about the frequency and objects of masturbation, about the desire to break the law, about the impossibility or unwillingness to do what is really necessary and would like.

  13. If we summarize everything described here, we can formulate it as follows: a person is “silent” about what irrefutably testifies to his belonging to the animal world. Anything that cannot be controlled by the intellect is tabooed and considered nonexistent. Indecent. Shameful. We cannot bear the idea that we, the kings of nature, are as primitive as dogs and cats. Especially humiliating for us are the physiological processes during which the mind turns off almost completely – remember how you lose your human form at the moment of orgasm or while pushing while defecating.

  14. They are silent about those things that can not be trusted with unreliable people, so as not to take out unnecessary information about themselves, which can directly harm the carrier itself

  15. They are silent about what they don't know

    What they don't understand

    What they want to tell their relatives

    But they are not silent when they are strangers

    When it hurts, and the doctor here

    Words in secret will save

    They are silent when someone is not there

    Recently or many years ago

    Who can't be told already

    They are silent, but not always.

    About asking God

    When your own strength is not enough

    And again taking a deep breath

    My legs and arm got stronger

    Silence place leaving

    Again they are silent about what they don't know. 🤷‍♂️

  16. I think that the vast majority of people are silent about what causes fear. It is not the adoption of any decision, action, act in general. This applies to absolutely everything, any sphere of life and any situation, the fear of being rejected, humiliated, insulted, the fear of living alone, etc..

    If there is no fear, then the person calmly does something or says without fear for the consequences of their actions, or (this happens much more often) simply does not know or understand what the spoken words or actions can create and what they can lead to.

  17. It seems to me that most people are silent about what they can't change. Not because they can't or don't want to, not because they don't know what needs to be done, but because their hands are tied because they're not sure of the original hypothesis.

  18. “what they are silent about”or here is another”what most people impose”.The answer is obvious:as many people as there are,so many opinions.You can uselessly spend your life energy in an effort to anticipate the thoughts and reactions of the environment.The only right choice is to live, reflect on your life path, develop self-sufficiency, become interesting and understandable to yourself.

  19. It seems to me that people are silent about their mistakes, their shortcomings and mistakes. The weaker sex is intimidated by the fact that they are ashamed to admit that they have been abused and do not know where to find help. But such silence can bring irreparable harm: to the one who is silent, as well as to others and even loved ones, because some still try to mislead others in order to gain benefits or hide their unseemly act. It seems that you are silent and everything is fine, but the lie is spreading and the problems do not become less. Children who are used to silence, growing up, face not childish problems: getting along with others, with employment, relationships in the family, misunderstandings and bad influence of others. But silence isn't always a bad thing. The wise king gave good advice: there is ” A time to be silent and a time to speak.” For example, scammers try to find out personal information about us and use it for their own selfish purposes. In this case, silence is gold.

  20. Naturally, only about their innermost desires,about what they are afraid to admit even to themselves.It is clear I would very much like to…. but a number of circumstances do not have

  21. I don't know about women, but men begin to discuss this issue when visiting the draft board in the ranks of any military Army. From a medical point of view, both feces and urine can give an answer about a person's state of health no less than a blood test. I think that this intimate issue should remain between the person and the doctor. It is not necessary to take out this topic at the dining table because for many people this topic can cause a gag reflex. This is how a person works…

  22. About the inevitability of death , about the transience of life , about the impossibility of changing something in the past. Silently regrets his mistakes and misdeeds. Although my attempt to answer the question refutes my answer

  23. I can assume that you can not talk about it, just as they do not talk about spewing vomit masses, because no one comments on what they consist of, but everyone knows that this happens. But if you personally like this topic( about going to the toilet), and you can't wait to share it in detail with society, who can stop you?? Moreover, they will not be convicted for this, they will not give you a term, the only incident that can happen is, indeed, you can be embarrassed! And the stench from you, will go all over Great Russia!

  24. Recently, I've been silent more often than I talk.But I hear more, see more, notice more, observe more, and draw more conclusions!It's just that conversations don't make you happy or interesting…talk about nothing…why…

  25. My opinion is that you don't need details, and it depends on who you talk to. For example, I can tell a close friend that I can't meet her at the moment, because I have a stomach disorder (without details).

    I had a case like this: I was waiting to see Lor at the hospital. A powerful (burly) nun in black robes sat down next to him. Politely asked me what was wrong with me. I replied that as a result of a doctor's mistake, I was inadvertently transferred from taking one preparation to another. At night, I woke up with my mouth full of blood. I went to the mirror: my nose, gums, ears were bleeding, the whites were red – it affected my hearing. The nun shouted loudly, ” Shut up. I'm not a doctor, I can't listen to you.” I should have said something was bothering my ear, that's all.

    It should be noted that we met her in the store the day before. She was choosing a gift for herself. The nun asked me for advice. And I pointed out to her one thing that I have myself, and it still pleases me. In fact, she sat down with me in front of the doctor's office to thank me for the gift she had received on my advice.

    Conclusion: the degree of familiarity did not allow me to cover detailed details with my ears. The head is given to the person to think.

  26. All people are silent about what they do not know at all, or even have no idea that it exists. They are silent about what they have not yet thought of, simply because they can not formulate something else that can be blo would say

  27. My daughter had a friend as a child. When we let our daughter go for a walk with a neighbor, we asked them “not to visit deep puddles.” Do you know what happened after leaving the entrance? The neighbor walked straight into the deepest puddle. It was a clear challenge to the child that Mom and dad love. Please note that we did not PROHIBIT IT, but RECOMMENDED IT. I see an analogy in this publication : only a mental disability makes a person talk openly without the need to talk about what is NOT RECOMMENDED to talk about in this format. I am against swaying the moral foundations of society, although for me personally there are no forbidden topics. Their discussion is determined solely by NECESSITY,

  28. All people are silent about what they do not know at all, or even have no idea that it exists. They are silent about what they have not yet thought of, simply because they can not formulate something else that could be said

  29. I probably won't answer directly, but I will.

    About their “pens”. Most often there is such a thing in a relationship. For example: your girlfriend / boyfriend likes red clothes, but your friend wears exactly the same clothes. You start to think out how and what can happen to them (your girlfriend and your friend), although they are not in contact and are not connected in any way.

    By the type of things that bother you in a relationship or something else, absolutely indirect things that you noticed and started thinking about further.

    It's VERY RARE to talk openly about such things. In people with a conditionally “adult” psyche, this happens and passes. But for some people, such things lead to conflicts, and especially when people “often see” evidence of their lack of conspiracy.

    In fact, this is called paranoia, but I was more concerned with the social aspect.

  30. first of all, many people are silent about the real financial situation,many of those who complain about their poor financial situation are actually not as poor as they say

  31. Fortunately, there are almost no taboo topics left now. When the Internet was no longer exclusively the territory of smart geeks, it certainly lost its lampiness, but almost all people got the opportunity to discuss anything anonymously.

    And it's very cool. Just think, some 15 years ago, people were genuinely led by a pompous look, ties and other tinsel.

    And now we all already know that even if a big boss in a three-piece suit and tie-he still reads the air freshener in the toilet like everyone else)

    So now they are not silent, on the contrary, it is time for discussions

  32. All people, or almost all, are silent about the fear of death. Atheists are afraid that they will simply cease to exist. Believers are afraid that they will have to go to judgment before God. Even suicides are afraid of death, it's just that at some point other feelings become stronger than it. But the fear of death itself does not disappear, and, as a rule, after an unsuccessful suicide attempt, it becomes many times stronger. They say that death is not afraid of those who have already experienced clinical death and have seen something there, some other light…Maybe, but how do we know that these aren't just near-death hallucinations?.. The fear of death is always with us… And those who flaunt that they are not afraid to die, most likely, are just lying, not facing this problem right now. He doesn't think about it. Or, as an option, it is an incurable patient, exhausted by incessant pain every second, ready to even stop existing for the sake of getting rid of pain.

  33. About their own vices. Have you ever heard someone say, ” I hate this woman because I'm dying of envy for her and I wish her hell on earth.” Or: “When this grandmother gives up her money, I really need her Khrushchev to finally expand my living space!”. But these are very real people, real thoughts… surrounded by silence.

  34. I think that there are no such people, everyone talks about everything and always, only with whom and on what occasion. There are no forbidden topics and there can't be any. It's just not always possible to bring up issues for public discussion. Everything that is natural is not ugly. But knowing the measure and having tact sometimes limits the conversation. That's what sensible people do!!! With respect.

  35. Neither in Soviet Russia, nor in the Russian Federation, there was and is not due attention to the culture of using toilets. And the issue is very serious both for people who are traveling(buses, trains), and for residents of cities. For example: in Novokuznetsk, 3-5 years ago, a proposal was discussed to build a church in Novoilinka (they say the population is more than 80 thousand).After my reminder at the time that there are no public toilets here, this offer was accepted! And how much has it improved at this time? That's it!! And check out the road toilets on the Novokuznetsk-Tomsk highway?

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