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    1. The world is changing. Nothing lasts forever. And me too.

    2. It is useful to soberly assess your strength, then everything is simple. Can you?” You're doing it. Can't you? You don't.

    3. If a person is angry, then they are just stupid.

    4. There are always reasons for problems. Remove the reasons, there will be no problems.

    5. Happiness is not in external things, but in consciousness. Happy is not the one who tries to get everything he wants, but the one who enjoys everything he has.

    1. Know thyself.

    2. There would be no happiness, but misfortune helped.

    3. If you can stand it, you'll fall in love with it.

    4. The empty barrel rings more.

    5. A smart person likes to learn, but a fool likes to teach.

    1. We are not what we think we are.

    2. Virtual ” I “communicate with the same virtual “they”.

    3. Personality – either a product of random programming with random effects or a painstakingly grown voodoo doll ;)) (respect to Kurpatov)

    4. Self-knowledge is the only worthwhile thing on earth -the rest is corruption and vanity.

    5. Happiness lies in freedom.

    1. You need to live even when you don't want to live.

    2. Always engage in self-improvement and self-education.

    3. Do not commit such actions that can drown your conscience in the ocean of remorse.

    4. To perceive the world only with an eye to your own mind.

    5. Remember always, life is finite.

  1. 1. Everything will pass

    2. Do what you must and come what may.

    3. Don't believe, don't be afraid, don't ask

    This is enough to make you feel happy. Five is even a lot. One of the three listed above is enough. Good luck to you!

  2. Today such interesting questions come across-super!

    1. How to breathe

    2. How to tie your shoelaces

    1. What you expect is what you will get-in the sense that you will see the negative-only it will come.

    2. Do not step on hatches.

    3. Do not touch hot food with your bare hands.

    This is the first thing that came to mind(

    1. Any request must be completed on time. Exactly when the request was received. Later, the answer/ action will not bring joy to either the first or second.

    2. Never make promises. When spoken aloud, it loses energy for flight. The consequences of unfulfilled promises form the basis of the burden of conscience.

    3. All meetings are providential, since the goal of world creation is evolution, and any person has a lifetime to grow. �PS. Love is the latest attempt to improve the brain.

    4. Any living person should remember the date May 8/9, 1945. It's his birthday. PS. Milestones are necessary for memory.

    5. Intuition is more important than education. In the mountains, it saves lives and makes it easier to climb. Life is the same ascent. As you ascend, you will experience the beauty of the world. Happiness is to go.

  3. Subjectivism further.
    1. We are all mortal.
    Everything is simple here. Our deadline is short, relative to everything. And how you spend this time depends only on you.
    2. What goes away always comes back , just as winter follows summer.
    Everything in this world is cyclical. Everything repeats itself. Starting from the everyday life of the individual and ending with the creation of the world.
    3. Try to live without taking anyone's life.
    Even a beetle crawling on the asphalt has something of its own, individual and unusual. I'd better get over it. It is always easier to deprive and take away.
    4. Just because your brain can't understand it doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
    Gods, aliens, superpowers, esotericism, parallel worlds. If we don't feel it and can't understand it, then maybe we just don't feel it and can't understand it?
    5.I am the most important thing in this universe.
    What will happen to me if I die? Don't know. No one knows. Therefore, I am aware of the first point. To the full extent of it. And more important than me, there is nothing and no one.

  4. In the beginning, it would be interesting to find out where people found out for themselves certain important things that will always remain with a person, which is also not a little important. After all, different people learn from the same situations in their own way.

    Although it is generally accepted that we take the main knowledge from books, so it probably is, but for me (as not a fan of reading books), I take knowledge from films, TV shows, games, some documentaries.

    For me personally, the following are:

    1) In order not to lose, the opponent should be respected.

    2) Bragging is a sin!

    3) We can't always control everything, just accept it.

    4) Only a truly intelligent person considers himself stupid, and a real fool considers himself omniscient.

    5) Never forget about the rules of “magnet ” and”boomerang”!

  5. Apparently, it is the five proofs of the Existence of God ,the famous Thomas Aquinas.they seem to be imprinted into everyone from birth,and at the first awareness they give you satisfaction!

  6. It may not be quite normal…
    Here is something that is firmly embedded (after some shock at the beginning) in my life:
    1. Unfortunately, much of our adult life depends on what we were invested in as children. The child simply has no choice but to think differently from what his parents think of him, and to act differently against their will. We are very conditioned by our upbringing, which was not always correct( I dream of living in a society where parenting psychology and personality psychology in general will be taught without fail from elementary school. How many distorted fates will be avoided!
    2. Our destiny is determined by the program chosen by our Soul for this incarnation. We have to put a lot of effort into NOT getting the experience we need. So we can just relax as much as possible and go our own way.
    3. Religion does not equal communion with God
    4. Each person has their own level of awareness of themselves and the world. There's no point in arguing about so many things. A person may simply not understand. And you can't take offense at that!) It's like trying to explain quantum physics to a child
    5. The otherworldly, the unknown, as well as the Divine, exists. Constantly near us and in us.

  7. 1. Everything in this world acts according to the rule of a magnet (people are attracted and repelled by the heart, and this is also a kind of magnet), the universe rotates, the planet rotates under the action of the same magnet according to the gimlet rule.

    2. The law of bipolarity applies in the universe. Plus and minus, Good and Evil.

    3. The law of the chakra or wheel. Pralaya becomes Manvantara, mahapralaya becomes mahamanvantara. Death gives way to life, night to day, autumn to spring.

    4. There is no constancy in this life, what does not progress, then degrades.

    5. The Law of Free Will – no one can impose their will on you.

  8. I'm only 14 years old. But there is one thing that I realized.
    1)Learn. Don't stop learning. If there are people who are better than you in something, learn from him. Set an example of the people you want to be like. You can even set an example of a person you don't want to be.

    Sorry for the grammatical errors. I just started learning Russian

    1. You can't help someone who doesn't want to help themselves.
    2. Promises don't have to be just words.
      3.Thoughts are positive. We are what we think we are.
      4.Always be yourself, not someone else.
      5.Organize yourself and you will succeed!
  9. 1) Everything that is not done, everything is for the best.

    2) In life, everything comes back like a boomerang.

    3) Loyalty is the most important trait in a person.

    4) Don't regret the past, live in the present.

    5) A penny saves the ruble.

  10. I'll put in my own five kopecks.
    1. The mind is the engine of progress. Only by thinking can a person change. �
    2. It's not how important what abilities you have, but how and where you apply them.
    3. Reality is objective, everything else is a clever deception. (By the latter, I mean games, fictional worlds, etc.) �
    4. People treat you the way you present yourself to them.
    5. Most people limit their own abilities, but they persist in not noticing it.

    1. “95% of people are idiots!”(C)
      I think those who are not the first time faced with this statistical idea, as usual, will object: they say, we all have our own quirks and cockroaches in our heads, they say, this is what makes each of us special. no! People with quirks that make them special are the remaining 5% of people. But 95% are absolutely clinical morons and vegetables who are unable to cope and understand even the most basic things.�
    2. What people don't create (an invention, a discovery, a masterpiece of art, a product)�- it will never get mass success if you don't invest in competent marketing and PR. Yes, of course, you will receive flattering reviews from critics and other well-deserved figures in your field, but people, as always, will not care about everything. Similarly, if you create complete garbage, but spend a lot of money on advertising, then you probably won't get recognition from connoisseurs, but people will definitely love you so much that you can cut a whole carload of cabbage. This only confirms the fact that the vast majority of people are completely unable to think with their own heads.�
    3. Promiscuous and depraved women have sex very badly. And those ladies who treat their genitals less frivolously-do it much better.
    4. �- the easier it is to work with it(externally, socially, as a person)The better a woman is, and your feelings are more mutual. And the more bespontovee a woman is, the more she will nag you, pump your license, get impudent and show off.�
    5. People lie endlessly
      In this world, almost everything is built on lies, like castles in the air. Almost everything you know about people is most likely your delusion, imposed by them or others who are just as deluded. In reality, they are all the exact opposite of everything they want to appear to be. Many will deny it to the last, but that makes it even worse. It's not as bad to be vicious as it is to pretend not to be. Even religion forgives all penitents, and the only unforgivable sin is blasphemy against the holy spirit, which is the denial of the truth, since this removes a person from God, condemning him to eternal suffering.
    1. Changing your beliefs is normal and even commendable when it comes under the pressure of hard facts and common sense. Critical thinking is easy and very important. You need to doubt many things, but not everything. If only because you can't physically doubt everything at all. Moreover, some things do not even deserve to spend your intellectual resources on them. Develop a filter that filters out ideas-garbage, develop a sense of mental junk. For example, ignore the lies of popular optimism and subjective idealism, don't listen to couch agnostics who put as much as 50% on the existence of an Abrahamic god — don't let their verbiage cloud your mind. Among other things, stay away from such people — in almost all cases they are unreliable.

    2. Don't trust your principled political opponents. Don't be friends with them. Don't be friends with those who are friends with them. Don't be friends with people who might be friends with them. Be able to choose your friends. Because in a conflict situation, a true friend will take your side, not the side that wants to hurt you. Keep your surroundings clean. Yes, this makar you will have few friends, but what kind… And, of course, realize the importance of such a thing as a team. Collectivism does not mean mindless herd behavior — it is quite natural and rational thinking that radically increases survival and efficiency. The collectivism of a healthy person does not lead to the loss of individuality, but to the acquisition of loyal like-minded people and an increase in efficiency.

    3. Identity is undervalued, as is shared experience. And very much in vain. After all, a woman will never (to any full extent) understand a man, a heterosexual — gay, a prosexual — asexual, a white — black, a rich — poor, etc. Too much divides us, and what unites us — I repeat-is underestimated. Therefore, all other things being equal, choose a person with whom there is more overlap in identity and political beliefs. “Opposites attract” is an opinion that has no right to exist. It is better not to test its strength by personal example — you can bitterly regret it.

    4. Keep close understanding friends and contacts of good specialists. While exploring the world, you may encounter “undesirable” information and come to conclusions that can drive you into depression, alcohol and drug addiction, and push you to commit suicide. And yes, we are all mortal. Leave something behind, at least some short notes. For if it is not possible to impart knowledge, it is nothing.

    5. Only a life centered on an Idea can have any truly great meaning. Save lives or share knowledge (yes, an ordinary firefighter, surgeon, or teacher will have more ideas than the entire team of n avalny combined) — you're cool, know this. However, do not stop there and learn to communicate the truth in a variety of ways, including adapting to the target audience. Remember that a viable idea is an expansive idea, that is, aimed at capturing the contents of the cranial boxes of all people in the world. This is the secret of the success of Islamism and local obscurantist cults like Nazism and radical feminism: do not let them win — knock out a wedge with a wedge (just not anger and delusions, please). And don't overdo it, or you'll burn out quickly. Soberly calculate your opportunities: you should not waste your energy on deliberately unsuccessful propaganda and explanatory work, for example, if the interlocutor understands only the language of violence. Take care of your time — this is the most valuable resource, and it is always not enough.

  11. 1) Try not to worry, but to worry.

    2) Not the fact that the person in front of you will meet on your way again. The only person who will always be with you is yourself.�

    3) Everything has its end.�

    4) It is better to repeat once again or take a risk than to bother later. There is also a place to be 3 point.

    5) Do not live for the sake of memories, for the sake of people, for the sake of the legacy after you. How much do you know about your great-great-grandmother? Usually, memories of Us live only for 2-3 generations. And if they write stories about you, I'm sure you won't care about them after you die. Live right now. Live for yourself.

    6) Any stereotype is a scourge of society.

  12. 1) People treat you the way you make them feel about you. How you feel about yourself.�

    2) You can't get attached to anything or anyone. Open means vulnerable. Closed means protected.

    3) All friends except a couple of people, or maybe none, just want something from you. If you find yourself without money and a home, they will immediately disappear.

    4) To understand people and interact effectively, you don't have to trust them or love them.

    5) Only in itself 99.9% of problems, and not in external causes. If it failed for some external reason, then something was configured incorrectly inside.

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