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  1. If you are completely unprincipled, then devote your life to me. I can become quite a multi-faceted idol for you, give you my ideas and guide you on an unfathomable path. You won't be bored if you find some followers of my personality cult. Praise me, and I will praise you, and great things will be waiting for us, and together we will make this world more favorable. By the way, those who have dedicated their lives to me will not be restricted by harsh refusals, abstinences, or even have to suffer. I will bring precious meaning to your lives and take care of your emotional experiences. Under my leadership, you can become creators and inventors. Moderate hedonism, humanity, militancy and idealism are warmly welcomed. With love, your idol is Yaroslav.

  2. What can I dedicate my life to?

    Search for truth, search for meaning

    Search for truth, search for meaning

    Search for truth, search for meaning

    Search for truth, search for meaning

  3. Everyone decides for themselves. You can't ask someone else. One will say: “nothing, live for your own pleasure”, another will say: “in our time, you need to try to devote yourself to science”, a third will say: “There is a God, and we must serve him.” Everyone has a certain set of makings and skills, everyone has their own dreams and thoughts. I can only advise you to reflect on this topic with yourself, ask yourself: “What do I want from this one life?” (and then I impose a little atheism). Most often, we can't say definitely: “This one”, because life is changing, life is the present, not the future, you can't predict everything. I would say this – to live for your own pleasure, to do what you like, to be yourself, to live as your conscience dictates. This is my opinion, and it may change. I am sure that interest and pleasure are the engines of human progress, because no one forced great scientists to make discoveries – they were interested in doing science. An athlete will not become good or outstanding if he does not enjoy his own kind of work.�

    The pilot will not take off, and if he takes off , he will not sit down, if he is afraid of heights , I exaggerate a little for thought 😉

  4. You can devote your life to yourself.

    You can devote your life to your loved ones.

    You can devote your life to business.

    You can devote your life to humanity.

    You can devote your life to 140 characters…

  5. each person is different, as well as his purpose, in order to understand what to devote your life to, you need to understand what your soul is striving for, what you are doing well, what brings joy and is the work of a lifetime.

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