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  1. Alternatively you can start drawing pictures that will show how you don't care about everything and how much you don't care so you can both show and earn something that you don't care about life

  2. All of the above is complete bullshit!!!!!!!!! You are the Master,,,,, You and rasporigaysya,,,, These are your resources, Drive to the FART !!!!!! � Don't ssy guy, just a little bit, a little bit of courage and determination, Удачи Good luck to you!!!!!

  3. recognize that this is a wrong attitude to life, to the world around you, to yourself, to your fate and “heal” from this. All that you sow is reaped, and the spittle is returned to being spittle only in greater proportion. We need to change our attitude to everything. Through faith, through self-correction, through the search for what is reasonable, good, and eternal. My suggestions.

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