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  1. The idea that there is some common feature that allows you to change your life “for yourself” is a phantom, a deception. It is needed to sell people books and online courses “How to become successful”, the turnover of this market is estimated at billions of dollars. “Why can't everyone do that? Because you haven't bought or read my new book “How to Be Superman” yet!”))

    In reality, the process of human adaptation to life conditions is extremely individual. There are no universal recipes or special features that guarantee its success.

    However, in order for a person to be capable of this process in principle, he must: a) be aware of your real (and not imaginary) interests and set adequate achievable goals (aka freedom); b) extinguish negative emotions associated with possible mistakes and failures (aka don't care). By and large, this is a question of the culture of thinking.

  2. All people have this trait and it is called purposefulness, but everyone has different motivations. Everyone can change their life and only the person himself can!!! Not a doctor or a prosecutor or a neighbor, but the person himself. “You can't change your life overnight. But in one night, you can change the thoughts that will change your life forever. With respect.

  3. Awareness of your own evolutionary limitations (sinfulness), combined with a lack of frustration about it. First there must be love for the Creator and the universe, and then on this basis one's own will. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting bogged down in lawsuits with your pride and wasting your energy on this exhausting internal conflict.

  4. Everything that happens or doesn't happen to us comes from the brain. The common feature you are asking about is the coherence of three parts of the brain: the reptilian brain, the mammalian brain, and the neocortex (thinking brain). The neocortex is our thoughts, desires, and knowledge; the mammalian brain is only capable of feeling (love, resentment, and anger). A reptilian does not understand either the first or the second. He can only command: freeze, attack, run-if he sees danger.

    97% of people on the planet do not know how to negotiate with their subconscious. Mentally (this is our inner Parent), they understand that something is wrong in their life and want to change it. The Soul (inner Child) is eager for new experiences, wants to play and have fun, and not solve problems. But the reptilian one (ext. Adult) is responsible for survival, it does not need novelty. And he kind of sums it up: I won't let you change anything!

    That is why numerous attempts to change something based on willpower end in failure and return to the previous state.

  5. Artem, how� How easy do you think it is to change your life?�

    “… and if you are as stupid as a tree, you will be born a baobab tree and will be a baobab tree for a thousand years…”

    Motivations are all around us, but who will allow us to change the Divine program to a more comfortable one for the applicant?

    “Many invited, but few chosen.”

    Just be sure that your life program is written exclusively for you at this time and place.

    If you fail to comply, there will be good enough reasons to understand and accept all the conditions.

    In the event that the program is blocked by drug addiction, alcohol, or other bad actions, “as an admonition” is given: A CEC with nails for a thousand years or worse.

    But what is in your power, you will definitely have to pass and perform perfectly. Retakes are possible, but as you can see, the conditions will be much harder and harsher.

    So, no one, anywhere and under any circumstances can change their fate, unless for the worse.

  6. Willpower (CB) is one of the most important traits of a person's character, which he, as a person, consciously activates and directs to achieve the desired result.

    I will assume that there is a certain predisposition in the brain of a particular person to have more or less SV, through certain parts of the brain(the brain is probably the only thing that is not inherited genetically, but always individually-random).

    If we apply analogies, it is like a certain container that can be filled with SV. Provided that this capacity of the variable volume, i.e. SV can be trained and achieve good results even with unsatisfactory makings(small “volume of the vessel”).

    Thus, it turns out that one needs to spend less effort to fill the vessel, and the other not only needs to fill it, but also expand it. The third-with his hands down-throws everything out of weakness to expand the boundaries of the “vessel”, and sometimes laziness to fill the vessel.

  7. Such a person has a purpose.

    The higher the goal, the higher the person. And if the goal is really set and realized, then it is achievable. It is said that if a person has a goal, then the entire universe helps him achieve it.

    But setting a goal isn't as easy as it sounds. It's a matter of faith and belief. And this is the foundation of our worldview.

  8. Obsession.

    It seems to me that some restlessness, restlessness, “restlessness” or something, or, according to Mikhail Weller, energy surplus. Eternal thirst for novelty, change, new impressions and sensations, discoveries, knowledge of yourself and the surrounding reality. The motivation is to quench this thirst. “The fish is looking for where it is deeper, and the man is looking for where it is better.” I remember the finale of the film “Sannikov Land”, when the exhausted hero is driven by an aboriginal on a sleigh in a dog sled and says: and why, man, you are not easy to carry around the world…

    Sometimes, changes in life are forced by irreversible circumstances ,as they say, ” a fried rooster pecked in the ass.” It is very bad if these circumstances are tragic, for example, a serious illness, when a person cannot live in the old way in order to simply stay in this world. Или Or his home and habitual way of life are destroyed (war, natural disasters, or human malice), and then it's still good if things continue to develop according to the principle: there would be no happiness, but misfortune helped. Here you need, probably, emotional endurance, perseverance, or maybe just a philosophical view of things.

    I know cases from my own life experience and observations when people radically changed their lives out of mad love. I can't say for sure what the motivation was, it was more like insanity, a painful addiction, an inability to cope with my neurosis.

    There are people who don't have a sense of proportion. These people are obsessed with the thirst for profit, they are always and everything is not enough. Their motivation is greed, the desire to surpass others, burning them from the inside envy of someone else's wealth or success. And they are in the eternal pursuit of primacy not only for material goods,

    Why can't everyone? Well, everyone has different destinies, characters, mentality, opportunities..

  9. I think it requires the strength of the spirit and a ripe hatred of the old self. An example of this is my son, who until the age of 30 “played the fool” (as he himself puts it), got a gambling addiction and put on 130 kg of weight. When my son finally came to hate the fat, lazy face in the mirror, he went to the gym, went on a diet, and started learning English. Now he weighs 70, has made himself an athlete's figure, found a good job, speaks fluent English and shocks old friends with a new appearance.

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