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  1. Interesting to think about), thank you.

    I find it hard to understand why adults make decisions over and over again that destroy their lives and relationships, harm their health, share them with their own children, and so on.

    While not attempting to attempt to change this.

    I can understand that young children do not have this opportunity, because they are small in stature and their life depends entirely on adults nearby, but adults… they have all the opportunities for development.

    However, many simply don't need it. That's what I can't understand).

  2. In my opinion, it is not possible to learn and understand people completely! The whole point is that we can study ourselves all our lives, and what to say about others… Self-knowledge is a direct path to understanding not only yourself, but also the people around you, as we are all naturally social and improve and grow through interaction with others, which means we have a unique opportunity to understand not only ourselves, but also those who are important to us. The only thing that is important to realize is that this is a long process, but at the same time incredibly interesting!

  3. Where did the love and respect go?!

    In my work, I often see that people have ceased to respect even themselves, because society dictates its own framework and they are rebuilt and turn faceless by their will. By the way, many people consider this the norm.

  4. For their long (not small) life activity. Initially, I sometimes noticed it, but somehow I explained it to myself. And over the years, the explanations turned out to be not convincing, although I honestly tried. But I still can't understand why people lie a lot (they don't tell the truth). Accordingly, creating a lot of problems for yourself. Even then-when the truth is much “more beautiful,” more attractive, there is no need to “lie” – even though this lie is “gray” – unattractive. Even supposedly there is an opinion that “the whole world rests on lies” – this is also a lie. Of course, there are a lot of reasons – not even to count. But there are just as many problems, even more, and we create them for ourselves. Sometimes he told the truth and caused a lot of problems. And sometimes just “lied” and at least shoot the series in several hundred episodes. Where is the logic? Or at least what is the benefit? Since from lying, in essence, you lose more, at least for yourself, than you gain.And no matter what – The Power is in the Truth ! Brother 2-Bodrov Jr.

  5. I don't understand how you can lie to yourself, claim a false fact, and pretend against your better judgment that it's true. This can only be explained by the fact that the person really wants it to be true.

  6. Considering that the shadow or reflection of consciousness is my own consciousness and it does not appear from any other source and is not limited to form, looking at the people around me as well, those with whom I am friends, friends and those for whom I am an enemy, so I could not understand what I am in:

    In those whom I look at or in those whom I experience (perceive) in myself.

    If in those whom I look at, then what do I care about them.

    If in those whom in myself I worry-really and I such.

    In general, I can't fully understand how people manage to be themselves and a mirror for others…

  7. Envy. Just this. And anger at other people, especially small children, some kind of unconscious fascism. Is it an intuitive desire to protect yourself, your ego? I just don't understand that about people.

    I'm sorry if I answered wrongly.

    Goodness. Good luck.

  8. Very often I make mistakes in people, They say one thing and do another. Most often, vego lies, is secretive, and is used for self-serving purposes. And here is psychology, to learn how to understand a lot and see the truth. When it's already so bad that there's nowhere to go to get help!

  9. I can't understand how they get into magi, especially black ones, or why they're not even afraid to sell out. After all, there is no blacker lie, plus the hidden violent manipulation of others. But there is only one answer-Everything is consciousness and its growth, and therefore it must also go against itself.

  10. There is no such thing, I can understand everything and everyone😁 the only exception is that I don't understand feelings for my brother or sister, such a family connection, what it is. I can't get into that skin. But this is not quite on the topic of the question 🤷 ♀ ️

  11. I still can't understand why the sad experience of others does not teach some people anything. Why should you try drugs when there is an example of the consequences of this muck? Why do they fall for the tricks of phone scammers “from the bank” again and again, when everywhere they talk and write about it, warn? Why don't they learn from other people's mistakes? That's what I don't understand.

  12. When people contradict themselves and cannot accept that a kind attitude is not an indicator of weakness, but an indicator of strength. Perception of a person because of his kindness as a search for “where is he a sucker” or “what does he need”, “this is clearly not just like that”.

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