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  1. I think I should notice him and make it clear to him. That you are a witness to his life, that you care about him, even if only for a very short time. And that in this remark you are interested in him, and not your beautiful / terrible fantasies about him.

    And that by noticing his presence, you treat him with respect. And to myself.

    • – You accidentally came up with what I think is a projective question. Respondents, like me, will reveal THEIR idea of happiness. But … Yes. I think that what I wrote is true about exactly what one person can do universally for the happiness of some other person, an acquaintance or a stranger…
  2. Obviously, you can ask him this question and do what you can. After all, everyone has a very different concept of happiness. I don't think that one universal recipe will suit everyone.

    The best thing is to make yourself happy.

  3. You can give me a large sum of money without any knowledge and in such a way that I do not feel that I am infringing on you.
    I assure you, I will be happier.
    Or a harem of girls to fit me. not as great as the money, but not bad either.

    Evgeny Yakovlev is right – this is a projective question.

    To be honest, making someone happy is hard and very easy at the same time.

    It is easy to please a person – there is food for this, condidetra products, cute trifles and so on.

    But some dream to realize… To do this, you need to know the person. what he wants, HOW he wants it, and so on.

  4. Learn to bring a person moral satisfaction, because it is the desire to speak out that is considered one of the important conditions for a full life.

  5. Be yourself happy,you have troubles, survive them without tantrums, if it really came flooding in, shout with yourself alone, and do not forget how bad it was for you,so as not to make such situations to others.At least one person is not offended,the world will be one happier person.And if you are cheekily called to a scandal, look for a reason to leave,and it is better to have no reason at all, turn around and go, and your heart will be calm and the brawler will remain with his nose.

  6. Give him something that you can do without and that will not disrupt your lifestyle. Whether it's feelings or monetary support, help, or conversation. The main thing is not to do it at a loss, or you will fail yourself and then you will not be able to help other people in need.

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