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  1. One of:

    “- What a tough year!

    • Do you know why? Because it's a leap year. The next one will be happy, you'll see!

    The next one was nineteen forty-one.”

    “Tomorrow was a war” Vasiliev B. L.

  2. It's sweet when the winds blow across the expanses of the sea,
    From solid ground, watch the misfortune that has befallen another…

    ,,On the nature of things” Titus Lucretius Car.

    One more:

    However, after all, all theories are worth one another. There is also one among them, according to which everyone will be given according to his faith.

    ,, Master and Margarita” Michalafanasich…

  3. Your beliefs become your thoughts,

    your thoughts become your words,

    your words become your actions,

    your actions become your habits,

    your habits become your values,

    your values become your destiny.

    Presumably, the quote belongs to Mahatma Gandhi, but it may not be so.

  4. There are only two things we will regret on our deathbed, that we didn't love enough and didn't travel enough (c) Mark Twain

    And I would like to use the Russian language with the greatest efficiency β€” these are the opportunities that open up! (c) Mikhail Gorshenev (Gorshok)

    Everything is relative (with) You know who πŸ˜‰

    The first thing that came to mind πŸ™‚

  5. I'll think about it tomorrow. Scarlet

    Anything that doesn't kill us makes us stronger

    A great state cannot be destroyed from the outside until it destroys itself from the inside

    I want it, so it will be

    If you constantly think about tomorrow, you will lose today

  6. “In thunderstorms, in storms, in everyday cold,

    In case of heavy losses and when you are sad,

    Appear smiling and simple β€”

    The highest art in the world.”

    Sergey Yesenin

  7. “If you don't like the place where you are – change it, you are not a tree.”- Jim Ron.

    “Treat the soul with sensations.” – Oscar Wilde…..

  8. Favorite “Everything should be beautiful in a person: the face, clothes, soul, and thoughts…” quote from the play “Uncle Vanya “(1897) by Anton Pavlovich Chekhov

  9. If they give you lined paper, write across it. – epigraph to”Fahrenheit 451″

    Si os dan papel pautado, escribid por el otro lado.

    β€” Juan Ramon Jimenez

  10. I really like lines from The Beatles songs:

    β€’”А lifetime is so short,

    A new one can't be bought”

    Life is so short,

    And you can't buy a new one.

    β€’” Living is easy with eyes closed”

    It's easier to live in ignorance

  11. “if you really want to, you can go to space”

    “Human is too Human” is the title of Nietzsche's book, but I like it

    “Remember death” or “memento mori”

    “Life has no meaning and this is its main meaning” I don't remember where

  12. 1) The smell of sweet perfume,

    On the roads-dust and litter,

    How cool the night air is, like a Shalimar!

    (Van Morrison – Madame George)

    2) Just think how beautiful it is in the sky itself, if it is so beautiful on its underside (A. Lindgren “Supersyschik Kalle Blomqvist and Rasmus”)

    3) How beautiful is the world that appears in dreams. From the mysterious depths of the ocean, to the glittering stars of the universe… (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

    4) – Make a wish and you'll see yourself on stage. Turn everything inside out! A crown of thorns in your tangled hair. Of course, you were pleasantly surprised.

    He said softly: “I will change your mind.” (Velvet Gold mine)

    5) – Extinguish the torches! Hide the moon from me! Hide the stars!


    6) Oh, these lazy and unhurried days and quiet warm rural twilight! Muffled female laughter in the services! How golden-warm life was then, how warm was the calm certainty that tomorrow it would be the same! How can you cross it all out? (Gone with the Wind)

    7) Keep on running. Don't look back. (X-Men. Beginning: Wolverine)

    8) Ом Pools of sadness, waves of joy (Seether – Across the universe)

  13. “You're a woman – you'll get whatever you want.”

    “And dreams, of course, come true if you really want to.”

    “Never give up something that makes you smile.”

  14. Better than other quotes from the kid's public from Albert Einstein:

    “Think positively, the glass is always half full, always

    Just don't think what's in the glass, think what's in the glass is water…”

    – Krovostok

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