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  1. In my opinion,in order to build good and trusting relationships, you need to :

    1) both should be adequate and well-formed personalities, i.e. have their own opinions, goals and dreams.

    2) support your partner,take an interest in his / her life

    3) when this wonderful feeling has “settled” in you, you want to make your loved one happy. Lines from a poem by Khayyam will go along with this:

    Don't be afraid to give warm words,

    And do good deeds.

    The more wood you put on the fire,

    The more heat will return.

    4) well, it should be said that in order to build relationships, you need to constantly work on them, sort out mistakes, get to know the person more and more,and then you will reach together,hand in hand,to that level of reliability,confidence in each other, that you will believe that this very person is your happiness. 😉

    And you will set the rules of love yourself in the process))

  2. A. Now I'll invent it. We're talking about Love with a capital L here, not teen wishlist stuff, right?�

    1. Love is available to all. No exceptions.

    2. Everyone deserves love. No exceptions.

    3. Love requires nothing in return.

    I mean, the one you love doesn't owe you anything. When there is this “I love him of course, but it would be great if he…” it is no longer about love, but about personal desires.�

    4. Love has nothing to do with passion / jealousy/breakup pain.�

    All these are separate things from love, which are not derived from love, but from personal desires and fears. Without desires and fears, love can exist, but passion / jealousy/pain cannot.

    5. What other rules can there be? Love, don't be afraid – you will be happy.

  3. Try (really well, really well try) to understand the person you liked. You can't really fall in love with someone you don't understand. You can only love what you were able to get out of a person by looking into his depths for a long time. You will definitely start finding pearls among the silt and broken glass.
    Pearls that lie on the surface-anyone else will see them, and they are worthless.
    If you dive deeper and hold your breath, you'll find treasures. You will love them, and the person will become your half. Just because there won't be any more pearls like this in anyone's sea.

  4. Basic rule: subject-subject attitude to a person. From it, creativity in relationships, care, affection, etc. will already flow.

    But in order to relate subjectively to others, you need to gain self-confidence, respect for yourself, in general, you need to know yourself as a subject. That's the rub.

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