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  1. The principle is simple: follow your Vocation. All other principles are artificial and alien to humans.

    But the paradox of the way of life in society is so far from true that people are already stripped of the memory of the Principle of their own Destiny from childhood.

  2. My principles are simple: I try to avoid cracks in the asphalt / tile. I never carry a backpack on my left shoulder. I do not close the curtains at night and other small things.

    I just think that being a principled person is not quite right.

  3. There are several guidelines for me: do it yourself, appreciate your friends and family, help those in need, learn, and don't betray. And one more thing: aggression is the lot of the weak.

  4. My life principle sounds a bit unusual, I think. “Your point of view will never be true, so you should listen to others.” Although I'm quite adventurous in terms of argument, I try not to get caught up in it. I listen to other people's arguments and argue only when I try to get to the bottom of the real situation, or at least get close to it. After an argument or even a simple conversation, I try to think about other people's words, my point of view is constantly corrected. I think that's how I grow above myself.

    Otherwise, my principles coincide with the laws of the Russian Federation, according to which I live. Because I can't renounce everything else, you never know what will happen next.

  5. Each person has many principles.I will probably highlight my main principle – this is not to give bribes.I can't stand corruption at all.I understand that it eats up everything that millions of people in my country work and spend their health for.It's a pity that not all people understand this.

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