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  1. 1. Other people's drool

    2. Hypocritical kindness and hypocritical concern

    3. Coprophilia/coprophagia

    4. Perverts harassing girls in social networks

    5. Feeding a child with chewed seeds directly from mouth to mouth(I witnessed this action,I don't know how I didn't throw up then

    1. Hypocrisy

    2. Faith as fanaticism

    3. Don't take responsibility

    4. Wait/rely on someone/something

    5. People are used to laughing and dominating the person who can't do something instead of helping them

    1. When an incomprehensible feeling arises, because of which it is uncomfortable everywhere�

    2. Our education system, namely organizational issues�

    3. When I do something good for a person, and in the end it develops into something that can only be described by mats�

    4. A large number of noisy and fussy people�

    5. A world without glasses

    1. Boiled lungs (for me, being able to eat brains is less of a surprise than being able to eat lungs)

    2. Monster Zero (the worst energy drink in its category, which, for some reason, is adored by everyone around)�

    3. Boiled hooves in the St. Petersburg chufalna. (This is such a horror that when I pass by the garbage dump, I sometimes catch the notes of those very hooves)

    4. Christmas tree fragrance, for cars (God, it's better to let the car be smoked to death than this stinking, cloying smell that turns your whole belly inside out)�

    5. The era of degenerate, and therefore the same type of rap music, which is pretty long

  2. 1) When kittens are thrown out on the street(where they will be torn apart by dogs or they will die of starvation or illness), because “I can't drown, my heart breaks” and”I feel sorry for the cost of sterilization”

    2) When they criticize something/someone without understanding the issue, for example, typical complexes for Russia and “And there's how cool it is there and there”.

    Let them find out why there is prosperity in some countries, what part of the world should suffer for this prosperity, and whether it is really such prosperity there. Well, or why did a person do this in the case of criticism of a person

    3) Hypocrisy, corporatism, unnatural smiles.

    4) When they say ,” I didn't need the school curriculum in my life.”

    Of course, because you're an office vegetable. Not a scientist, not a physicist, not a mathematician, not an engineer, not a biologist.

    5) Huge sales of alcohol and drugs in the world.

    1. Fanfiction (especially from schoolgirls aged 13-16) and public places where they hang out. This is just a concentration of krinzhovosti. “He looked at her with a look of adoration and possessiveness. And then they got laid.”
    2. Clickbait and all that. As “surprised” faces for the entire screen saver, especially if there are children there.
    3. Blindly fanatical people, impenetrable in their beliefs. And that's half the trouble. The worst part is that they raise their offspring like this and the wheel gives a new turn.
    4. ASMR.�Challenges. What happens if…
    5. Speculations on the subject of the Second World War, and in principle the use of tragedies as a platform for self-promotion and promotion of their ideas.
    1. The idea of a progressive world in its modern sense.
    2. Mass media.
    3. Identifying intellectualism with following trends (“the smartest women are on Facebook©”).
    4. 95% of adult conversations are about who got a job where, how, and how much they get.
    5. The Netflix Witcher cast.
    1. Seafood, especially when it smells very strong, I hate it! Mayonnaise, just fat on fat, I don't perceive it, especially this terrible yellowish color and texture�

    2. Greed is the desire to get more and more, no matter what, spitting on nature, others, the planet, anything.�

    3. Prejudice, I don't like it when people think in stereotypes, judge others, all under one comb

    4. Narcissism, such people often stab knives in the back, acting only for the sake of a loved one, hurt, eat. They often complain, but they never help you if you really need help�

    5. Violence. Cruelty, wars, death.. why do we go so far as to kill other people? Today we have enough to live in peace, and also help others.

  3. 1. Illogical conclusions and decisions. It doesn't matter if it leads to something bad or not. When a person doesn't want to think, and just makes a random decision blindly — it's infuriating. People need to learn how to operate in an environment of uncertainty.

    2. Illogical and stupid situations. They usually happen when someone is doing a shitty job. When you're told to do one thing and it turns out that you should have done something else, but it's still your fault. It can be attributed to university, work, laws, and many other things.

    When people don't listen. 3. They do not listen, but wait to say something in response, instead of understanding.

    4. Know-it-alls. Those who think they're always right. Those who do not accept opinions other than their own. Usually, they are just waiting for their turn in the dialog, and not listening.

    5. Impoliteness, rudeness, unethical behavior, rudeness, toxicity, aggression for no apparent reason.

    Bonus: teenagers who wear shit on themselves, and pay a lot of money for it. Gucci, huyuchi, supreme, and so on. They are not vile, but they are sincerely sorry, because they have no opinion, except for what is imposed by society)

    1. Menstruation, live birth

    2. pafos,�

    3. cult of power,�

    4. various stereotypes, especially gender ones

    5. self-affirmation at the expense of humiliating other people

    Oh, by the gods, cancel this 140-mark duty already!

  4. The answers are mixed up with what is really disgusting, what is hated, and what is infuriating. I hate rudeness, but is it disgusting? Disgusting is something that you just can't see, which makes you feel bad.

    Well, I'll try to list what is disgusting for me. Will you get 5 points?

    1. Spontaneous garbage dumps. There is also construction debris, plastic, glass, and animal corpses… So make a mess of nature!

    2. Shit, and animal origin, too. Mess, dirt, dust – this is still tolerable, but I don't like shit. When the whole yard is covered in animal shit , it's so disgusting. Cleaning up after animals is very unpleasant. However, I do not consider the work of a sewage disposal system to be disgusting (however, I would not like to work as a sewage disposal system). That's just the smell when pumping… Why is this shit so stinky?

    3. Pornography. All sorts of sexual acts, blowjobs… Is that nice? Well, you can leave eroticism: the view of the naked body, if there is something to show, or slightly covered. Agree, this is more exciting than pornography.

    4. Women who smoke. In general, I hate smoking, but especially with women. Maybe just unearthly beauty, but if you lit up-that's all, I can't see it!

    5. But nature has created its own abominations. The most disgusting creatures are snails, slugs. That's why nature created them? And they even eat them. How?! Well, for example, mussels are also clams, and they are delicious, but they don't look so disgusting either.

  5. 1) War
    2) Violence – any kind, physical, psychological, sexual… over animals, over people of any age, race, or gender. Any of them. Regardless of the reasons.
    3) Serious eating disorders – cannibalism, coprophagia, etc
    . 4) Incest
    5) Drug addiction and alcoholism

  6. 1) Screaming babies in public places

    2) Incest (every time I think incestonenavisnechestvo equals homophobia to some extent? It would seem that incest is also a form of love, but I can't understand and accept this, but I can LGBTQ)�

    3) Failure of a long-awaited event for reasons beyond your control

    4) Christ-like cattle, especially when I'm in the company of my parents or not-so-close friends�

    5) Fanaticism in any of its manifestations (from a strong love of food, to fascism and nationalism)

    Item numbers and the degree of abomination are not correlated. I wrote it down in the order I remembered.

    1. Communicate with a person for informational / material gain.
    2. Duplicity.
    3. Vanity.
    4. When someone strongly imposes or wants to help in some way, when help is not needed.
    5. When you think you're on good terms with a person. But he adheres to the opinion that others have imposed on him, but at the same time he does not show it in any way and does not make out his own opinion about you.
    1. Loud scraping of something against something (sand on asphalt, chalk on blackboard)
      2.Loud screaming children on the street
      3.When a person doesn't care about everyone, he rises at the expense of others, but at the same time complains about his life
      5.When they sing in cartoons
      6.Snow that looks like snow from a distance, but when you step on it, your foot sinks into the wet slush and your shoe gets soaked through
  7. Everything that is associated with feces or urine, moreover, to the gag reflex, only with age, having lost part of the hug, I was able to clean up after the cat without deodorant, ducks and dogs in hospitals and pissing men in entrances and on the street are also brought here. Digging through someone else's dirty laundry, but that's more figurative than literal. Bullying of animals and, in principle, those who can not answer. I didn't get five points

    1. Screaming, ill-mannered children and their boorish mothers;

    2. Facebook. The whole system of this social network is disgusting.

    3. Stereotypical, sanctimonious thinking, narrow-eyed views, as well as, “that's what everyone does, and you do it”;

    4. State educational institutions with their Soviet-style charters and total bureaucracy.�

    5. Hideously fat people.

  8. 1) The work of most police and medical professionals in our country

    2) Depend on someone

    2) When the other person has bad breath

    3) Listen to lies knowing the truth

    4) Betrayal of a loved one

    5) Tomato juice

  9. 1) the voice of Alexander Klyukvin

    2) when people snuggle up to you on public transport

    3) nasty drunk smelly fat men who spit and blow their nose right on the road. Ebaaaaaaat. Bitch, is it so hard to do it in a headscarf? I fucking hate it

    4) when a person considers himself better than others

    5) when fashion prevents a person from being himself and forces him to be a crowd

  10. 1) Authority and hypocrisy. When people can change their mind about something in a second just because their leader said so. (Real-life example: there was a new kid in the class that many people liked at first, but then the leader didn't like him very much, and everyone started hating him as well.)
    2) Veiled vulgarity and sexism. I don't mind all the jokes about sperm and how someone fucked someone's mother, because it's not vulgar, but just rofl. But the real vulgarity, some jokes (which are more often loved by adults),” unrealistically funny ” KVN on TV, built precisely on vulgarity and sexism – just fu.
    3) Excessive attention to rags and brands. To wear rags for money, on which you could normally live for a whole month or go on a trip, and then go and say “Look, I'm RUMMAGING, I have a blouse for 100k rubles, from guchi, by the way”
    4) Romanticism of mental disorders. You don't even need to explain it.
    5) Personality. People really think that they are all so individual and special, but for the most part they are not. Yes, there is hardly anyone on earth who has exactly the same interests and hobbies as you, but we are still very similar. We are all in a herd to some extent. Someone in the herd of always whining, depressed and such unusual teenagers, and someone in the herd of gopniks behind garages(and etc.). But the fact remains that you(and I) are not unique.

  11. 1) femki

    2) implanting your opinion to someone as the only true one�

    3) ridicule and contempt for other people's endeavors/hobbies / tastes

    4) youthful maximalism�

    5) egoists and egocentrists

  12. 1) some representatives of the CIS community (toxic, narrow-minded, imposing their point of view) unfortunately, these are the majority.�

    2) shkolota – it's shkolota, not schoolchildren (14-16 years old, coolstory about the next entry, fight, sex, emergency situations above the Alps, etc.)

    3) disputes about music/games/movies (imho, this is all very subjective and can not have a correct or incorrect assessment)

    4) poseurs (“I'm a wino”, “I'm a drug addict” – but in fact a trip to the bar 1 time a week, 1 pipe a month, for example)

    5) ” wow, why don't you have a soulmate? you've met a girl before”, “find yourself a girl, you've been without a couple for a long time” (in the minds of some people (including representatives of points 1) and 2)) there is some kind of installation that says that every person should have a partner, and if they don't, then you are a fool/they don't give you anything, etc.

    1. Olives and olives

    2. Hypocrisy and ignorance

    3. State medical institutions

    4. Excessive parental care

    1. Sexism in various fields of activity
  13. 1) Small children. Screaming, in strollers, diapers, sitting on seats too high for them and soiling people's soles. Ugh, blat.
    2)Utopianism. I don't care what your manyamir is: Heaven in heaven, communist society, anarcho-capitalism, matriarchy, one world government, equality of people and animals. However, I think it's important to note that I don't think you're human, you filthy, half-witted creatures.
    3) Fat women over 50. At elections, on public transport, at referendums, during the transfer of hours, in educational institutions, in queues for late payment and freebies, in churches and temples, at legitimate rallies, in propaganda videos; dressed in puffy jackets; with carts and other bulky luggage; breaking through the crowd of senile sisters or barely moving along the salon or narrow path ahead of you; driving in subzero weather to dachas or early in the morning to honey. institutions that consider you so fucking beholden to them that they can lean on your knee like a handrail when entering / exiting transport.
    4) When prostitutes and porn actresses who have sex with people who have, for example, a member/strap-on/bottle, do not hit the srakotan or charge too much money for it. It feels like none of them ever took a shit after a week of constipation, since they build the virginity of their anus and the integrity of its walls to the absolute, as if it belongs to Victoria herself. This effeminacy naturally makes you sick, it is not clear what kind of impudence you need to have in order to submit a questionnaire without this service/with a large surcharge for it, or go with such attitudes to shoot some porn video. It's better to either stay out of this unethical business, or practice contact only with people who don't have anything phallic on them.
    5)Everything is so sticky: a lump of semi-liquid shit, thick sticky semen, snot from the nose, milk foam. I remember once removing the foam from a plate of food-I thought it would turn inside out while I threw it away.

    1. Licorice
    2. Musicals and when they start singing in cartoons
    3. I cut watermelons, I'm always chopping my hands in the meat bin, but I love eating them, so I cry and cut them..
    4. When my future/position (immediate or not) depends entirely on the whim of another person, no matter who. And in general, such a situation as a phenomenon.
    5. Pride. The basis of discrimination, elitism, stubbornness, self-centeredness, unwillingness to learn and listen to others.. you can continue indefinitely.
  14. 1) Pathos, arrogance
    2) Ignoramuses
    3) original injustice
    4) totalitarianism
    5) xenophobia and so on
    As you can see, I focus on human vices, because I had to adapt to everything else and you don't notice this to such an extent (except for the third point, of course, you have to take it for granted)

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