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  1. Tears are one of the reactions of a person. The default response is strong, and it's hard to ignore or ignore it. Tears loudly signal to others: “I feel bad!”. And others respond to tears with some kind of reaction. Historically, the most common response is sympathy, whether real or at least an imitation of it. But there are other possible responses: anger, aggression, confusion, guilt, fear and panic, and something else.

    The question was about anger. Why can this happen? For example, just because of the fear that the situation has become unmanageable. Or in the life experience of a man, there were episodes of communication with women who manipulated him or other men with the help of tears. Or the man does not know how to express emotions himself and does not like it when others do it in his presence – and he is so uncomfortable to be in such a situation that he tries to stop it at all costs. Or it happened at some very dangerous moment, when there is no way to comfort and calm down, but it is necessary to act urgently. Or a man by nature is very bad about any manifestations of weakness. Or… In general, there can be a lot of ” or ” s. And every time it turns out that for some reason, the “button” that should trigger a sympathetic reaction in response to tears works somehow differently.

  2. The context. From the point of view of psychology, such a fact does not exist – there are specific situations with a specific context where you can observe such a reaction. He may feel powerless and therefore angry. Or be annoyed that the girl needs to be calmed down, which means you can not distance yourself from her feelings. We have to join in and empathize, and for many men this is still a test, because often we restrain our emotions and do not like whining.

  3. Because he was taught from childhood that only girls cry, and you are a man!, and now all this comes to the surface , or he just realized that sowing an hour is often a way of manipulation, you can't beat a woman and make her cry, no matter what she does, well, yes.

  4. I am not a man, but since I can also be annoyed by a woman's tears, I will answer.

    Context is important. I'm sorry, but if she roars “you don't love me” because of some nonsense like “you didn't buy me beads, you forgot about mom's birthday, you're missing all day at work, you don't love me at all”, then there's nothing to sympathize with.

  5. Probably because a crying person looks extremely unattractive, even repulsive. And of course, because tears are mostly manipulated, put pressure on pity and force you to do what you don't want. And also because men from childhood are instilled with a negative attitude towards tears in relation to themselves, and it is difficult for them to imagine that for someone this behavior can be ordinary and normal.

  6. Well, it means that samchaga is really sentimental.

    In general, it's like a woman has 3 weak points: flowers, jewelry and the bridge of her nose.

    And here is tipanya not can immediately dokumekat with what his Matilda tear lets loose, from what and gets mad, you OK, babekhi, will your, like on nonsense bother, and us then raskhlebyvat for you. The most bespontovo thing is that sometimes you can't even explain why you're going to shit.

    And Kent hates it so much, just because he can't help, well, not at all. He can and wants to sympathize there, comfort, tyr-pyr, but it's like pulling a tiger by the whiskers.

    That's what makes him feel like a sucker, since he can't do anything about it. Here and aggressive-passive method is suitable, you are angry at yourself, from the fact that your female is helpless, and you yourself are not able to help.

    He hugged me.

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