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  1. The point is not in the pros, cons and not in the invented new terms of “polyphasic”, we have in sleep medicine, and somnology there is a concept of satisfaction with the quality of sleep of the patient. It's not about the amount of sleep, not the phases, but how satisfied you are with its quality, you can fall asleep, dream, and wake up refreshed in the morning. Experiments with sleep phases are an intervention in the natural circadian process of wakefulness.

  2. Polyphasic sleep — pros and cons

    Getting used to polyphasic sleep will come in 7-10 days after the start of observing the schedule. It will be a little difficult at first, but you will manage. Subsequently, the body itself will tell you that it's time for you to sleep. You will fall asleep and wake up from REM sleep easily and without much effort. The fact is that the refusal of a person from slow sleep does not carry any negative consequences for the body. This is proven by numerous studies in the United States. Therefore, polyphasic sleep can be practiced for quite a long time, up to 5 months. But polyphasic sleep has a number of negative aspects, and they do not concern the state of health, but your regime. For example, during the period of “getting used” to polyphasic sleep, you do not need to schedule any important meetings and tasks for 7-10 days, since the body will be in the process of adaptation, and it will be difficult for you to accumulate your strength for something very important. Also, don't be alarmed if you change your food habits and consume it more often and in larger quantities. This is due to an unusual schedule for the body and the fact that you are now awake more often. The most difficult thing is to make your schedule so that polyphasic sleep fits perfectly there. For those who work from home, polyphasic sleep is just perfect, since the process of getting used to it will flow easily and you will not have any problems with it later. For those who work in the office for the period of adaptation to polyphasic sleep, it is better to take a vacation, and then you will get used to falling asleep in any environment. Polyphasic sleep obliges you to be punctual and responsible, if you really decided to change the regime, approach this process meaningfully and follow all the recommendations. The body should not be bullied, and if you decided that with polyphasic sleep you will be much easier to cope with things, then maybe it's time to try.

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