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  1. I understand correctly that you need to answer in your own words, and everyone can Google Jung without me?

    Collective unconscious: it is assumed that the experience of millions of ancestors has been preserved at the genetic level in each person and is a deep layer of information that enters the consciousness in portions, as necessary.
    Archetypes of the psyche – patterns of behavior that were lived by millions of ancestors and which are included in certain “familiar” situations.

    – Hero archetype: not included in all people, but can be observed from the outside. Described in Oxymiron's favorite book, The Thousand-Faced Hero. At some point, a person leaves society, “wanders” either abroad or in remote places, overcomes obstacles and learns the necessary skills. Then he returns to his homeland to perform a certain feat there, to bring something important to the world.
    – archetypes of Yin and Yang (anima and anius according to Jung) as images of male and female principles, passive and active forms of self-actualization.
    – pagan gods as archetypes: Mars (Ares)-the archetype of the invader warrior, Venus – the archetype of femininity, sensuality and sexuality, Athena – the archetype of the wise warrior woman, Dionysus-the archetype of the hedonist, Hephaestus – the archetype of the master, Mercury (Hermes) – the archetype of the communicator; the gods of modern religions as archetypes, for example, the Virgin Mary – the archetype of the great mother – parent, purity and purity; In contrast, Lilith is the archetype of the virgin-tempter, seductress, and sinner. �
    – as they say, thousands of them

    Each archetype has symbols that are often fixed in mythology and fairy tales and passed down from generation to generation. In the subconscious mind, a certain behavior and a set of feelings and emotions associated with the” roles “of archetypes that a person plays are” recorded”. When certain circumstances arise, a person unconsciously feels the inclusion of an archetype and is included in the role, realizing the scenario recorded in his subcortex. He is very rarely aware of the fact that an archetype has been activated in him, which directly dictates a certain behavior to him. Usually, people just relive these scenarios from generation to generation and don't understand what is the fate that drags them (sometimes forcibly) through certain events.

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