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  1. the book “Flowers for Algernon” by D. Keyes quite colorfully describes the thought process of a mentally retarded person. moreover, the story shows changes in this process, and as a result, changes in the perception of the world.

    T. Dreiser's “American Tragedy” is a vivid example of human hypocrisy and duplicity. by the way, the emotional manner of flirting of the main character was still very noticeable.

    “The unbearable lightness of being” by M. Kundera. for me, this is a book about the struggle with my conscience and nature. and also about unbearable love.

  2. There are probably two of them: “The Gospel of Jesus” by Saramago and” The Da Vinci Code ” by Brown. The first one, throughout its entire duration, kept in a light tone, threw philosophical firewood into the religious fire. Very interesting and soberly played out the key points of religion, and Jesus in general. My favorite part of the novel was the dialogue between God, the Devil, and Jesus in the middle of the ocean. They asked each other questions, pondered: in general, there was a stormy small talk. But at one point, the Devil turns to God with an apology for what he did once. Lucifer wants to be the same-an angel. Do you know what Grandpa God is? And God says, ” No, I don't like this idea. Judge for yourself, if you are no longer here, what is my significance?”

    And as for the “Code” ,I really liked how my nerves were destroyed throughout the novel, what a huge question mark wandered in my head, and at the end Brown just took and hit me on the head with this holy Grail – the primary and main value of humanity, a heavenly shrine; and, in short, just the most important thing in the world-a woman!

    1. Heinrich Bell “A house without a master” – it is very interesting to read about the war from the point of view of the opposite side. Especially not some of our ideas, but really a writer who lived there and saw all this.

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