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  1. I had a big-girl complex. I was tall all the time, but at the age of 16 something went completely wrong and my height became a wild complex for me. Thank God I was cured. But for the thoughtlessly lived days in tears and doubts it is still a shame…

  2. And since I was a child, the bone on my arm is so thin, like a child's, it can easily be wrapped around. For a very long time and strongly complexed that I even played football in a long-sleeved jacket, in the very sun, to the point of weakness and terrible sweat. Now I accept the lightness of my hand as my advantage in sports, in life.

  3. I've had a terrible habit of picking my own fingers since I was a kid, so my fingertips aren't very pretty, they're a little swollen and red. And this sometimes bothers me a lot, but I can't stop my habit. I tried to play with the rubber band, crumple the plasticine, but it was useless.

  4. That I'm a virgin and I've never had anything for love. Therefore, it is necessary to indiscriminately accuse all those who have sex of immorality

  5. I don't like my nose (I think it's like a potato, but still smooth and thank you for that), pimples that don't go away for a long time and nothing helps from them, my hair curls by itself, and the humidity is even stronger, I don't like my figure (a heavier bottom, plus a convex ahem fifth point). I also hate myself for having a hard time getting in touch, it's hard for me to find friends, when someone starts communicating with me, I think it's either banter or for selfish purposes

  6. I suffer from a mild neurological disorder, and manual operations are difficult to perform. I can't tie my shoelaces properly, for example. In life, it almost does not interfere, but sometimes I feel wild discomfort – in such years I can not tie my shoelaces!

  7. I always think I'm fat. If I really am not fat, then fat lyakhs, and in general cellulite and stretch marks.�

    And of course, an inferiority complex. Not smart enough, not pretty enough, not enough.

    Sucks, how to deal with it at all?

  8. At this point in my life, I have no complexes, and now I will explain why.�

    When I was in the 10th grade, there were a lot of complexes. I always thought I was ugly: the nose is too big, the lips are too thin, the earlobes are different, or something else. Then there was an incident that radically forced us to reconsider these “complexes”: I was involved in an accident where, among other injuries, I suffered a broken nose, a laceration to my upper lip, and – you won't believe it – a serious ear tear. When I saw myself in the mirror for the first time after that, I burst into tears and said: “God, I was so beautiful and stupid!”�

    Almost 10 years have passed, the scar on my face is almost invisible, my ear was sewn up, my loved one accepted me for what I am. Love yourself (in moderation), accept and appreciate what nature has given you!

  9. I have naturally yellow teeth and therefore I always watch how I smile, how I talk. No, they're strong and healthy, but that damn yellowness doesn't go away even with teeth whitening.

    Complex due to the fact that burr. And go to hell with those who think it's cute.

    And I have a problem with my right eye for the last 8 months. They say that the tone of the facial nerve is lost. And this, believe me, does not make anyone happy. I look like a monster from the children's manual : one eye is normal, and the other is rolled out, and even squints.

    Everything, it seems.

  10. As a child, I looked, let's just say, not like other children. Protruding lower jaw(the dislocation was severe, beaten up in childhood), stooped, and a terrible face.
    It bothered me, and I had a very strong complex about my appearance. And no one was able to help me overcome it at that time. A person with a normal appearance will never understand us who are ugly. How many times my friends tried to support me, but damn, it was so funny to hear from my friend from kindergarten, the first beauty of the school, that appearance is not the main thing ahahaha)))
    Then I realized that it is not black/white/blue people, but rather ugly people who are most discriminated against in society. Especially ugly girls. And it is hushed up by everyone.
    But with age, all this has somehow disappeared. After the 9th grade, I didn't steam at all. I went to boxing and beat everyone who tried to joke with me. They stopped instantly.
    When I went to university, any ridicule because of the appearance of anyone disappeared altogether, not seriously already somehow.

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