2 Answers

    1. About the past. In other words, they discuss events that have already occurred.

    2. They tell stories, whether personal or heard somewhere. You can discuss them and get a free life experience.

  1. About nothing. Most human conversations do not consist of sharing information, thoughts, and reasoning (or only a very small amount of it). The main part of communication between people takes place at the so-called pre-symbolic level and represents the simplest forms of social interaction (sniffing, licking, stroking or barking). One of the functions of speech in society is to prevent silence – in order not to be silent with each other and not to feel uncomfortable, we exchange words that do not matter: “Hello!”, “Hello”, ” How are you?”, “Norm”,”How are you?”, “Slowly”. There is practically no information in this dialog, and animals can also make such exchanges of reactions (although without the help of words). Most of our conversations are just a way to pass the time.

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