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  1. I will share the most useful sources on the sociology of deviant behavior that I used when writing my course work.

    1. J. Gilinsky “Deviantology: the Sociology of crime, drug addiction, prostitution, suicide and other deviations” (this is simply an irreplaceable book).

    2. Yu. Y. Komlev “Theory of restrictive social control: a monograph”.�

    3. Yu. Yu. Komlev, N. Kh. Safiullin “Sociology of deviant behavior: a textbook”�

    4. A. L. Salagaev “Youth delinquency and delinquent communities through the prism of American sociological theories”.

    5. N. E. Pokrovsky “The universe of loneliness: sociological and psychological essays” (this book describes in detail the essence of E. Durkheim's approach to such a complex social phenomenon as suicide).

    6. S. M. Inshakov “Foreign criminology: a textbook” (various approaches to crime analysis, including the sociological approach, are considered).�

    7. V. N. Kudryavtsev “Social deviations: an introduction to general theory”

    8. E. Shur ” Our criminal society. Social and Legal sources of Crime in America”.

  2. Classics-Durkheim and Merton. Relatively modern – Gilinsky and Sheregi, Zmanovskaya, Pozdnyakova. Gilinsky wrote more on criminology, Sheregi on youth, and Hunger on prostitution.

    If you are interested in a specific topic, then you can download abstracts from the Internet and view the list of references, not forgetting to read about the authors.

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