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    1. Don't be left alone

    2. Don't drink too much

    3. Appreciate those who are close to you, because they will not always be with you and it is important to show your loved ones how important they are to you.

    4. Don't fuck up your studies

  1. What I've learned since I was 18:

    1. Blood ties don't mean anything to me. I love my parents not because they are my parents and it is necessary, but because they are wonderful people who have passed on their life experience to me through upbringing. My mother taught me to take care of my beloved, and my father taught me self-fulfillment in life and contempt for the consumer lifestyle.
    2. The adolescent desire to stand out through bullying and violence does not mean that such people will take a leading position in life. You will meet them again at the construction site or in Pyaterochka. Fashionable punks after their parents stop providing for them will quickly lose their gloss. Subcultures are the lot of teenagers. At this time, it seems that you are still hoo-hoo and will definitely become someone great, even without putting in the effort, the most terrible misconception is that you will get how you work. The world is ruled by market relations.
    3. Among adults, you can stand out only with your brain. Specialists are always needed, and dropouts who were pushed by their parents to university will continue to whine that there is no job and the state does not like them. I always saw how good, smart kids were taken literally from the second or third year.
    4. The most important thing that feminism has made me understand is that I should not evaluate myself through men's attitude towards me.
    5. You can build your own social circle. No one forces you to communicate with people who drag you to the bottom.
    6. What is the meaning of life? I am not a believer, for me it is as if I have shifted all the responsibility for my life to God. For me, the meaning of life is to leave a good memory behind. Play a good role in someone's life.
    7. Jealousy and revenge are meaningless. Jealousy – because no one owes you from birth to be your faithful dog. This is only a grace, desire and personal choice on the part of the partner. Shut up your ego. If a guy happens to look at another girl on the bus, think about how you would look at a handsome guy in a suit with an expensive phone?
    8. At the beginning of a relationship, it is better to immediately tell your weak and bad sides to both partners, so that such a “surprise”does not pop up later.
    9. Do not get involved in a conflict with obviously boorish and narrow-minded people. You can rake in problems, and the fact that you proved your case.. there are still a lot of such people, you can't get enough of all the strength and nerves.
    10. Don't say that awful “Well done, you've become a businessman!” He doesn't need your condescending assessment. This can only be said to a child who has laced up his shoes for the first time. No adult needs to be evaluated by anyone else.
    11. It also follows from this. Don't be condescending. Don't say “Don't you realize that the password is 1234…” or “Are you serious right now? Can't you make something as simple as scrambled eggs?” If you understand this and it seems elementary to you, you should refrain from evaluating the other person's mental abilities. You can simply explain and help, without arrogance and annoyance.
    12. You should start taking care of your health and youth right now. Wounds and cuts no longer heal as quickly as they did in childhood.
    13. Weighing your decisions in advance is not boring, but useful. Now I will never go to the taiga in the winter for a friend's sake for a photo shoot, how are we still alive?
    14. In Russia, most people like freebies. Cheat the system and get something for nothing? Something to be proud of. Man to man is a wolf. If you post a cosplay on a Russian site and a foreign one, there will be a different reaction, our people will say: “ugh, how could you glue such a character with such a figure?” without realizing that this is not a job, but a hobby and it is done for pleasure. In general, doing anything for fun is shameful. You will be respected and pitied only if you have two children and work like Papa Carlo for 12 hours. I like my younger generation, it is much less traceable to this train of thought.
    15. 80 percent of the problems are solved with the words “I will write a statement now”, “I will go to the appointment with the chief doctor of the city”, “I will pass on your words to the head/head of the shop/train / canteen”, etc. In other cases, I don't know what to do yet.
    16. Financial literacy at the age of 19 can be very useful.
    17. Horoscopes, typing (typing?) However, this is not a science and is far from it. People just like to label themselves and live up to their expectations.
    18. Do not think that you are a good and holy person. Morale can be shaken in any stressful situation.
    19. My idea is described by the phrase “In the state of inner peace, there are not so many differences between people.” Our sadness, happiness, and depression are not just our colored unicorns in a unique inner world. These feelings are experienced by all people. Therefore, it is not necessary to tell someone about his meager inner world.
    20. Mindfulness, calmness, these are the words I want to make the motto of my life.
    21. An interesting person for me is someone who has his own thoughts without stereotypes imposed from the outside.
    22. Reading fiction books won't make you smarter or more interesting; you might as well watch a movie. Reading non – fiction and watching documentaries will really broaden your horizons.

    Maybe I'm wrong somewhere and missed a lot, but these are just my observations for 20 years.

  2. When I was 20, I was cured of Hodgkin's disease. Before that, I was driven for more than six months on examinations and could not make a diagnosis. I was about to give up on everything, but the head doctor of the local tuberculosis dispensary, who did not owe me anything, somehow found me through the polyclinic, and sent me to the place where I was diagnosed and treated. If she hadn't done it, I wouldn't have written this comment, because without treatment, the mortality rate is 100%.

    Lessons that I learned at the age of 20, after 4 courses of chemo and two courses of radiation therapy:

    1. Don't delay.

    2. Don't give up.

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