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    1. Do not start a joint business with friends/comrades — you will ruin the relationship.

    2. My tongue is my enemy.

    3. The positive will save the world.

    4. Don't be mad at the current teenagers , we were exactly the same.)))))

  1. I've learned that good is better than evil. In all its forms. After all, now many teenagers and young people adhere to the position that do not do good – you will not get evil. That's not true.

    Sarcasm, jokes and so on – this is, of course, fun and wonderful, but only in moderation.

    I also learned that it is absolutely impossible to judge anyone. No family, no friends, no enemies, no celebrities after all. You never know what is going on in a person's soul when he does something, you never know about the circumstances. Don't jump to conclusions.

    I learned that you don't have to prove anything to anyone but yourself. You don't need to teach others about life, you don't need to point out their mistakes, even with the best of intentions. All that is needed is advice that the other person must ask for and want to hear. No need to re-educate people, your other half, parents, friends.

    I learned that there is no limit to perfection. And you should always strive for it, but you should start with yourself. Analyze your actions and thoughts. Set life goals and meet them halfway. I want to add that just a year ago I was living without a goal, like a student who doesn't care: “Ay, let's break through!” People change: some develop, others remain at their level and / or degrade. And that's another lesson I've learned in 20 years of my life. (;

  2. I learned to take my time in a relationship. I was so glad that I didn't marry a man who didn't suit me at all. But it is not always possible to understand this immediately. Such cases.

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