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  1. Before I do anything, I first ask myself if I really need it. I've never taken out loans, and I hope I won't. I don't use profanity. I don't take the elevator below the 5th floor. I don't add sugar to drinks. I don't drink coffee or tea. Before I throw out my old things, I first think about whether I can give them to someone. Whatever happens, I leave time for sleep. Every day I think about how things would have turned out if I hadn't been there. Before you click the reply to�thequestion button, I evaluate whether it can be useful to anyone.

  2. I never borrow or borrow money. In my experience, money debts are the best way to ruin a relationship with a person. Here with things differently, for some reason they do not spoil the relationship.

  3. When you are shot for your homeland, die a peasant. That's all the answers to the questions. Be like Karbyshev, a block of ice, or I'm small compared to him, an unearthed corpse with 4 bullets in the chest: I don't sell my homeland and conscience. Who doesn't agree with me? I invite you to join the discussion. Go live

  4. 1) Do not trust your eyes, hearing, smell and other first feelings as an indisputable truth. In life, often the truth is much deeper than the first feelings, sometimes exactly the opposite.

    1. Do not start relationships with colleagues and classmates/classmates in the past)

    2. Never cross the line in friendship with the opposite sex.

    3. Believe in the universe. What you ask will happen, it's always been like this.

    4. Get out of bed always with the right foot)) I don't know why, but it's always like this)

  5. Gymnastics, self-massage after waking up, without getting out of bed. Then sitting gymnastics. Then a glass of water must be drunk. Massage the head when combing. After washing, apply an ice mask to your face, neck, and hands. Then self-massage of the face. Another glass of water.

    Hello Life, how beautiful you are I love you!

  6. I have always been guided by life itself in forming such rules.Here I am 28 years old, I have a small daughter and an incomprehensible sore. I'm in the endocrine department of the regional hospital. Having nothing better to do, I help the nurses draw up their numerous paperwork. I know my tests by heart. And suddenly, after one such evening sorting out papers, nurse Lyuska runs into the ward the next morning with a syringe at the ready and shouts: Isn't it my truth! You have three crosses! Sugar, as much as acetone! Stick your ass out! I was smart enough not to give Lyuska my ass. And it turned out that in the last ward there is a man with this sugar, and our surnames are the same. That I'm a lady and he's a man, Lyuska was purple. After this incident, I made it a rule: No matter what the doctors give me, no matter what they prescribe , I will first understand thoroughly. And for good reason: there were a couple of cases when medical care could easily be ruined. This simple rule helped me a lot. In any case, with asthma and varicose veins, she lived to 74. And since I keep my rule, I hope to enjoy life a little more. That's how nurse Lyuska helped me find the most necessary and useful rule.

  7. Basically, I use one rule. Do to others what you want them to do to you. And I do this not to expect that they will do the same to me, but to be honest with myself

  8. The very first adult rule that I had to face at the age of 5, in the alley of huge poplars. And this incident defined my character for the rest of my life. My first memory, the realization of my life Self, which has repeatedly saved and still saves my life, and the life of my surroundings. Without exaggeration, this is my truth and the truth.

    At Easter, when I was 5 years old, my mother and great-grandmothers sewed dresses for our girls, and men's small shirts with stand-up collars for the boys.

    I was presented with a full pink dress with pink ribbon trim, two of my long braids were braided below the knees, and two large bows of pink ribbons were decorated. Since then, I don't think I have ever had such naive happiness and delight in beautiful and high-quality clothes.

    With joy, not waiting for the older children, I ran to my poplar tree.

    I just hugged a poplar tree, a neighbor's boy of 10-11 years pushes me and I fall right into a puddle where there is still snow that has not melted. I don't remember what he said to me, but I was so furious and angry that I grabbed his arm with both hands, yanked hard to the side, and tripped him. He didn't expect this and fell face first, right into the same puddle. All this was seen by the children who came running. And I shouted at them: – “And so it will be with everyone who just thinks to offend me!”.

    In an instant, I grew up and gained the confidence and willpower to protect myself and my family, but most importantly, I felt the unbridled Courage and overwhelming Rage of Justice. It was then that I was able to identify, understand, and name my feelings.

    But now, always, in the unexpected and difficult moments of my life, I fearlessly act according to my own Justice – sometimes cruel, for me personally! But I never offend my relatives and loved ones, I forgive and forget, or I become indifferent to them.

    (excerpts from my unfinished book “A Light Born in Siberia”)

  9. I will tell you what rules and laws we have in common, but their implementation may vary:

    1-7-11 – it's not really possible to finish everything, celebrate, take care of my family – not everything is so simple, but as far as I can financially, very rarely, I try to do it.

    2-alas, I vowed in my early youth that I would be Happy, but the person who can make this happen in my life will never be there for me. Because he doesn't have what I need. And I don't need another person, for me he is the Best in the world. Here's a test for me, for the rest of my life.

    3 -4-5-6-10-12- I talk about my dreams and plans, keep the kitchen clean, try to write correctly, read books, sometimes two or three at once.

    8-I bought it myself only once in my life, and then in the Pacific Ocean from the captain's wife, they were written off to the shore, they wanted to give it as a keepsake, but only my family can give me such gifts. They agreed, and I bought a ring with two small emeralds, the color of the ocean. The rest of the sons gave and give.

    13-I enjoy small things immensely, because there are no small things for me, even any weather pleases me, especially the sun and the wonderful, fascinating, beautiful moon.

    The first law – I treat everyone according to “my own Justice” – I never break. If offended, I beat you sharply, to death. But there is an exception – I forgive and forget my relatives for many years, but then I don't treat them as warmly as before.

    The second law – I treat all people equally politely, with understanding, despite positions and ranks, i.e. what kind of person I am by actions, and not in words, and no one is offended.

  10. Most of all in life I adore real qualities, sincerity, love for people, amazing relationships with spiritual unity, real love when you feel the pain of another person, even at a great distance, when you can help with fervor,with heat,when others are burning and such help as hot cakes in a hungry year, when you can support with a kind word, from which the soul begins to glow with happiness… :*

    1. Bring everything to the end.
    2. Do not take oaths (as soon as you do this, situations immediately appear that test you for “lice”
    3. Don't talk about your dreams and plans.
    4. Prepare your meals in a clean, clean kitchen and in a good mood.
    5. Do not leave unwashed dishes in the sink overnight.
    6. In all unclear cases, go to sleep.
    7. Celebrate all your birthdays and other personal or important public holidays ( for example, Victory Day) – this can be done at a modest cost.
    8. Purchase a new piece of jewelry at least once a year. And new shoes (this is my weakness….)
    9. Learn something new all the time. Not for self-improvement. But just interesting!
    10. Write well in Russian.
    11. Take care of your family and friends, and keep in touch with your friends.
    12. Read books.
    13. Enjoy the little things
    1. Do not talk about your plans and intentions until the last moment. Otherwise, they may fail for completely stupid reasons beyond your control. I don't know why(

    2. Do not discuss money issues with your friends (or anyone else). Really, why? I don't talk about the level of my own salary, I don't ask about someone else's. I don't even know the s/p of my colleagues, and it's not particularly interesting. I say that this is a trade secret (especially since it is true)

    3. Don't talk about your personal life on social media. social networks. All these photos mimimi-love-lyubimku-not about me)) And in general, personal life is personal in order to remain a private space.�

    4. Speak politely when you don't like something in a person's behavior (personally), praise them publicly at the first opportunity. Of course, you should not pour banal flattery, but a sincere compliment has never harmed anyone.

    5. Always thank the person for anything, for any small thing. It's nice for him, easy for you, to follow. one more time will help. And yes, ingratitude is a lousy quality

    6. “Who is the last, the leader” XD Concerns dishes)) That is, if you eat soup, and all finished, you and wash the pan)))

  11. What a brief is-and so is the creative. A rule that applies everywhere. If you need something from me, please explain it specifically, and if I need something, I will explain it specifically. As expressed, and received.

  12. 1) Do not promise something that you are 110% unsure of.

    2) Do not judge a person by their behavior in society, with peers (especially young people).

    3) “Trust, but verify” people's words-this is always, even if you are dealing with authority.

    4) Try to be friendly, responsive, and optimistic when socializing with other people.

    5) Trust your secrets only to yourself. Even if others find out your secret and don't spill it, you still won't feel comfortable sharing something personal.

    1. Nothing to be afraid of.�

    2. Everything always passes.�

    3. Keep a diary.�

    4. Pour cold water over them.�

    5. Once – anything. �

    6. Everyone washes their own dishes.

  13. “You need to be more determined, not click the fuck out”; “don't think ahead – you never know what will happen and how”; “don't start relationships with those with whom you study/work”; “if you want to go to the toilet-go now, when there is an opportunity”; “don't rush the time – it will pass anyway”; “it's better to be a wrapped-up jerk than a cold fashionista”. I also get my hair cut exclusively on Mondays or Thursdays in a “haircut T-shirt”; ” it's better to eat normally a little later than to have a snack and knock down my appetite in the near future.” There is also a rule that is bad to follow: “everything starts with hope. If you don't want something, don't get your hopes up.”

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