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  1. This is called “what I want – I don't know, what I know – I don't want”.

    And what do you want? Eat something? Then listen to the advice that�ALEX S. wrote (see above).

    Do you want to do something? Start somewhere else. I start sorting through something, for example. Things or a shelf with all sorts of small things. After a while, a clear idea comes to mind – what I want. Try it this way too 🙂

  2. In such cases, a simple search helps me personally. For example, when I want to eat something, I wander between the supermarket shelves and sooner or later my eyes come across the very thing I want.�

    In other words, if you don't know what exactly you want, you need to offer yourself options from which to choose, so it can be easier.

  3. Close your eyes and fall asleep the same scheme when you get lost in the woods, the brain should rest and earn, but it's not a ride if you're a goose)�(sorry as it is)

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