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  1. I recommend Jerzy Kosinski's ” The Painted Bird “and Agota Christoph's”The Thick Notebook”. The second, in turn, was called (by whom and when – I don't know) “the most violent book of the XX century.” Impressions, cruelty, meaning and negativity are guaranteed.

  2. Well, you basically answered your own question. Existentialist writers are just that: Sartre and his “Nausea” and “The Wall”, Camus-all works. You can read the Remark, it's both dark and meaningful (not necessarily). Very dark are “Life on Loan”, “Night in Lisbon”, “Three Comrades”, “The Promised Land”). Do not pass by Kafka (any work). I can also recommend the stories of Ryunosuke Akutagawa. For an amateur, but Mervyn Peake and his trilogy about Gormenghast Castle is full of gloom and metaphor. Kobo Abe will also go very well, here you will find the meaning of life, and hopelessness. It's not exactly dark, but it's Cormac McCarthy who makes you think about the meaning of life.

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