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  1. If we leave aside the banter about trading in black wood )), then the psychological criterion, strictly speaking, is one:

    what principles of behavior a person is guided by in a situation when others DO NOT know about his actions and DO NOT make their own assessments – positive or negative. That is, in a situation where the person himself is the only judge for himself.

    Thousands are capable of performing a heroic act in front of a crowd, and only a few are capable of performing a heroic act in obscurity.

    Most people won't risk stealing when they're being watched and caught. When not followed and caught, this intention will be abandoned, again, few.�

    This simple criterion works even in small details. When a gentleman in public in a tuxedo, and at home walks in long johns and a greasy T-shirt, when at the reception he holds a glass, putting his little finger aside, and at home he eats pasta directly from the pan-this is not a gentleman ))

  2. It seems to me that everyone has their own definition on this issue, but there may be something similar.

    Let's get started)

    I personally determine by the following criteria::

    1-literacy, education, being smart enough, no need to be a genius, but it is much more pleasant to maintain a dialogue with a developed person.

    2-personal qualities, character, everything should be in moderation, kindness(do not be too kind, but you need to be able to show kindness when it is needed, and so on) the ability to stand up for yourself, be responsible for your actions and words, do not be evil, although this is also necessary at certain times, be able to think.

    3-a formed personality, to be a person with their own interests, concepts, views on a particular topic.

    4-bad qualities(I'm not saying that a person should be without these qualities) but he should be able to control them, not to lie on the right and on the left, not to be harmful, not to have the habit of being impudent where it is not necessary, not to let go of his hands.

    I think that's all, I didn't describe everything, but I think they will add me here)

    All the best

  3. None at all. A person is not determined by price unless he is a slave, a corrupt politician/official, or a whore. A person is not defined by external criteria that society evaluates him, such as upbringing, literacy-education, honesty, appearance and such nonsense. A person should form their own criteria for themselves personally, and rely only on themselves for this. Everything else is just imposed constructs that interfere with self-actualization in one way or another.

  4. Price of a person.. let me think about it. Probably, when buying a person, I would pay attention to the development of muscles, the state of teeth and general health, his temper (we need meek and submissive) and intelligence – I would not take a smart one, not why. It's like being in the army: there's someone to think about, but no one to do it. It is also important that the reproductive function of the purchased unit is in order: you can always buy him a pair and stir up your small business.

  5. there aren't many of them

    -how much does a person keep his word

    • how much does he adhere to his principles

    -how does he behave when everything is going well

    – how does it lead when things go wrong

    – how and when it turns out better than good

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