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  1. I turn on staircase wit, I remember that someone is wrong on the Internet and start mentally arguing with them. Diligently and very fiercely.

    This immediately spoils the mood, but I can't do anything about it: as soon as the brain is not busy, it immediately rushes into battle with imaginary opponents.

  2. At such times, I usually plan the next day/two days/week or, for example, a vacation. It's nice: I mentally pack my bags, plan a route to the airport, and think about what I'll do when I arrive. Sometimes I make a list of products that need to be bought, come up with new recipes, combinations of tastes, and just dream!..

  3. What is the meaning of life? Why am I riding the subway again?… Wait a minute! That old lady over there looked at me strangely, wondering what she thought of me. I don't care what she thinks of me, though… So what am I talking about? Ah! I remember! So why am I here? Again, a confluence of universal circumstances forced me to go in the subway car. I wonder if life is predestined or if we are predestining it ourselves? If it is predetermined, then we have no freedom of choice, but I can do anything I want right now, so it is not predetermined, but if it is predetermined, then how all the chaotic events led to the fact that I was born and grew up and am now riding in this subway car. You should definitely read something about it… Car number 7666. Is this an accident or a sign? I don't believe in numerology and all these combinations of numbers. I wonder what is the probability that I will get into this car again in the next month, year?… That old lady looked at me strangely again! What does she want with me? A new informant. It's slower than the old one. I wonder who these people are who voice the metro stations?… Oh I think it's my station… No, my next one… I wonder at what depth I am now? And under what building on the surface? I'd like to see the map… The old lady with the cart, who was looking at me so strangely, gets up and drags this cart across the whole car! Why does she need this cart? Why do grandmas need these carts? What do they carry there??? And why do they go so early and most importantly where?.. But what do I care?! … Half a carload of people of Caucasian nationalities, and they also say that there is an influx of migrants in Europe – this is how the media fog people's brains. I wonder why the media is so blatantly lying? Can't you tell the truth??? Although what I'm talking about – so everything is clear… This is definitely my station now. It's time to move to the exit…

  4. “So, OK, did I forget to think about continuity of homomorphisms from Toeplitz algebra to my technical algebra? Damn, then you will have to recalculate all the semi-norms on the generating components. On the Toeplitz algebra itself, this is not so terrible, but on its generalizations it is a hassle… So let's think about how insects could have evolved into something like a chicken, so that the wings turned out to be feathers, and the chitin turned out to be an internal skeleton. After all, Japan, despite the high culture of the Early Modern Period, could hardly have started the industrial revolution itself – the youth of the volcanic archipelago, although it gives fertile soils, nevertheless excludes the presence of rich deposits of metals and especially coal.”

    Something like that.

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