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  1. I can't say how much they are really effective, but they are definitely better than the farm (I have nothing against it):

    1) Brain wars-puzzles, you need to compete with other users. The further you go, the more difficult it becomes to find partners, less time is given, and a skew begins in one direction – either you do it quickly and obliquely, or correctly, but for a long time. That's how speed and accuracy develop.

    Boostmind – also different puzzles, but without other users. In general, there are a lot of such applications, Einstein, for example, but these two, in my opinion, are the most optimal.

    2) By the way, there are applications for various “smart sites”, for example, TED or Coursera.

    3) Don't forget about learning foreign languages. There are a lot of apps and they are very popular. Of course, they will not replace full-fledged training, but in some aspects they are good as additional material.

    Lingualeo – a lot of materials (texts, videos, audio), generating tasks with words from your personal dictionary, grammar courses. There are fewer and fewer free options, but the main ones still remain.�

    Another app for training words – Quizlet-it is very convenient to divide words into folders and there are other languages besides English.

    Puzzle English is generally a universal thing, there is nothing there – mostly videos, as I understand it, but a lot of paid stuff.(I understand perfectly well that people should get paid for their work, but I also remember myself in my poor student years =))

    There is also English Central – watch the video, learn phrases from it, complete tasks with them and pronounce them, such a light version of Puzzle English.

    4) You can try “geographical” applications, for example, “guess the country from the photo”. And you can also “travel” on Google maps, learn all sorts of new places and attractions. I've actually seen the world!

    5) Cool Triviador game. You capture territories and then win them back by answering questions.

    6) If you like to write stories in your free time from apps, I've heard about iDeas for writing, there are some ideas, tips, and lessons there, but I haven't used it myself, judging by the description, it's pretty cool. In general, for all sorts of writing things (for example, when writing a diploma), Mind Maps can be useful.

    6) Well, after that, you can download the official app ” What? Where? When?”.

    I don't think I've remembered everything yet. If something happens, I will definitely write a comment.

  2. The brain as a whole is neuronation, specifically logic is lichess. In general, you can view apps and find out which ones you like and which ones you don't. Just search in the app store)

  3. Hello. There is an n-back exercise, which consists of continuously memorizing a sequence of symbols and sounds. It is proved that constant exercise using this method increases the level of IQ, which was considered unchanged in a person all his life. In the AppStore, there are apps that are issued on the “N-Back” request to help with the exercise. I advise you!

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