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  1. It depends on what you want to see in the end. I give my selection of rather little-known cartoons that are unlikely to be in the top of the ratings, but nevertheless worth attention. (It's pretty damn inconvenient to attach from your phone, so I'll limit myself to the list.

    1. Memories of the future. Three short stories from Japanese animation in the dystopian genre, plot and style are not connected, so you can watch in any sequence. No, this is not a canonical anime, but,, cannon city,, and does resemble Soviet animation.

    2. Adventures of Fritz the cat. An old full-length cartoon for adults, produced in the USA. Tons of black and vulgar humor, political satire and outright banter. Of the minuses-slightly tightened. The cartoon also has a sequel,, nine lives of Fritz the Cat,,, but it's frankly shittier than the first part.�

    3. Akira. Very old full-length anime already 88goda release(if my memory does not sleep with another). Dynamic plot, interesting style and yes, dystopia again.

    4. Werewolves.(late 90s) Another full-length Japanese cartoon, a dark alternative story and a love drama to some extent. Realistic style, great music, the plot is banal, alas.

    5. Wizards is another old full-length cartoon from the United States. A hybrid of fantasy and post-apocalypse. It is extremely long-winded and politicized, but it is incredibly impressive.

  2. My favorite animated series of my childhood is Spider – Man (1994-1998). Reviewed on videotapes on the video countless times))) I didn't like any other comic book cartoons that much.

    Favorite cartoons:
    Zootopia, Puzzle, Valley, Lion King, Rapunzel, Frozen Heart, Ice Age, Kung Fu Panda.

  3. When I have nothing to watch, I turn on Smesharikov. I've loved this cartoon since I was a kid. In my opinion, this is the best modern Russian cartoon. Each episode has a deep meaning.

  4. I am deeply shocked that no one has advised you to live with Louis. I grew up watching this cartoon. Or, more precisely, I'm still growing on it, because only 2 days ago I had breakfast under the “Damn Dozen”. I've probably been watching it for 12 years now. As far as I can tell from my information bubble, he won the national love of people from 89 to 97 years of birth.�

    This cartoon is at least three-level. There are moments only for children, there are only for adults, and there are points of contact. My mother and I liked to watch it together, because we felt a certain rapprochement through the screen. And there is humor, and not just * funny*. And it is still relevant. What is called immortal. �

    In general, I have a feeling that this film has some kind of hypnotic effect. Everyone who watches Louis and loves him becomes much more adequate. I personally test people by asking them if they like Life with Louis. I trust the answers to this question more than any psychological test.

  5. From what, like, did not write, I'm sorry if I repeat:�

    Tim Burton as Frankenweenie, The Corpse Bride. Burton makes magical films and cartoons, where the real world is boring and gray, and the afterlife is colored and full of songs and dances.�

    Henry Selick as Coraline in Nightmare Land, The Nightmare before Christmas. I think they're connected to Burton. Selik has puppet cartoons, but this is even more exciting.�

    Roman Dirg-Lenore: The Little Dead Girl. This is for an amateur, but for my taste it is beautiful�

    Don Hall, Chris Williams-City of Heroes. Classic Disney cartoon about friendship, love and responsibility. Very nice.

  6. I am surprised that no one has yet recommended the” Little Prince ” 2015-2016 (I don't remember exactly) year of release. Wonders of the layout of several types of animation and the most urgent problems, filled with a good sound.

  7. I recommend cartoons by Armenian animator Robert Sahakyants based on Armenian fairy tales. Incredible, colorful, psychedelic cartoons that do not put pressure on the brain, but leave a deep impression.

    So, as a child, there was a cartoon on the tape “Wow, talking fish!”, which just blew my childhood imagination, because I had never seen such a thing on TV.

  8. The question expresses a desire to move from isolated cases to a more extensive acquaintance with the culture of animation. Here you can recommend

    • Annecy Festival Cartoons

    • Robocyp – if you don't understand any scenes, please review the corresponding original.

    • read more awn.com

  9. I will try to name not individual works, but animated directors, whose every work is worthy of viewing: these are classics of the genre.

    First of all, every animation lover should see all the works of the brilliant Russian animator Alexander Petrov, which are made in a highly artistic technique: “finger painting”, which is incredibly time-consuming, but gives rise to a completely new film language. And yes, this is the same Petrov who won an Oscar for his animated short film “The Old Man and the Sea”.

    You should also mention Priit Pärn, an Estonian animator whose style and freedom to express ideas define their time, so they are now little known to anyone. Very careless, almost caricatured style of Pärn's drawing, very well combined with the grotesque and black humor of his work.

    A more “classic” director, who stands at the origins of cinema, is Alexander Alekseev. He is the inventor of another unique technique: the “needle screen”. Alekseyev's tapes, almost a century old, will seem archaic and imperfect, but they are really worth paying attention to.

    You can also name the well-known Yuri Norstein, who has a well-known “Hedgehog in the Fog”, but I love his deeper and more perfect work: “Fairy Tale of Fairy Tales”, which, undoubtedly, can be called the pinnacle of his work.

    At the end, I will mention the French animator Rene Lalu, who is the only one of all the directors listed here who shot full-length films, but if there are a lot of short films from Pärn, Alekseev, Petrov and Norstein, then Lalu has only three full-length films, but each one is also worth watching.

  10. Wonderful 10-episode Over the garden hill (On the other side of the garden fence) already recommended?

    And another animated series from Alex Hirsch and Disney Channel-Gravity Falls

  11. I highly recommend such multi-part films as:

    Adventure Time

    The Amazing World of Gumball

    Samurai Jack (Season Five, March 11)

    Bojack Horse

    Or an incredibly good anime of ' 98-Cowboy Bebop.

  12. flying ship is a very good kind positive cartoon. or all parts of богат heroes this cartoon is liked by our whole family funny kind teaches good in the end

  13. The last thing that impressed me was Coco's Secret.

    A wonderful animated film, and not even for children at all. Although you can also use it to explain life and death issues to children. Highly recommend it!

  14. “Once upon a time there was a dog” of course!
    �This kind and touching cartoon will not leave indifferent even viewers who do not understand the language. Good, high-quality cartoon

  15. “The case of the artist”. A delightful sur, albeit Soviet-propagandistic. An excellent example of how to turn zakazukha into a masterpiece with the help of Aesop's language.

  16. All the cartoons of the studio�Ghibli, classics, perhaps the best full-length anime are made by this studio. Even if you haven't watched the anime or don't like it, you won't regret it. Also from full-length anime I recommend:

    1) “5 centimeters per second”

    2) “Garden of Fine Words”

    3) “Beyond the clouds”

    4) “Catchers of forgotten voices”

    5) “Grave of Fireflies”

  17. # Idiots and angels. My favorite cartoon.

    A dark comedy about “a man's struggle for”his soul. An angel, a selfish and “morally devastated” person, wakes up one morning and “discovers wings behind” his back. He�tries to hide them, but�in the end, all�bar Bart, where�the hero spends the time to learn about�their existence and�begin to laugh at�ridiculous spikes.

  18. My personal top animated masterpieces that I try to show to everyone who comes to visit me.

    Scary perestroika cartoon “Potets” based on Vvedensky's poems, the meaning of which was recently discussed on TheQuestion with the screenwriter.


    Very scary Soviet cartoon “There will be a gentle rain ” based on the short story of the same name by Ray Bradbury.


    Anti-war cartoon “Polygon“, shot in the advanced technique “fotografika” based on the fantastic story of Severus Gansovsky.


    Another unusual Soviet cartoon “Battle” based on the short story of the same name by Stephen King.


    Two-part Perestroika cartoon “Geon Vampires ” based on the short story “The Vampire of Geinomius”by Gennady Tishchenko. A legend from the 90s!


    Another legendary Soviet crypt-cartoon “Pass” based on the story of Kir Bulychev, shot in psychedelic technique.


    And this is just a brief introduction to the masterpieces of Soviet animation – and how many more interesting things there are! In general, I believe that we should be proud of these cultural achievements, and not rattle weapons. And finally, I will publish overseas pearls that I personally dug up on the Internet, so that you do not think that I am a padded jacket from the world of cartoons.�

    Stunning independent American artist from Philadelphia Anthony Francisco Schepperd. I highly recommend watching his work in this video, edited by craftsmen from five video clips. In all his works – a huge pile of meanings that are solved only after a few views.


    And another work of the famous German animator Andreas Hykade in the West. I advise you to Google his other cartoons, but I personally like this one the most.


    «Trio from Belleville – – a touching French full meter, caressed by critics and received a lot of awards. You can definitely watch it with the whole family – don't let it scare you, it's an eternal masterpiece for all time.�


    Fierce full meter “Fire and Ice “(Fire and Ice or “Ice and flame”) – directed by Ralph Bakshi and written by Frank Frazetta in the dark fantasy genre, released in 1983. Filmed in the technique of rotoscopy, there is eroticism and dismemberment.


    From the mainstream, I recommend the puppet full-meter “Peerless Mr. Fox“, shot by Wes Andersen “in his atmosphere”. You can also use the whole family, everything is clear here.


  19. The animated series “Rick and Morty”

    A masterpiece of the satirical TV animation genre. Smart, but damn funny!

    The main characters of the new animated series are, as you might guess from the name, Rick and Morty. Rick is an alcoholic, cynic, sociopath, misanthrope. A brilliant inventor, for whom assembling a robot or any incredible gadget is a trivial matter. Grandfather may be a jack of all trades, but even he needs a loyal squire who will unquestioningly fulfill any request. Morty is his grandson. He is fourteen, so because of his age, he is still stupid, naive and has a whole bunch of complexes. The eternal “guinea pig” of experiments with your beloved grandfather.

    Each episode is another space odyssey. Heroes move between planets and other realities. It's like “South Park” only more global. There is a lot of absurdity and a lot of vulgar jokes. The authors make fun of everything from individual films (“The Beginning”, “Titanic”) to famous fantasy universes. Excellent satire, great humor, awesome characters.


  20. I'm 22 years old, I love cartoons ) They didn't say what age they are needed for, so I'll write down everything I can remember. (vkusovschina)

    1)�The Emperor's Adventures

    2) Balto

    3) Valley

    4) Zootopia

    5) Monster Corporation

    6) Ralph

    7) Polar express. Strange, but the atmosphere is there.

    8)�Beauty and the Beast

    9)�Road to El Dorado

    10)�The Nightmare before Christmas

    11) Titan: After the Destruction of the Earth

    12) Atlantis: The Lost World

    If you are interested in the anime genre, then:

    Full-length video:

    1)�Princess Mononoke

    2)�Spirited Away

    3) The Walking Castle


    1) Steel Alchemist

    2) Steiner's Gate

    3) Masters of the Sword

    4) Proxy

    5) Gias Code

    6) The city I'm not in

    7) Abandoned bunny

    8) Darker than black

    Everything I could remember.

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