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  1. Show determination in small things: think about where to go on a date, organize joint leisure time; approve plans if the girl agrees with them. As little as possible, say “whatever you want” (it's better to forget about it altogether) or “I don't know” in response to incoming offers. Try to take the initiative in solving small everyday problems, deal with the wrong receipt during a joint trip to the store, ask passers-by for directions, ask the minibus driver to stop at the right stop. This is universal. The main thing is not to overdo it and feel the line beyond which determination turns into brusqueness.

    If you come across a girl from whom you can hear the phrase ” a man should…”, then they demand from you what Maria wrote in her answer. However, ask yourself if you want to redraw your personality for the sake of a person who still will not appreciate it, unfairly considering it a “rag”.

  2. You know, there are a lot of factors and buts.A great deal depends on the primary effect and level of your relationship and your status,and I am now talking not only about material status ,but also in the totality of material and social .If you answer with all equal but, then determination can be shown in specific situations ,if you invited a girl where and at the same time consult where ,how and why ,then let's say this immediately indicates your lack of determination .Invited her where and you have to choose the place yourself .Show initiative in everything and at the same time look back on her opinion,while not forgetting the theoryPushkin that too much is not worth pampering girls with attention, no matter how much the female half says everywhere about the importance of abundant attention, this is all talk, you need to show that it is not manna from heaven for you, and then you know whether it will be difficult in a relationship, by the way,this is worth paying attention to even more than your determination ,this is

  3. First, do not forget that you are a man, which means that you are basically steering the situation. The man said-the man did. Try to talk less and just show your determination with your actions. Secondly, all responsible decisions in 80% of cases fall on the shoulders of men, do not forget about this. Decisions can relate not only to you, but also to the life of the girl sung in the question. Well, for the sweet three-do so that she would laugh and bask in your attention. The vat in which a woman puts attention to her is bottomless.

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