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  1. I do not know what it is. I think we're talking about it more than it's actually happening. Because at all times, in different societies with different organizations, the percentage of people who are considered immoral by public morality does not change much. And it does not depend much on any incidental circumstances. So they said, for example, about Ancient Rome, but it was the most developed and progressive society of its time. I don't like this concept.

  2. Acceleration of gravity — the acceleration given to a body by gravity, while excluding other forces from consideration.

    Simply put, the rate of moral degradation directly depends on the severity of the sin.

  3. Significant personality changes don't happen out of thin air. They are always preceded by a push-a reason; no one is born a degraded, self-destructive person.

    Small children are very kind and sympathetic creatures, they are willing to work, can not live a day without creativity. They, imitating adults, readily accept our traditions: they wash, dress, try to eat carefully, etc.Л Laziness, irresponsibility, indifference-everything appears later, at a more adult age.�

    Something happens, and a person begins to feel that his life is a heavy cross; or lazy apathy overcomes and life loses its colors and everything important yesterday, today only hinders.

    People regress mostly for the same reasons.

    Alcohol and drugs

    The more poison, the faster the human form is lost. Dirty creatures with only one thought in their head – to get alcohol or drugs.�They are capable of stealing, killing, causing any harm and do not feel a drop of remorse or pity.

    Alcohol degradation is irreversible.Alcoholics who are not morally degraded do not exist. As soon as vodka (alcohol, beer, cognac – it doesn't matter) becomes necessary, it immediately becomes sufficient.


    Now it is sometimes called a lack of motivation and interest, and there are many interesting theories about this. For example, if a person creates conditions for work and creativity that correspond to his natural warehouse, then laziness will not remain in principle.

    There is a contradiction here: a person must find himself, and for this he needs mental work, which is already both development and a cure for degradation.

    So you need to stop being lazy, wake up and force yourself, and this is work. Humanity has survived thanks to labor, including spiritual labor.

    A special case of mental laziness is the degradation of the individual after retirement or job loss. A person finds himself alone with himself, but he has nothing to offer himself: the schedule, duties, responsibilities-everything remains at work and he finds himself in a vacuum. There is no spiritual strength to start life anew, and the personality gradually degrades.

    The tragedy

    Faced with an event so terrible that everything else, including your own “I”, fades into the background, a person can degrade. His body is alive, but his soul, as the people say, is ” dead.”

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