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  1. So what's the big deal? Yes, money too. They are always needed, but you want to do what you want and not earn everything with a commitment. This is an absolutely normal desire. And specifically at the moment “can I go to study music without delay?” Because my grandmother, damn it, only sends me nafig with this and figs where to go now(((

  2. A lot depends on who will be asked the question. And also whether this person really answers like this or it's like a game: I ask a question, and you answer yes. In the first case, as before, it all depends on the responder. However, in the second one, too, but somewhat differently. In the second case, for example, I will be happy to ask the director of the bank if he will give me 51% of his shares. And I will demand, in case of refusal. But I'd never ask a girl I wasn't sure she liked me to marry like that.

  3. “Will you come with me?”, to a girl I like.�
    “Will I get what I want?Will I stay on the pages of history? ” – from someone who knows for sure.

  4. Should I succeed?

    How much does it cost?

    I'll try again next time?

    I don't understand it.

    And when you get it, will you give it back?

    or there when you can sell it?

    Do you love me?

  5. Can I bring back the person who left me and our family so early? I think I would be happy if they answered ” yes ” to this question and implemented it.

  6. There are such wonderful answers here, and I'm so rotten that my first thought was: can I please give me money, without a job? And only then: will my family always be healthy?

  7. We will all die, and the memory of us will eventually follow us into oblivion, no matter what we do? Assuming that something will remain in history forever, is humanity lying to itself?

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