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  1. As a long-time seasoned recognized homophobe, I will reveal a terrible secret. The main dislike goes not to LGBT people, but rather to LGBT propagandists.

    In reality, there are VERY few homosexuals, and the vast majority of them do not advertise or promote their views. They just live in peace and quiet.

    What is now fashionable to declare “homophobia” is almost always an attempt to slow down the rampant propaganda of homosexuality. Moreover, this propaganda is quite aggressive. here on Q, people are already asking questions like ” why aren't homophobes forcibly put in a psychiatric ward?” And then they are very surprised that their position is treated with hostility. Indeed, “and we are for scho?”

  2. I myself, of course, am not a homophobe, but I had to deal with their “argumentation”. Mostly on the Internet, in real life they are not able to spew out such epic opuses. All points for each homophobe are optional.
    1) “It's against nature.” A homophobe considers relationships unnatural because they don't produce children. Especially clinical cases are even against any kind of oral sex or contraception.
    2) ” If everyone becomes gay, then humanity will die out.” A homophobe believes that homosexuality is contagious.
    3) “This is all propaganda of homosexuality.” Many people believe that it is possible to impose orientation on children.
    4) “It's a sin.” This is where the stories of Sodom and Gomorrah begin.
    5) “Gays are disgusting”. The point is rather simple, but for some individuals it is just the same key.
    6) “All gays are pedophiles” or ” In general, then let's allow coprophilia/bestiality/pedophilia.” To be honest, I don't know how they build such logical chains, but this type of homophobia is very common.
    7) ” Homosexuality is a conspiracy against Russia.” The usual” argument ” for a padded jacket is a homophobe with a bias in conspiracy theory.

  3. Disclaimer: I have a neutral attitude towards the LBGT community. Our company employs several people with non-heterosexual orientation, these are absolutely normal people.

    IMHO there are two relatively reasonable arguments against.

    1. “Extinction”. The strength of the argument lies precisely in the fact that yes – it is impossible to get offspring. It is clear that this is now irrelevant: the planet is more likely to be overpopulated, and the percentage of LBGT is too small for this to greatly affect the population. In addition, perhaps progress in genetics will close this question.�

    2. “Imposing orientation”. Well, it is clear that it is almost impossible to change the orientation of an adult (if we do not consider personal violence or serious psychophysiological pressure at the level of a concentration camp). But I'm not quite sure about the children. For example: the concept of body beauty is definitely imposed on us by society, the ideals of beauty now and 50 and 100 years ago are very different from each other. Look at the paintings of the Renaissance: the women depicted in them do not seem attractive to us, but then it was different.

  4. And what is meant in our time by this term?

    According to wikipedia, the term “homophobia” was first published by gay activists Jack Nichols and Lee Clark in the American pornographic magazine Screw (May 23, 1969), where the word meant the fear of non-homosexual men that they might be mistaken for homosexuals. For the first time in a scientific publication, the term “homophobia” was used by Kenneth T. Smith in 1971 in his article “Homophobia: a preliminary profile of personality”. The American psychologist George Weinberg in 1972 in his book “Society and the healthy homosexual” defines “homophobia” as ” fear of being close to homosexuals, and in the case of homosexuals — self-disgust.”

    In my opinion, the term has a pronounced emotional background, since it was born, it had a well-defined purpose. Any phobia is a weakness, weakness is not welcome in human society, it is strongly denied and hidden. Admitting that you are susceptible to any phobia means declaring your fear and vulnerability.�

    Perhaps the creators of the term went by borrowing the part “phobia” also because they wanted to attribute to it a certain connection with psychology, which, as is known, deals among other things with the scientific justification of the origin of various phobias.�

    I want to say that when using certain terms, you need to understand that they did not come from nowhere, but were developed by certain people. Specifically, the term homophobia appeared not so long ago, at a time when there were already methods of influencing public opinion and people's perception.

  5. Homophobia, for a moment, is the fear/fear of homosexuality. So I'm not homophobic.)))�But I am very uncomfortable with the demonstration of unnatural sexual orientation. Because I think it is a personal matter for every sexually mature individual. And yes, homosexuality is unnatural, it is against the biological nature of man, because we are bisexual. This is how our organs, our mode of reproduction, and our psyche work. Whether someone likes it or not doesn't matter. This is reality! Yes, as in everything else, there are deviations from the norm in nature. As long as these deviations are not critical, they are acceptable. But to raise the deviation to normal is already too much.

  6. What arguments do homosexuals have to distort the concepts of phobia and tolerance? What is “dislike”? No one has to love anyone. If someone hates someone, that's another matter. In my opinion, no one forbids someone to clean each other's chimney, but why should the public trumpet ” Buy an elephant!” marches through the city. Such actions in the countries of Eastern Europe and in the countries of the post-Soviet Union cause exactly the opposite reaction, and by definition they cannot cause any positive attitude towards homosexuals. I think I understand why LGBT activists don't go around their apartments like sectarians, and I don't know who they are, so they will definitely be remembered. The irony is that homosexuals (who so fiercely reduce dialogue to verbal diarrhea) calmly call the vast majority of this country homophobes with a bald knee, without understanding the terminology and the very concept of phobia. Therefore, as I see it, it is pointless to answer this question. Homosexuals, as always, will fiercely crow “they don't like us” in any case. In general, with any. Even if they legalize same-sex marriages, adoption of children by such “marriages” and so on. It feels like they want everyone around them to be just like them, and this, I apologize, is already beyond the bounds of any justice and common sense, respectively.

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