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  1. This is an impenetrable jungle. I'll try theses. That this is not a man is quite obvious, although the artists here have shat a lot, depicting a hefty bearded man. However, the Greeks began, the Egyptians before them, the Phoenicians before them, and it turns out an interesting thing that the first artists did not depict God, but something that they took for him and correlated with man. I have some guesses as to what it might have been, but why speculate? God is not a man, and He Himself says this unequivocally. And it's not alive. Nothing living can have the qualities inherent in It. It is something that exists in everything. And this entity can only be organized energy (this is what we can imagine, in fact something much more complex). Why not a car? Science fiction writers have been describing such cars for a long time. But the problem is that a machine, by definition, must have a creator. So, if God is a machine, then the thing that exists forever, INHERENT in nature, is absolute. What it is, because it can't be any other way. The machine is so highly organized that we call it super intelligence (although I personally doubt that God has intelligence in our understanding, it is too simple-our mind – and is susceptible to liberties and mistakes.) Where did the idea of a car come from? It seems that in the age of Enlightenment, sane believers understood everything I said before, but they have not yet reached quantum physics. And when an incomprehensible , indestructible, all-powerful monster in the form of a steam locomotive appeared before them, some associations arose, maybe Darwin's theory led people to think that the pinnacle of the evolution of a steam locomotive is God?

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