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  1. Freemasons are a favorite horror story for conspiracy theorists. It is perfectly combined with the religious worldview, so that secret knowledge about Freemasons is often spread through the church. It is in church shops that you can buy books by the prolific Orthodox publicist Yuri Vorobyevsky and “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” – a century-old bestseller from Russia-which-we-lost-because-of-the-Freemasons. After reading them, you will learn so much about Freemasons that it will become very scary to live:

    A. S. Pushkin! Even him

    There was a famous Freemason!

    Freemasons, Freemasons, just Freemasons everywhere!

  2. Freemasons are one of many closed societies with a mystical bent. Where and how they appeared can also be found in Wikipedia. From a social point of view, Freemasonry is a way of functioning an informal hierarchy. For example, a politician cannot influence a judge within the limits of his powers, but they can be members of the same lodge, where the politician has a higher degree, and when he asks his brother-judge for a favor, he is unlikely to refuse him. Although there are, apparently, quite esoteric branches of Freemasonry, where they communicate with ancient Egyptian deities and all that, mostly Masons are pragmatists and religiously indifferent people, and ritualism is perceived more like a game. The paradox is that this does not mean that the rules of the game can be easily violated – the orders of the elders, for example, will be carried out unconditionally.
    You can create any closed or secret society yourself, but Freemasonry has an old good reputation, so Masonic and paramasonic organizations sometimes really have people who have power and power, and they do sometimes make decisions of great importance that are not told to the “profane”. This does not mean that there is a “conspiracy” – the people in whose hands power is concentrated did not get it thanks to Freemasonry, but simply they use Freemasonry to exercise their power, like other political or social tools. This is better understood in Europe or the United States, where everyone is used to Freemasons, and much less understood in Russia, where Freemasonry was officially banned under both the tsar and the Communists, and its unofficial functioning gave rise to the richest fantasies. Therefore, in Russia, they either believe that Freemasons are to blame for everything in general, or that they do not exist at all, like vampires.

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