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  1. Butterflies in the stomach are a tickling feeling of excitement in the pit of the stomach, which occurs when adrenaline and all sorts of endorphins are released into the blood.

    Usually with a feeling of happiness, a surge of strength, with good emotions and a sense of delight. I wish you to experience this feeling more often…

  2. During a stressful situation, blood rushes to the legs to make it easier to run. This is a natural device that has existed for a very long time, sometimes it is called “cotton legs”. It is necessary to save the body from a dangerous situation. To add blood to your legs, you need to get it from somewhere. Blood flows away from other parts of the body, including the intestines. In a stressful situation, the body is not up to digestion, it needs to save itself. As a result of the lack of blood, the intestines begin to contract, hence this strange feeling.

  3. During the period of falling in love, the human body experiences a powerful release of dopamine – the hormone of happiness, which is generally perceived by the psyche as a stressful situation, because the general adaptation syndrome or stress occurs as a result of any powerful, unsettling experiences – both negative and positive. One of the results of this process is a slight narrowing of the blood vessels in the intestines, which leads to a feeling of cramps or “butterflies in the stomach”. Such episodes are experienced by both men and women, depending on how a person perceives their own state of falling in love and how they relate to the object of love. For example, such situations can occur due to the idealization of an object, when a lover experiences a situation of contact with a loved one as extremely important or even catastrophic.

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