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  1. First, you need to understand what liberalism and conservatism are.

    In the West, liberals (democrats) are generally considered people who advocate greater individual freedom (same-sex marriage, freedom of speech), for unemployment benefits, for banning the free sale of weapons, for strengthening the role of the state in the lives of citizens.

    Conservatives (Republicans) are considered people who advocate a ban on abortion, for reducing social payments, for complete freedom to sell weapons, for non-interference of the state in the lives of citizens.

    As we have seen, liberals and conservatives are the two extremes that keep Western society in balance.

    Separately, I want to tell you about libertarianism. Libertarians are similar to anarchists, but libertarians believe that the state is necessary, and anarchists do not. If you're interested, read Ayn Rand.

  2. The foundations of liberalism are a market economy, human rights and freedoms, a democratic state structure, a strong civil society, protection of people from power, equality in the broad sense, same-sex marriage, international cooperation, and maintaining the world liberal order. Directions or trends in liberalism: left, social-democratic – a greater role of the state in the economy, higher taxes and social spending, allowing abortions, a soft immigration policy; conservative, right – a smaller role of the state in the economy, lower taxes, a tougher immigration policy.

    Gun rights are a purely American phenomenon; leftists, mostly Democrats, are in favor of limiting them, and conservatives, mostly Republicans, are in favor of preserving them.

    Modern conservatism is a right-wing trend of liberalism.

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