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  1. I think that a clear worldview can do this. A person should look at the philosophy of the Stoics: change your attitude to things, because it makes a person unhappy; start striving for those goals that are preferable and possible.

    I can't (nowadays) completely change my genes and body, but I can take care of my health. I can't become rich and famous in a short period of time (there are exceptions), but I can set myself a worthy goal and go to it. In the language of M. Heidegger, you need to make your life authentic.

  2. The essence of a person cannot be changed. Ideally, its entity has already been created. It is another matter that a person in his development has become acquainted experimentally only with small fragments of his essence.

    The essence of a person, for example, is written on a poster, and the poster is on the other side of a wide river.. Can you see it from the other side? The closer you get, the bigger the letters on the poster will get. And one day you will read it.

    It's not about changing your essence, but about understanding it: who you are, where you came from, and where you're going.

  3. If something is inherent in a person, it will necessarily manifest itself due to circumstances.

    The essence is hidden under a disguise. The mask fuses with the person , and others admire the creative historian, professional teacher and good citizen.

    But, to kill and dismember a loving graduate student, could only be a soulless, self-loving sadist, who for a long time hid his essence from prying eyes.

    In situations where it was possible to be a simple observer, suddenly a person rushes into a flooded bus and pulls children and adults out of the deadly trap.

    Something pushes a person, forcing him to reveal his essence.

  4. If we take into account the desire of a person only one thing, namely Repentance! Conscious understanding of your own mistakes, recognizing them, and correcting them. But you should understand that the error must be completely removed, and rewritten again, at one time or another, it must be very neat and beautiful. If the majority have an understanding in admitting personal guilt, and even the courage to admit it. Then the situation with the prescription is much worse. So the whole format of repentance, correctly reproduced by the individual in full, can radically change a person. With respect.

  5. A person always changes only himself. No external conditions, no people and circumstances automatically change a person. It is always up to the individual to decide whether to change or not. Become better or worse, kinder or angrier, develop or degrade, fight or fight

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