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  1. Your phobias. No, seriously, I'm not so much afraid of fire and darkness as I am of my condition in these moments. I am afraid that this state of terror will come again. It is disgusting if it is the same phobia that causes physical symptoms as well…. Well, naturally not so much death as torment before it.

  2. Personally, I am afraid of “non-existence” – as a child, I still began to think about what is the death (specifically from a scientific point of view on behalf of a person, or rather from his absence) of a person and the death of his mind. I started imagining no pictures, no sounds, no thoughts, nothing, absolutely nothing.

  3. I once took a Life without Fear course, where we stood on nails and glass, ran over hot coals, put out burning cotton wool with our mouths, stroked snakes, and did other things that we normally dread. So, there experts explained that any fear indirectly hides the fear of death, and accordingly, death is what everyone really fears, and all other fears are just the tip of this iceberg. For example, it was suggested to analyze some common phobia. Let's say a person is afraid of public speaking. What is the worst thing that can happen if this person speaks out publicly? It is likely that he will perform so poorly or do something so inappropriate on stage that the audience will not understand him, show anger or ridicule, and notoriety will spread about him. If this is the case, what is the worst possible continuation of this situation? Probably, the video from his disastrous performance will get millions of views on the Internet, almost everyone in the country will know about him, and then in the world, everyone will condemn him, he will have haters and enemies, he will lose his job, he will have nothing to buy food with, and in the end he will starve to death or be killed by an ill-wisher. It is believed that approximately such a chain is built by our subconscious mind when we are afraid of something, which means that the main fear that stands at the head of all others is the fear of death. (In the example, everything is specially exaggerated through the question about the worst possible development of events. At the same time, as a rule, we consciously assess how low the probability of the described outcome is, and somehow get the better of our fears. )

  4. Many people are afraid of death, but I (and probably more than one) am afraid of the agony of death. You will agree that it is better to die quickly and painlessly than in agonizing torture.

  5. I would also add that a person is very afraid of violating the inviolability and security of their home. I think these fears are inherent to us from the time when people lived in caves and had to protect them from predators.

    Remember all the horror movies, scary moments in horror movies and scary stories. In many of them, a person seems to be completely safe at home, when suddenly, after turning off the light, creepy creatures appear from nowhere. And in such stories, there is deliberately no ending after the appearance of terrible creatures – the viewer or listener is forced to think out further events themselves (left in the unknown).

    Hence the fear of monsters under the bed. Even as a child, we were frightened by a babaika or a gray top that would come and bite us on the side.

    By the way, all the fears described above are well reflected in the fear of the unknown and the fear of death, which have already been mentioned here.

  6. Once I picked up a drunk man, and so, he was most afraid that they would pass him for organs (although he has good ones). Such are the fears of a city person.

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