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  1. Since I am a manager, my favorite method of solving any complex problems is risk hedging. In common parlance, this is called “it is better to get over than not get enough”. Therefore, if I have a difficult task (and most often difficult = urgent), I try to involve as many teams as possible in the solution. In addition, I believe that in the creative industries, the most important thing is to focus on the problem. Actually, everything that develops attention should become an active method in life.

    In particular cases, I prefer to lead and direct the creative team. It is very important for me that everyone understands the task correctly. Then, if resources allow, we encourage the creative process by doing a simple exercise.

    In advertising, we use this technique to develop ideas. We write out two important words that we want to convey to the consumer in the ad. Then we come up with associations for these words (necessarily existing and existing objects), then combine two words from different rows. It turns out rather strange constructions that lead to unusual interesting images. This technique doesn't have a name. Leonid Feigin calls it “Frankenstein”

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