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  1. different ones, for example: you can enjoy dismembering grandmothers into pieces and save it all in plastic bags, and then bury it in plantings. Or you can get pleasure from giving gifts, from sacrificing your time for the sake of a loved one, helping him(her) in everything and supporting him (her), you can get pleasure from contemplating nature, etc. So “grandmothers” can also be loved, only everyone does it differently

  2. Kinesthetic, or bodily in general. When you are physically happy from caresses or a delicious dinner;)

    Aesthetic – enjoyment when listening to music, for example, in general – with any “touch” to the beautiful;

    Intellectual – getting pleasure during mental operations, as an option – when solving puzzles. This also includes the pleasure of insight. It's an incredible feeling when you finally realize something that has been hidden for a long time. Often the content of the insight inspires, puts a lot in its place;

    Emotional-for example, romantic. The feeling of pleasure from experiencing feelings or emotions. I believe that you can include the “dismemberment of grandmothers into parts” from the previous answer. Still after all feelings)

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