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  1. Strange needs you have ) Although everyone struggles with boredom as much as they can…

    In this issue, it is necessary to single out not books, but authors. There are authors who specialize in thrash – if you mean thrash is the intention to shock, break the pattern, plunge into emotional chaos: Palahniuk, Kesey, some things Sorokin.

  2. Ksenia, good afternoon. Mind-altering books are books that you read and saw something for yourself from such an angle that it changed your view of the world or yourself. In other words, these are books that have something to say about you. If you have read a book and it has changed your consciousness, it is a book that changes your consciousness. Another person may not be able to change it. Not books change consciousness, but the person himself changes it (or does not change it). We are all very different. Since I am a psychologist and I know that a direct question from a client is not exactly what they want to know, let's find out what exactly you wanted to know when you asked me this question. What are the options: Elena, do you think that if I read a book about the edge of insanity, it will change my consciousness? This is an open question and there is a direct answer to it: read a book, see body responses, get an answer. There is another option: Elena, I want to change my mind, what books do you personally recommend me to read and I will throw some psychotherapeutic masterpieces. In general, the consciousness is changed by psychotherapy and I do not get tired of inviting everyone to go through it, because this is the most elegant gift to yourself-getting to know yourself. This is a fascinating journey into the depths of the unconscious. Thanks for the question.

  3. Not straight “madness-madness”,but a nasty aftertaste leaves:

    1. John Fowles “The Collector”

    2. Poppy Bright, “The Exquisite Corpse”

    3. Chuck Palahniuk “Ghosts”

  4. I know it's too late, but I would also recommend the books of the series “The 13th Universe” by Mikayami Goro (well, there: “Crow”, “Fan”, “Patient”, “Detective”, “Office”, “Hunter”, “End”, “Pathfinder”). This, I'll tell you, is definitely not the edge of insanity, but insanity itself. These books are imbued with merciless gloom, hatred of everything human (but at the same time the hope that true humanity is kindness and light), they are heavy in the atmosphere, and the characters in them are very much immersed in themselves and therefore psychotic, ugly on the outside, ugly at heart. These books aren't trying to scare you. They try to drive the reader crazy, because the author himself, to put it mildly, is not from a healthy environment. From what I've heard, he's sick with something serious.

    I read the first three books of the series with difficulty, but for some reason I liked it. The fact is that misanthropy and thrash are just tools there. People reveal their true feelings in crazy and violent situations – these books are an example of that. I love psychology, and Mikayami Goro's books didn't just immerse me in it, they broke the pattern. They are romantic in their own way, and their main message is hope for the best, for light in human hearts, faith in human reason and love.

    After reading The Raven, I changed my mind about some things. It's become easier, or something…

  5. Maybe the book “Elizabeth: Wife, Mother, prostitute”will cheer you up? Book. In me, for example, no book has ever left any trace. How can you feel something for fictional people?

  6. The Bible.After reading it, you will feel that you are,to put it mildly,being held for a single-celled lobotomite, which needs to be kept on a paper leash, with a history of two thousand years.

  7. Leo Tolstoy's “Resurrection” does not leave a heavy mark, but it undoubtedly changes the consciousness. Although, heavy stuff is also present there. In short, I advise you..

  8. The most relevant thing today, in my opinion, is “Brave New world”. This book, a modern dystopia, is worth reading. Just what you're looking for, and the heavy trail, and the madness, and the substitution of consciousness. By the way, if you haven't decided where to start yet, you can watch a short video on Yandex. Efir https://yandex.ru/efir/?stream_id=vK2uO4RyrV4A (brave new world) and https://yandex.ru/efir/?stream_id=vuT1Rp0KohSA (1984). By the way, don't forget Orwell's Animal Farm. It is impressive that the whole plot of “Animal Farm” can be transferred to real events, to the current reality. Orwell, of course, is still such a “Wang”. Not everyone will like the book, but it's worth reading. If in doubt, I advise you to watch the book first briefly in the video https://yandex.ru/efir/?stream_id=vDxL6xy0rmCI and then decide for yourself.

  9. Are you sure you want to change your mind? Then you buy all Castaneda's books, close your phone for the entire vacation at home and read. Consider the first two drug ads as a way to discourage shallow readers, they are not drug ads.
    After reading it, it will become easier to read Pelevin, they strongly overlap. It will become easier with linguistics, and manipulation in advertising will become more transparent. Well, this is so, offhand consequences. This is if the roof hasn't moved away.

  10. Memoirs of Geisha Arthur Golden, you can read Flowers in the attic of Virginia Andrews. Both books are based on real events! Nothing else comes to mind!

  11. Read, please, Mother of Man Pristavkina.I highly recommend it.The book will really make you look at the world differently .After all, when you see the suffering of others,even your own seem like nothing.

  12. I recommend paying attention to the latest novels of Philip K. Dick, in particular Valis. I don't promise a heavy trail, but they convey the feeling of insanity completely. Perhaps they even quite well step over its edge, and represent the stream of consciousness of an almost insane person.�

    And about the fierce depression-the Japanese masters say this. I can recommend Osama Dazai, Yukio Mishima, Ryunosuke Akutagawa from someone else's words, but I didn't check it myself, because I already have enough depression in my life.

  13. * Yes, undoubtedly Burgess's A Clockwork Orange.

    * You can also read Golding's Lord of the Flies

    * Markus Zusak's “Book Thief” doesn't spare any feelings.

    Kafka is also always helpful.


    Enjoy your reading.

  14. Read Hugo, Dostoevsky (or any Russian classics), Pelevin, Palahniuk, famous philosophers.

    In general, absolutely any book leaves a certain “trace”, otherwise why did they write them?

  15. I'm not a fan of reading such things, but rather watching them in the form of a movie, and even then not always. But I can still recommend A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess.

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