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  1. A strong man will not complain about life/friends/work or an “evil” boss, and will not blame others for his troubles. They have specific life goals, their own opinions, and personal interests. A weak man talks a lot and stands still, a strong man speaks less and acts more, will be able to answer for his words. In the end, it will not leave you in trouble and will not demand something in return.

  2. First of all, I agree with Sergey: a strong man will not blame others for all his troubles. Definitely not.

    In addition, a strong man is the master of his word: said and done.

    A strong man knows what he wants and how, most likely, it can be achieved, how to achieve it. And once he knows , he takes it and does it. And if suddenly something went wrong or the plan was not working, a Strong man will not give up, he will stop, adjust the plan – and go ahead.

    And perhaps we can also say that with a strong man, usually the best women. Not options for a night or a month, no-a strong man is unlikely to spend himself on them (he has goals and he goes to them without being distracted by this kind of young ladies). A strong man always has the support of a loving woman (he will not ask for support, but will be sure that it is there). And how can I not love you, the strong ones?

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