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  1. a person can simply not pay attention to it, and when we do not concentrate, we do not remember certain information, everything is simple. This person is not interested in the celebrities they are told about. And when they make an emphasis, then attention is focused and everything is tip-top.

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  2. I'll speak for myself. It's not that I can't remember celebrities, but I have trouble remembering names, addresses, dates, phone numbers – in short, any unrelated information. Even to remember the PIN code, I have to get out of it, coming up with some kind of pattern for four digits, four, Karl! I couldn't remember the names of the teachers at school for years, for years Karl!

    Apparently, the choice of specialty is connected with this: it is impossible to deduce Pushkin's date of birth, but the theorem can be done even in the exam if you at least roughly remember the course of the proof.

  3. Many people have so-called cognitive distortions and “blind spots” of the brain, and very often not realized. We also don't notice blind spots in our own eyes (and everyone has them, this is the place where the optic nerve attaches to the retina).

    So far, these violations do not prevent a person from living and contacting society, as E. Malysheva says: “This is the norm!”

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