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  1. When Dmitry Larin tries to explain certain psychological phenomena – I often want to become a video blogger and call him to account for the things he publicly said, in terms of academic psychology (theoretical basis) – this character has knowledge below the level that Wikipedia can give, and this, in turn, may be due to the fact that he interprets theoretical knowledge for a more popular presentation, but, unfortunately, distorts the content of this knowledge. The first video that caused me larinasia (Larin intolerance) was the video “Larin vs Freudian”, I myself, being a follower of the psychodynamic paradigm, could hardly restrain my angry urges due to the degree of distortion of the interpretation of psychological knowledge.�

    He definitely can't be trusted.

  2. The fact that he is smart is an illusion.

    But the fact that they are smarter than their viewers is a fact, because with the crumbs of information they transmit to their viewers, they complete the image as if they have learned everything.

    Regarding the question, I can say that he is reading (or has read), and did not ask questions about what others read.

    Don't create icons for yourself.

  3. Larin has a couple of videos about what books are worth reading (youtube.com) and which ones, in his opinion, are not worthy of your time (youtube.com).

    I'll agree with the answer above: it's definitely smarter than its audience. At the same time, most of the ideas for commercials are drawn from popular psychology and science. Or sucked out of your finger and very nicely served. He is 27, but, as you can see, he is still in search of himself, he thinks 15.

    This is my personal opinion. I enjoy watching him wobble in every video.

  4. I can't say that Larin is too smart. As someone who watched his videos for a year, I can say that he definitely read basic books on psychology, biology, but I doubt that he is an expert in this.

  5. Information from Dmitry's video ” 10 inspiring books “

    Glover-Stop Being a Nice Guy

    George Carlin – The future is not what it was before

    Charles Bukowski-Women

    Christopher Frith-Brain and Soul

    The brain tells us what makes us human

    The Old Testament


    Kerouac – On the Road

    Hunter Thompson – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

    King Larry – How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

    Sagan Karl-Cosmos

  6. Larin has never positioned himself as a person who has learned the essence of the universe, especially since he did not call himself an intellectual, he is an ordinary intellectual with increased creative abilities, and those who raise him to the Absolute are far mistaken.

  7. In fact, the subject does not represent anything, it has a very poor vocabulary, but it tries to compensate for this with words that have recently been spied in pedevikia, and it does not matter whether they relate to the topic of discussion or not, the main thing is to show the presence of mosca. An extremely high ESR, combined with a total denial of authority, lowers him to the level of a typical high school student, however, even in terms of chronological age, he is not far from it. Outwardly, a rather contradictory personality: on the one hand, he looks like a skinny nerd student, on the other-he looks like a forty-year-old drunk. He believes that everyone is a vegan from birth, citing the length of the intestine as a scientific argument, completely forgetting about the non-ruminant structure of the jaws, a simple predatory stomach and the omnivorous nature of monkeys: for example, chimpanzees eat not only beetles, but also smaller animals. CHSH, sabzh Institute never finished (c) Lurk

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