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  1. I started reading after reading reviews from both friends and on the Internet. But, alas, expectations did not live up to reality. After reading 30 pages, the book “flew away” forever. After a while, I'll try to start reading again, maybe then everything will go well. I don't recommend reading it yet.

  2. Who would I be? Who would you like to be? The main character, who is destroyed by O'Brien in the final (after all, he introduced himself as a friend, although, reading you understand that the ending will be sad)? I don't think so. Loneliness runs cold through the entire piece. Proles! We do not consider ourselves proles, and they were the only ones free from mandatory standards, because they were free to do simple things (they took food to their grandmother's dacha). Those who rule and work for them intellectually are lonely, unhappy people. The former want something, having everything; the latter do not understand why they are so harassed by these “wise men”. And a couple of lines by the author about a girl who was especially zealous and heartless in matters from the “big brother”. The book is true. Fictional truth.

  3. When you read such literature, you involuntarily try to compare what is written with the present. And sometimes it's not very pleasant. If you do not understand everything written literally, you can significantly expand your horizons. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you will not earn paranoia for a long time.

  4. I really liked this piece. Involuntarily, when reading, I compared everything I wrote with life now. It was amazing how much everything is similar to reality, how much everything is hidden in the details of our everyday life, and especially now, even if the Spring package is accepted as it is.. I just remember how with goosebumps I read without looking up, and after reading for a long time I could not calm down. A huge plus of this dystopia!

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