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  1. banter yourself. a la ” oh you, pi* * ostradalets! I found something to worry about, too..”
    it certainly doesn't help. but it gives me hope that this quiet, bantering voice will replace the melancholy sooner or later, that I will remember and laugh again.
    sometimes I even “remember” – I imagine it all as if it is not the current state, but the long-ago past.
    laughing generally helps.
    but there is a sadness that you want to make fun of, and there is a sadness that you savor and enjoy.
    and when I want to enjoy it, I listen to sad music and come up with all sorts of tragic plots for it.

  2. For such moments, I have a strategic supply of ice cream, a balcony, a rocking chair, a blanket, and my favorite music. Also a notepad for writing down thoughts (in general, in this state, it is very good to think). The very process of thinking itself brings you out of this state quite quickly. I also write poetry when I'm sad.

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