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  1. Goal: 1. Specific 2. Measurable 3. Defined in time 4. The achievement is controlled and managed by us 5. Formulated positively (without ” no ” or negatives), 6. Includes cost (what you will have to give up for it), 7. Relevant at the moment and corresponds to the circumstances 8. Includes co-features of its achievement (all resources) 9. Eco-friendly, does not contradict other goals and benefits 10. We know the first step on the road to it

    This is the main thing.

  2. We will deal with the concepts. A goal, a task, a dream.

    The goal is always the same and it concerns all people, it is self-improvement. To become similar in properties to the standard yourself, in order to be able to cope with any obstacle in life. If you don't want to – you will be trained life slaps on the back of the head, because to stand still – it's like rotting alive. Always a person today should be better than he was yesterday. And tomorrow he should be even better than he is today.

    The task is a certain distance from “I want/need” to “it is”. that is, you deal with the question of how to implement this, what to use for this and go do it until you implement this provision.

    A dream is an unrealized “I want”. This is something that your abilities are not enough for, otherwise the dream would have become a task long ago. And it may even hang over you for decades, and there are still several of them. And they all load you up, reminding you of yourself, and you see yourself as a loser because of this or continue to hope that the option will appear and someone will give it to you without your efforts. But do not forget: somewhere it arrived, and somewhere it left. Therefore, for the sake of the safety of your psyche, it would be necessary to remember about the GOAL to turn a DREAM into a TASK and not spoil your life, and not look for someone to blame or owe you.

    If life has not yet confirmed my words to you, then just try to pay attention to it when you observe yourself or others.

  3. The goal must be real and feasible, but it is not necessary to fulfill the dream. The goal starts with a dream, but not every dream becomes a goal.

  4. There is a huge difference between a dream and a goal. A dream is something illusory, rather unattainable. The dream seems distant and often impossible. When dreaming, a person usually expects something, is in a passive state, and does not do something to get what they want.

    A goal is already something more specific. They try to achieve their goals and set deadlines and make plans for this purpose. Most often, goals are based on dreams.

  5. The goal must be clear and for a specific period of time. And a dream is something more philosophical, it is something difficult to fulfill, for the sake of a dream sometimes people have to work all their lives

  6. That's right. The goal is concrete and measurable, while the Dream is abstract. The dream is a kind of basis for the Goal, and is focused on getting a sense of pleasure. It is like an image that is complemented by specific physical quantities and necessarily a time frame, and then the Dream can be made a Goal. For example, the dream of a car is supplemented by the brand, cost, resource assessment, and the period for which it can actually be purchased. Or the dream of losing weight is supplemented by the number of kg, time limit and actions. But a dream can remain a dream if there is no desire to realize it. Therefore, another important component in this chain is Desire.

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