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  1. Me and everyone else))))
    no seriously, but what else can people be divided into?) smart and stupid, strong and weak, calm and hysterical – you know, everything is subjective enough.
    And most importantly – my division does not change anything.

    So that.. it turns out that it doesn't make much sense to separate �0

  2. All people can be safely divided into 4 main groups:

    1) They have common interests and are reliable in doing business (they hardly exist, because this is the ideal).
    2) There are common interests, but unreliable ones. You can communicate, but you can't rely on it.
    (3) in the conduct of business, but there are no common interests, so communication is only on business.
    4) Unreliable and without common interests. These are best avoided and / or ignored.

    This rule is universal and works in all areas.

    For example, girls have the concept of a friend zone.

    This is when you communicate with a person, but do not give him, that is:

    Give 1) and communicate (hardly exist, because this is the ideal).
    2) Give, but he will not communicate with you (the guy).
    Communicate 3), but don't give (friendzoned).
    4) Neither to communicate, nor to give (nothing in the eyes of the girl).

    P.s. This is just a recommendation.

  3. good question. The answer to this question shows what and how many lines of demarcation are created by human consciousness and according to what principles. These include racial divisions, class divisions, economic divisions, political divisions, religious divisions, and many others, all of which also have certain group stratifications.�

    For me, the world is divided into the righteous and the wicked. Other divisions are secondary.

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