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  1. 5 years passed and I found this thread in the search when I was looking for memes about dark ambient for my favorite))

    well… I can say that we, fans of this genre, in any case, I and my company are mainly divided into 2 groups – one half is “rot, darkness, tin, cringe, SMERT, we breathe it, but we live and so on” – right with such a special indescribable atmosphere, the second, in which for example I am ” black yumor (approximately like surgeons). and perhaps a little strange perception. my whole life is a surgical ward, and I'm a patient in it. one day we will all die, but that's a good thing, because our bodies will fertilize the nutritious soil of the Norwegian forests.”

  2. I don't agree with the previous speaker, or rather, I don't quite agree. Of course, the presence of such addictions in music does not indicate any outstanding character traits, but, in my opinion, it indicates a special worldview and attitude. You can call” ilitka ” people with similar interests, because not everyone is able to lie on the floor for three hours with a cigarette and listen to monotonous chops, here skill is needed. As a rule, such people can describe their life with the phrase “depressive wave”:)

  3. They are nothing special, they are the same people as others. For example, I listened mostly to this kind of music for a couple of years when I was in my early 20s, and before and after that age I listened in particular to this kind of music.�

    There are people who are hooked on all sorts of esotericism or science-technology (in the cyberpunk sense) or all sorts of fascism-militarism, but not necessarily, as well as not everyone who is hooked on these things listens to dark ambient/darkwave/noise. I talked a lot with fans of the dark scene, but I can't identify any unifying character traits. They all respect Throbbing Gristle, wo! Anyone who doesn't like TG isn't a real darkweaver 🙂

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