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  1. There is a great book called ” What is the name of this book?”�
    This is just a huge storehouse of interesting logic puzzles.
    Here are some of them:

    1. How do you explain this?

    A Mr. Smith was driving with his son, Arthur. Their car was involved in an accident. The father died on the spot, and the son was taken to a nearby hospital in serious condition. Looking at the injured man, the surgeon on duty turned pale and said: “I can't operate on him. This is my son Arthur!”�

    1. There are challenges for knights and knaves. That is, on a certain island, one type of people tell only the truth(knights), and the other only lies (respectively, liars).

    This time, while walking around the island, you will accidentally come across an islander who is hopelessly stuck at the shore of a pond, but no matter how much you struggle, you still can not get him out of the mud. You remember that his name is either Edwin or Edward, but you can't remember which one. So you ask an islander what his name is, and the answer is “Edward.”

    1. Who is the killer?

    This story is about a caravan traveling through the Sahara Desert. Once the caravan stopped for the night. We denote the three main actors A, B, and C. A hated C and decided to kill him by putting poison in a wineskin of drinking water (the only water supply C had). Regardless of A, another caravan master, B, also decided to kill C and (not knowing that the drinking water belonging to C was already poisoned) made a tiny hole in the wineskin so that the water would slowly flow out. A few days later, C died of thirst.

    The question is, who is the killer? A or B?

    I will warn you right away that in some cases there is no exact answer, and in some cases the author allows you to make fun of the reader.

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